Resources for Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization

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Resources for Developing a Web Accessibility
Business Case for Your Organization


This page is an appendix to
Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your

Resources are for

information purposes only, no endorsement is implied.


Case Studies of Accessibility Improvements

stics on People with Disabilities and Web Use

Accessibility Improving Search Engine Optimization

Example for ROI calcula

Cautionary Tales of Inaccessibility

Promoting Accessibility

Sharing Your Resources

Case Studies of Accessibility Improvements

Legal & General Group


doubled visitor numbers, cut maintenance costs by two thirds,
increased natural search traffic by 5
Read the Legal & General case study
. (2007,



£35 thousand GBP to build website, £13 million GBP per year in resultant
Read the Tesco case study
. (2004, UK)



30% increase in traffic from Google after CNET started providing transcripts
We saw a significant increase in SEO referrals when we
launched an HTML version of our site, the major component of which was our


Justin Eckhouse, CNET, 2009.

Statistics on People with Disabilities and Web Use

Number of People Affected (statistics)

section in the Social Factors page for important
information on statistics.

The Market for Accessible Technology

Research by Forrester, commissioned by
Microsoft. Example: Among US computer users in 2003 ranging from 18 to 64, 57%
(74.2 million) are likely to directly or indirectly benefit from the use of accessible
due to difficulties and impairments that may impact computer use.

Industry sector case studies: ecommerce

a round up of data from a number of sources
by the UK Empl
oyers Forum on Disability. Example: 71% of people with disabilities in
the UK use the Web to find information on goods and services.

Web Accessibility for Older Users Presentation

Web Accessibility for Older Users:
A Literature Review


includes statistics on older users online. Example: number of
people over 65 is increasing rapidly; in 2020 (just 10 years away) it is expected
to be
nearly 30% in Japan, 20% in Europe, and 16% in U.S.

Accessibility Improving Search Engine Optimization

SEO and Accessibility Overlap

an article detailing many

of the overlaps between
accessibility guidelines and best practice for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Webmaster World Forum: General Search Engine Promotion and Marketing Issues

lengthy thread of discussion of the applicability of the WCAG 2.0 techniques documents
to "on
page SEO".

Example for ROI calculations

Brinck, T.
Return on G
oodwill: Return on Investment for Accessibility
. In
Justifying Usability
, Randolph G. Bias, Deborah J. Mayhew, eds. 2005. Example
calculation gives a market increase of 8% and ROI of 2.4:1.

Cautionary Tales of Inaccessibility

When organizations do n
ot make their websites accessible, they risk legal action and negative
publicity, as the case studies below illustrate.

Target Corporation


settlement for damages of $6 million USD and attorney's fees and
costs over $3.7 million after lawsuit by US Nation
al Federation of the Blind (NFB).
the Target case study
. (2008, USA)

Sydney Olympic Games


required to pay $20,000 AUD in damages due to poor
Read the Sydney Olympics case study
. (2000, Australia)



"Bank upgrade is excluding blind. Visually impaired customers of American
Express say they can no longer read their credit card statements online."


making its statements less accessible in a format change. [
BBC News
] (2008, UK)

Promoting Accessibility

Tips, guidance, and case studies are available from the WAI
Engage w
iki page on
web accessibility