Job portal like monstar job or careerbuilder.

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



Here are the ideas that i came up with so far...

Job portal like monstar job or careerbuilder.

In Bangladesh is doing monopoly business in this sector. They are earning
multiple core in a month.

Many people tried to get into this sector but failed. If we can make a partnership with
monstar job or careerbuilder and launch a site named monstar

jobs / career builder
Bangladesh. I think... then we will have our chances to penetrate into the market

Blog Site about Bangladesh


Local Search Engine


Bay Bangladesh

[ This is not implemented yet in Bangladesh because bd people cant
purchase anything using their local credit card. This will be open soon.. Then anything
commerce will be a hot cake... 00% sure..... no doubt about that ] i have developed
an e
commerce site before i joined exling .... with a oompany
named SSLE BD and ATN ( TV channel ). Their targeted users were the people who live
abroad. I am no longer with them because of an Agreement Violation of profit sharing :(

If we can launch an e
commerce site and if we give user's the flexibility of payment using
GrameenPhone FlexiLoad / EasyLoad. Buy and Sell just by sending an sms... o
r through
website etc. Again i am saying this will be more popular when we will be able to do buy and
sell using our credit card.


[ This is indian web portal. we can do something like this.

In Bangladesh thousands of people visits Dhaka stock market website for stock update. So if
can offer bd people more informative, More easy navigation.. more intera
ctive presentation
of stock market website using graphs, charts..


Give premium user's hourly update by sending email/sms] Lighter version of website for
access from CellPhone. May be popular......

Developing applications for facebook.

web portal with points and Reward system. [ I am very much

interested in

Local News Portal.

If we can make partnership with GrameenPhone for any project.. will be a guaranteed


The sector where i have keen interest..... and have

been researching for last

3 yrs....

There are various ways of

Website Traffic Generation. But the most effective ways are

1) Search Engine Optimization 2) Search Engine Marketing 3) Em
ail Marketing etc

I am going explain one scenario how search engine optimization brings business...

Avg. Monthly 22100

times people search for "florida web design". Current if you search on
google with that keyword, you will find
at t
he top of google's search result.


You can find the result of how many search is made in a month with that keyword using that
keyword from here


then search for "florida web design"


Assuming ..

among 22100 times, people will visit the first result ( ) 11000
(50%) times as this is the top website in florida ranked by google / alexa. From that 11000
visit, 500 are real customer who are really looking for a company to design/ develo
p a
website for them. If 500 clients contacts you in a month for a website development, I am
pretty sure at least you will get 100 projects in a month.

Same goes for all product not only for software development or web design.

Bringing any website at t
he top of the google or bing search result is not a big deal. It
depends upon the keyword. If the keyword is competitive then it requires a bit more time to
optimize for search engine.

There are

many ways to optimize a website for search engines and gen
erate traffic..

Another way to let people know about your website is Search Engine Marketing. If you put
your website link and write a short summery in widely used websites such as facebook,
yahoo answers, famous blog sites / forums etc, people will get
to know about your website
from there.

AND there are also many illegal ways to generate traffic but this can be done in a safe way so
that Google cant track. Many people are doing this and getting success........

AI please let me know your views on this ideas...