How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for SEO

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How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool
for SEO

Kevin W. Phelps

Date: March 2, 2011

While the Adwords tool is meant for
, it’s also a vital tool when performing

. Google Adwords identifies the number of searches for
specific words or key
phrases. However, many people leave with false information because there are several different
filters with different numbers.

If you go to the keyword tool and search for “online schools,” “online degrees” and “online
education,” you
’ll get information about those keywords as well as many other related terms.

Underneath the search field is a checkbox as shown below:

Make sure this is checked; otherwise you will get a huge list of keywords that may not actually
apply to your business

Google automatically presets your location and language to serve you the most relevant results.
It sets my location as “United States” and my language as “English.”



You can change this if it doesn’t happen to apply to you by expanding the
Advances Sear


The next step is to simply click
. This is where the tool can get confusing.

If you’re like many, it would appear as though there are 246,000 searches for “online schools” all
over the globe. Likewise, somebody would think that there ar
e 201,000 searches for the same
keyword in your local area.

This is not true and I’ve had many people regret their decision to pursue these keywords because
they just didn’t understand the data.

Over on the left there is a column with “Match Types.”

the box associated with [Exact]. This will change the keyword numbers to reflect more
realistic search volume.

“Why wouldn’t the keyword tool show me exact search volume from the beginning?”

The default match type of “Broad” is referring to the number o
f searches that involve the phrase.
For example, it’s giving you search volume numbers for the keyword “online schools” as well as
search volume for all the other keywords that mention that phrase such as “best online schools,”
“online schools degrees,” “o
nline high schools” and others.

The other match type, “Phrase,” shows you keywords where the exact phrase of your keyword is
used. This includes keywords where the term is used with other words within the phrase.

example, using the

match type while searching “online schools” would give you search
volume for other keywords like “best online schools” or “online schools degrees” but not “online
high schools” or “online accredited schools” because the original phrase is being broken up.

If you’re looking for how many people search a specific keyword, stay with [Exact].

Now that the data has been changed to realistic numbers, you’ll notice the number of searchers
go down drastically.



Because there are some terms that are searched worldw
ide, Google differentiates the two
searches columns to

. The numbers underneath

are the amount of
searches all around the globe averaged out over 12 months. Searches in the Local column are
referring to the location that you specifie
d in the beginning. In our case, they’re showing the
number of searches in the Unites States averaged out over 12 months.

That’s basically the gist of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. There are some other things you
can do with this tool to improve your ke
yword research and discover additional relevant
keywords. This is by no means advanced or the end to your keyword research, you still need to
analyze your online competition
, research the
searcher’s intent and decide what’s worth going
after given your time and budget.

If you have tips or advice you’d like to add, comment below.

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Kevin W. Phelps

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