Ajax Marine Novec 1230 Engineered Fire Suppression System

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Ajax Marine Novec 1230
Engineered Fire Suppression System
New generation in gaseous
fi re suppression technology
Protecting Your Future
The Ajax Marine Novec™1230 Engineered Fire
Suppression System is the new generation in gaseous
fi re suppression technology. Designed to protect human
life and high value assets from fi re, it meets the marine
industry’s concerns for safety, performance and the
Novec™ 1230 fl uid is a fl uorinated ketone that is
stored as a liquid and discharged as a gas. It distributes
uniformly throughout the hazard zone, and suppresses
fi re by a combination of heat absorption and chemical
interference with the fl ame.
Protect machinery spaces and cargo pump rooms in vessels
With a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP),
a global warming potential (GWP) of just one,
and an atmospheric lifetime (ALT) of only 5 days,
Novec™ 1230 fl uid has virtually no measurable
impact on climate change. When used in a
fi re event, the fl uid mitigates the effect of an
uncontrolled fi re. At the end of the lifetime of
the system, the fl uid can be readily recovered
and recycled.
Novec™ 1230 fl uid discharges as a colourless,
electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive
gas that does not damage sensitive equipment.
There is no post-discharge residue, no costly
clean-up operations are required, and down-
time is kept to a minimum.
By using its tried and trusted range of 25 bar
equipment, Ajax can offer a cost-effective
Novec™ 1230 fi re suppression system.
Effi cient
Small and large-scale tests have proven that
Novec™ 1230 fl uid puts fi res out quickly, before
they can do any serious damage. It does this by
reaching extinguishing concentrations in ten
seconds or less. It is effective on a wide range of
Class A, B and electrical fi res.
The US EPA Signifi cant New Alternatives
Program (SNAP) classifi es Novec™ 1230 fl uid as
acceptable for use as a total fl ooding agent in
occupied spaces. A low design concentration
of 4 to 6% in combination with a high No
Observable Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) of
10% means it provides a safety margin of up to
100%. This is by far the largest safety margin of
any clean agent currently available. In addition,
there is no risk of human asphyxiation with
Novec™ 1230 fl uid since it does not act by
oxygen depletion in the hazard zone.
Novec™ 1230 Fluid:
• Europe - ELINECS
• Canada - CDSL
• Korea - KECI
• Australia - AICS
• China - CICS
• BS EN ISO 14520
• NFPA 2001
• HAG Listed

Kidde Marine Novec™ 1230
Engineered Fire Suppression System:
• Lloyds Register
• TPED compliant
• PED compliant
• MED compliant
System design
The Kidde Engineered Fire Suppression System
comprises Novec™ 1230 fl uid stored in cylinders
connected to distribution pipework and
specially designed discharge nozzles.
Novec™ 1230 fl uid is stored as a liquid in
nitrogen-pressurised steel cylinders. This ensures
minimal storage space and weight requirements
compared to all other viable gaseous agents.
It also enables refi lls to be transported in
unpressurised cylinders without the restrictions
on gaseous alternatives.
The range of cylinders, valves and related
components has been specially selected for use
with Novec™ 1230 fl uid and has been subjected
to stringent testing procedures. Flexibility,
quality and reliability make the Ajax Fire
Protection range the world’s fi nest in fi re safety.
Engineered systems are designed using FM
Global and UL verifi ed software and guidelines,
and offer optimum designs for the defi ned risks
with reduced pipe sizes, unbalanced fl ows and
common room and void protection possible.
A wide range of sizes from 5 to 368 litre is
available, offering a choice of fi ll capacities
to meet specifi c requirements and ensure
maximum economy in installation. Each cylinder
is manufactured from high strength alloy steel.
Valves are designed for optimum system
performance, allowing pipe sizes to be reduced
and installation costs to be lowered. They are
manufactured from tough, corrosion-resistant
brass under stringent quality control standards.
A pressure monitoring gauge and/or pressure
switches are provided for easy servicing. Valves
are actuated by electric solenoid, pneumatic, or
local manual release at the control head.
All related components from discharge nozzles
to control heads are designed to be compatible,
allowing a complete system to be confi gured
using FM Global and UL approved Kidde Fire
Protection equipment.
Custom-designed nozzles are available with
nominal pipe sizes from ¼ to 2 inch, including
180° and 360° confi gurations.
Directional Valves
Available for multi-hazard installations.
Novec™ 1230 systems are ideally suited
to the protection of machinery spaces
and cargo pump rooms in a wide range
of vessel types.
Discharge nozzles
Pneumatic actuator
Cylinder valve
Manual actuator
Pressure switch
3M and Novec are trademarks of 3M Company.
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