Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics


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Expert guarantor:
prof. Ing. Václav Kopecký, CSc.
The main objectives and activities of the laboratory

Research, development and utilization of resources and methods for non-contact detection
and measurement.

Measurement of physical quantities in industrial technological processes.

Experimental research in fluid mechanics with an emphasis on non-stationary
and multiphase flow.

Processing of visual information in industry.

Automation of technological processes, automated measurements.

Development and application of generally non-contact methods, with emphasis on optical
principles, i.e. different types of lighting, scene capture and algorithms.
New research directions

Application of “Global Imaging Methods” (LDA, PIV, microPIV, PLIF, IPI) in the research
of flow in technological processes and systems.

Optical and laser measurements in the field of automation and optimization.

Development and application of image analysis methods in new technologies in the field
of mechatronics, robotics, process automation and artificial intelligence.

Research and development of new methodologies for non-contact detection
and measurement.
Laboratory specialization
The laboratory specializes in the measurement of physical quantities for automation
and optimization of industrial systems and experimental research of physical processes
in technological processes. Research activities focus on the design and development
of measurement methodologies and application measurement chains. A major task
is the provision of maintenance services to other CXI workplaces.
The laboratory focuses technical resources for rapid compilation of research and verification
experiments in the expertise specified in the main aims and activities, tools for the
development of experimental systems, electronic modules and computer algorithms.
Results of research and development will be applied in industrial and technological use
and in the field of experimental verification of numerical models and simulations.

Prototypes and functional samples of measurement chains.

Cooperation on the development of prototype machinery.

Methods of measurement and development of software tools.
Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics
Department of Physical Measurements
Technical University of Liberec
Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation

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Research Programme
Material Research
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Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics
Laboratory instruments and equipment, and their use

Time Resolved PIV system.

Micro PIV system.

Electrical impedance tomography.
Contracted research
We offer:

Development and application of non-contact measurement
in automation and industrial applications

Application of “Global Imaging Methods” (LDA, PIV, microPIV, PLIF, IPI)
in experimental fluid mechanics,

Advanced forms of industrial automation,

Monitoring and quality control of industrial products
Contractual research is currently being implemented with the following partners:
Sklopan, Gea - LVZ, Magna, Brano and institutes of the ASCR.
National grants
The laboratory participates in the following grants:
Nanofibre composite fabrics for special filtration - AEROFIL, registration number:
FR-TI3/621, Provider: MIT (Program: TIP), Implementation period: 2011-2014
Research and development of nanomaterials for filtration - reduction of emissions from
combustion and industrial gases - NANOFIL, registration number: FR-TI1/457,
Provider: MIT (Program: TIP), Implementation period: 2009-2012
Mechatronics and spinning machines, registration number: FR-TI3/047,
Provider: MIT, Implementation period: 2011-2014
Kotek M., Kopecký V., Experimental Study Of Impinging Flow Generated By Synthetic Jets
Actuators, Experimental Fluid Mechanics 2010, Liberec 24th-26th November 2010, Technical
University of Liberec, pp. 244-251, ISBN 978-80-7372-670-6,
Kopecký V.: Laser anemometry in fluid mechanics, monograph, 204 pages, February 2008,
TRIBUN EU s.r.o., Praha, ISBN 978-80-7399-357-3
Jašíková D., M. Kotek, R. Horalek, Horčička J., Kopecký V.: EHD sprays as a seeding agent for
PIV system measurements, ILASS - Europe 2010, 23rd Annual Conference on Liquid Atomiza
tion and Spray Systems, Brno, Czech Republic, September 2010, Tribune EU, page 13-14, ISBN
Laser measurements using PIV and IPI
Identification of nanotextile structures
Interferometric measurement of vibration and deformation
Technical University of Liberec
Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation

Studentská 1402/2
461 17 Liberec 1
Research Programme
Material Research

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