Proposal for Blog: Machine Embroidery Geek

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Proposal for Blog: Machine Embroidery Geek


The objective of the Machine Embroidery Geek blog
is to become a
resource and
inspiration source

for people interested in machine embroidery.


Machine embroidery is the process of using a specialized sewing machine that
automatically stitches out a design onto a piece of fabric. This design is created

specialized digit
zing software on a computer and sent to the machine either
by a cable fr
om the computer or a via memory stick.
(Rothstein, 1992)

Embroidery machines were first introduced in the early 1990s and have increased
in popularity as costs have come down and technology has improved.
Also, the
recent do
yourself movement has resulte
d in “soaring” sewing machine sales.
(Burt 2011) Today, you can purchase an embroidery machine for less than $400.

Target Audience

Visiting fabric stores, participating in embroidery classes and browsing on
line, you
will encounter many machine embroid
ery enthusiasts and almost every one of them
is a woman.
In fact
, it is difficult to find a

man who does machine embroidery.
Women of all ages are machine embroidery enthusiasts, but primarily those
between 30 and 80.

Demographic data indicates that women

between the ages of 55 and 65 are most
likely to sew.

However, the demographic a decade younger is not far behind. This
group of women (between 45 and 55) are three
times as likely to have sewn in the
past six months than the population a decade younger
. A more modern aesthetic
would appeal to this younger group of women and not anything crafty, homey, or

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of this site will be to position the author as an authority in
machine embroidery with the result
generating traffic, subscribers, ad revenue
and sales of machine embroidery designs.


The voice of the site

will be
fun, casual, encouraging, and real. Successes
will be celebrated and frustrations vented. Repurposing and experimentation will be
valued and explored.
The challenge of finding the time to do actually do machine
embroidery with the competing challenges of

family, work, life, etc… will be a
recurring theme.

The site will stress modern machine embroidery designs and
reflect an anti
grandma aesthetic.

Measure of Success

Success of this blog will be measured in different ways at different points.

Within t
he first 8 weeks of the launch the goal will be to simpl
content. By the first week of October, the site will contain at least fifty posts.

In the subsequent 6 months, the objective will be to continue weekly posts
and to start to accrue subscrib
ers. By May 2012, the goal will be to have at
least 50 subscribers. Subscribers will be obtained via soc
ial media marketing
strategies and employing search engine optimization techniques.

In the summer of 2012, the objective will be to begin offering pro
ducts for
sale on the site.


The name of the blog is


is the future home of the store portion of this
site yet there is no content for this area yet, visiting

will redirect you to the blog .

Analysis of Competition

There are several blogs that have a similar focus that
can help direct the look/feel
and functionality choices for


Content will be documentation of embroidery projects
, listings

of embroidery
n sites, profiles of embroidery designers, reviews of
fabric stores,
instructions for embroidery how
tos. Content will be created 6 times/week for the
next eight weeks in order to meet the goal of creating 50 blog entries by the
inning of October. However, after initial content has been established, posting
will be created on a weekly basis.

Analysis of Competition

The Origami Blog has a neutral palette that allows the visitor to quickly
identify headlines and focus on the
imagery that is such a crucial part of the

The about section quickly helps the user understand the focus of the blog.

An image of the author would help the blog to have a more personal feel.


column layout on the right allows for a lot of cruci
al information to appear
above the fold.

Small header allows for more content to be above the fold.

Feels cold.

graphic is very large and does
not leave room for much content.

Header image helps establish family
oriented, friendly tone

Search bo
x not prominent

Subscribe via RSS and email is not visible above the fold.

No statement re
what the blog is about.

Navigation to all the categories in a horizontal menu makes the blog feel
more like a web site.

Three column

design allows for a lot of important information to be above
the fold.

Palette is neutral but maintains
character with quirky colors

Header graphic is minimal

in size

montage style
conveys character and a
feeling to what the blog is about.

Subtly i
ncorporates ads with out detracting from content.

Header graphic is too large. Blog seems to waste a lot of area above the fold.

Pictures of blog owners on home page
give the blog authenticity.

Colors in header graphic help convey creative spirit.

Neutral palette

yet still has personality.

Design Requirements for Machine Embroidery Geek

Minimal header graphic

less than 100 pixels high. It must be large enough
to help establish the appropriate look and feel but small enough to allow for
ortant content to be above the fold.

Prominent search field, email and RSS subscription fields

Modern/ neutral interface

Prominent about section

home page.

Picture of author integrated on home page.

No horizontal menu bar

3 most recent blog posts on home page.

Category list above the fold.

WordPress Template Options

The “Elements of SEO
“Andy Blue”

or “Platform”

themes will be adapted for use as
the theme for Machine Embroidery Geek.



Burt, Kate. 2011. "The New DIY Boom."
The Independent (London),

March 18,
First Edition.


MRI Reporter.

2009. Product Leisure/Sports.

Demographic data.


Rothstein, Edward. 1992. “Electronic Embroidery”
The New York Times

November 5