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Nov 26, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Innovations and

The Missouri Department

of Transportation

Evaluating Fiber Reinforced Polymer
(FRP) Slab Drains.

Made of: Filament
wound thermosetting resin.

Benefits: Increased field adjustability and less
lead time. Less weight means its safer to

Costs: Overall similar ~$25/foot.

Negatives: Leftovers Wasted

JSP: January Letting



Evaluating Fiber Reinforced Polymer
(FRP) Slab Drains.

Rectangle or Oval are being considered.

Box Beams and Cored Slabs

Continued Use of Spread and Adjacent Designs

Primarily Built With a Concrete Deck.

Bent Cap Geometry Crucial

for Adjacent Design.

Different Bearing Pad

Configurations Useful to

Address Different Issues.

Beam Camber Shouldn’t be

an Afterthought. (Especially

on Adjacent Designs)

Box Beams and Cored Slabs

PT Duct Alignment Is Part

of Beam Setting.

Tensioning Sequence Can

Be Either a Problem or a


Lubrication Useful to

Prevent Beam Rolling

During Tensioning.

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