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Town of Scarborough

Invitation for Formal Bid

Breathing Air Compressor, Storage, and Refill

December 9, 2002

The Town of Scarborough Fire Department is seeking competitive bids for a breathing air
compressor, SCBA refill station, and breathin
g air storage system.

Sealed bids must be received by 4:00 PM on January 3, 2003.

Sealed bids may be submitted in person or by mail to:

Air Station Sealed Bid

C/O Scarborough Town Clerk

P. O. Box 360

259 U. S. Route One

Scarborough, M
E 04074

Bid opening shall be held on January 3, 2003 at 4:00 PM in the Town Clerks office at the
address above.

All bids shall be awarded on the basis of the bid most advantageous to the Town.

The Town reserves the right to accept or reject any or all
bids, to investigate the
qualifications of any bidder, and to waive or not waive any and all informalities in the
bids when making an award. The Town also reserves the right to negotiate the final
details of a contract with any or all bidders.

or concerns should be directed to:

B. Michael Thurlow, Fire Chief

Scarborough Fire Department

246 U. S. Route One

Scarborough, ME 04074

Phone 207

Fax 207


Scarborough Fire Depa

Specifications for Air Station Bid


The Town of Scarborough Fire Department is interested in purchasing a breathing air
compressor, storage system, and self
contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) refill station.
The system is to be designed f
or a maximum working pressure of 6,000 PSIG. All
equipment shall be new and of the most current design for Fire Department use. Used or
Refurbished equipment is unacceptable.

Bidders shall quote a system price that includes delivery, installation, and t
raining. The
installation shall be at the Engine 6 Fire Station, 639 U. S. Route One, Scarborough, ME.
The system must carry a warrantee covering all parts and labor for a period of at least one
(1) year. The Town of Scarborough is a municipal governmen
t and is exempt from any
Federal or State taxes.

Any deviation from these specifications must be clearly stated in the bid document.

The bid document should include detailed drawings of the proposed system as well as
complete specifications of the equipm
ent bid.

The electrical service at the facility is 208 VAC / 3 phase.

General Requirements

The breathing air compressor, fill station, and storage units shall be designed and
installed to deliver high pressure breathing air in compliance with the most
NFPA, OSHA, UL, and CGA quality standards. The bid shall include a

system including the high
pressure air compressor, electrical motor, air purification
system, refill station, storage system, and all operating controls and appliances.
integrated system (all components in one cabinet) may be bid but exception to this
requirement should be clearly noted.

The bid price shall include delivery, complete assembly, installation, testing, and training.
The unit shall be designed so that al
l operating controls and performance indicators are
located on a panel at the front of the appliance allowing “at sight” operator monitoring.

All high
pressure air plumbing shall be rated for 6,000 PSI working pressure and utilize
seamless stainless steel

tubing. All high
pressure air plumbing connections shall use
compression fit design fittings. The electrical control system shall include components
with UL, NEMA, or IEC approval and be housed within a NEMA 1 enclosure.


The compressor sh
all be a minimum of 15 hp, air
cooled, reciprocating, four
compressor designed for continuous duty at 6,000
PSI working pressure with a charging
rate of at least 20 CFM.

The compressor design shall not permit the venting of oil
contaminated air to

There shall be unrestricted cooling airflow to the compressor and adequate access for
operation and maintenance.

The system shall be designed for operation indoors with room temperatures ranging
between 40°F and 115°F.

All piping and t
ubing shall be properly supported and protected to prevent damage from
vibration during shipment, operation, or maintenance. Piping and tubing shall be
installed in a neat and orderly arrangement, adapting to the contours of the system. All
instrument tu
bing shall be 300 series stainless steel.

A separator shall be supplied after each stage of compression, excluding the first stage
and a coalescing separator shall be supplied after the final stage of compression. An
automatic condensate drain (A.C.D.) s
ystem shall be supplied for all of the separators.
The A.C.D. system shall unload the compressor on shutdown for unloaded restart. An
exhaust muffler and condensate reservoir shall be supplied. Manually operated valves
shall be supplied to override the a
utomatic operation of the A.C.D. system for test and
maintenance purposes.

Lubrication shall be accomplished by a low
pressure oil pump and regulator. The
pressure lubrication circuit shall include a positive displacement oil pump, direct driven
by the c
rankshaft. A replaceable cartridge type filter element shall also be provided. An
oil level sight glass shall be included to check the oil level. The oil drain for the
compressor shall be piped to the outside of the frame.

The compressor shall be equip
ped with an inlet filter with replaceable particulate
elements. An inlet filter maintenance indicator shall be installed on the instrument panel.

Electrical Control and Instrument Panel

The motor control center (MCC) shall include an across
line ma
gnetic motor starter,
fused transformer and printed circuit board installed in a NEMA 1 rated electrical
enclosure. The MCC shall be built in compliance to UL’s Industrial Control Panel
Custom Builders Program and shall be affixed with a U.L. label.

e unit shall be equipped with an OFF/ON selector switch. When the selector switch is
in the “ON” position, the compressor/motor shall automatically start and stop to maintain
the system’s operating pressure between the high and low set points of the final


A non
resettable hour meter shall be supplied to record the number of compressor
operating hours.

The compressor oil pressure shall be monitored by a pressure switch and pressure gauge.
The compressor shall shut down and a fault light

illuminate should the compressor’s oil
pressure drop below the factory preset value during operation. The oil pressure switch
shall be by
passed during start
up to permit the oil pump to achieve the normal operating

A temperature switch shall
be supplied on the discharge line of the final stage of
compression. The system shall shut down and a fault light illuminate should the final
stage discharge temperature exceed the tamper
proof set point during operation.

All instrument panel mounted pre
ssure gauges shall be 2 ½” diameter and be liquid filled.

Purification System

The purification system shall purify high
pressure air to a quality that meets or exceeds
the requirements of CGA Pamphlet G
7, Compressed Air for Human Respiration,
7.1, Commodity Specification for Air, Grade E and Grade D, and all other
recognized standards for breathing air. Purification shall be achieved by mechanical
separation of condensed oil and water droplets, adsorption of vaporous water by a
desiccant, ads
orption of oil vapor and elimination of noxious odors by activated carbon
and conversion of carbon monoxide to respirable levels of carbon dioxide by catalyst.

The high
pressure purification chambers shall be designed for a working pressure of
6,000 PSIG.

The purification system shall utilize replaceable cartridges. The purification
system shall be designed so that the replacement of the cartridges can be accomplished
without disconnecting system piping. The design of the chambers shall preclude the
sibility of operating the system without cartridges installed or with improperly
installed cartridges. A bleed valve shall be provided to vent the purification system to
facilitate replacing the cartridges. A pressure maintaining valve and a check valve
be supplied downstream of the purification system to increase the efficiency of the

purification system by maintaining a positive backpressure. A check valve shall be
supplied between the coalescing separator on the compressor’s discharge line and t
purification system to maintain the positive pressure in the purification system when the
compressor shuts down.

Containment Fill Station

A front
loading, three position; containment fill station shall be included in the bid. The
fill station shall
totally enclose the SCBA cylinders during the refilling process. The fill
station shall contain the cylinder and any fragments of the cylinder and vent the
expanding air away from the operator in the unlikely event of a cylinder rupturing while
being fill

The fill station’s outer enclosure shall be constructed of ¼ inch thick steel. The fill
station door shall be constructed of ¼ inch thick steel plate and reinforced by three ¼ inch
thick steel cylinder holders, providing a ½ inch thick steel protecti
ve safety barrier
between the operator and the refilling process. The outer enclosure shall be welded into
the frame. The fill station shall be ergonomically designed for maximum operator
convenience and safety for refilling cylinders. The fill station
door and cylinder holder
assembly shall tilt out towards the operator, providing unobstructed access to the cylinder
holder to load and unload the cylinders at waist height. A slip resistant handle and heavy
duty gas spring shall be incorporated into the
design of the fill station to assist the
operator in opening and closing the fill station door.

Each cylinder holder shall be lined with ABS plastic strips to prevent scuffing the outer
surface of the SCBA cylinders. For complete operator protection, the

fill station shall
include a three
point pneumatic safety interlock system that will prevent refilling SCBA
cylinders unless the fill station door is closed and secured in the closed position.

Three fill hoses shall be located within the fill station. E
ach fill hose shall be equipped
with a bleed valve and SCBA fill adapter of choice. CGA
346 male adapters shall be
provided to anchor the fill hoses when not in use.

Cascade Fill Control Panel

A stainless steel cascade fill control panel shall be instal
led on the front of the station.
The control panel shall be factory piped for four storage banks and designed to fill three
SCBA or SCUBA cylinders either independently or simultaneously. The control panel
shall include, at a minimum, an automatic storag
e by
pass system, a manual control valve
and pressure gauge for each storage bank, an adjustable regulator for SCBA cylinder fill
pressure complete with a pressure gauge for inlet and regulated pressure and a relief valve
to protect the SCBA cylinders from

overfilling, a manual control valve and pressure
gauge for each fill position, provisions for factory or field modification to allow a
different fill pressure at each fill position.

The automatic storage by
pass system shall control the dispensation of a
ir from the
compressor. When the cascade fill operation is initiated by opening the desired bank to
fill from, the system will fill from the storage bank selected. When the fill pressure and
storage bank pressure approach equalization the automatic stora
ge by
pass system will
switch to direct fill from the compressor. This will continue until another storage bank is
opened or until filling is complete.

All control panel mounted pressure gauges shall have a 2 ½” diameter and be liquid
filled. A fluoresc
ent light shall be factory installed above the panel to provide a glare
illumination of the control panel. A panel mounted on/off switch shall be supplied for the
light. All panel
mounted components shall be labeled with an engraved nameplate.


The proposed system shall include breathing air storage consisting of four (4) DOT
storage cylinders. These cylinders shall be mounted in a vertical configuration in a rack.
The rack shall be designed to support the receivers in a secure manner
and permit visual
inspection of the receivers’ external surface. All plumbing to these storage cylinders shall

be as specified in other sections of these specifications.

Documentation & Testing

A documentation package shall be supplied with the system.

The documentation package
shall include, at a minimum, an Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance manual,
recommended spare parts list, warranty information and a start
up/warranty registration

The Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance Manual for t
he system shall be as detailed as
possible, outlining all operation and maintenance instructions. The manual shall include
detailed illustrated drawings for the compressor block and all system components along
with a complete parts listing for all illustr
ated components. Warnings and safety
precautions shall be identified clearly in the manual.

The compressor and fill station shall be tested by the manufacturer prior to shipment. A
copy of the manufacturer’s test report shall accompany the unit at shipm

A list of references shall be supplied, at time of bid, listing assorted Fire Departments that
are using a comparable system.

Emergency service for the proposed unit is a genuine concern for the Scarborough Fire
Department. The bidder shall docu
ment the closest service center to Scarborough, Maine,

and will provide the Town with a not
exceed time frame for emergency service calls
24 hours/day, 7 days per week.

Accessories to be Bid as Separate Options

The following shall be offered by the ma
nufacturer as accessories to the system and shall
be included as options and priced separately.

ASME storage bottles in lieu of the DOT bottles specified above

Carbon monoxide monitor with calibration kit

Audible alarm for all safety shutdowns

Dew Point m
onitoring system

Hose Reel for Mobile Cascade Fill (see specifications below)

Optional Hose Reel For Mobile Cascade Fill

One (1) Hose Reel assembly shall be bid as an option to this proposal. It shall be of
sufficient size to hold 50’ of 6,000 PSIG rate
d hose. It shall be wall
mounted and contain
a spring re
wind reel. The hose reel shall be controlled via a panel
mount valve and
gauge located on the fill station control panel. It shall include a hose mounted line valve,
bleed valve, & high
pressure c
oupler assembly. The reel shall have a hose guide and hose