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Nov 25, 2021 (11 days and 18 hours ago)


Content optimization is more than just using the right keywords. Working behind the scenes are on-page SEO elements that help boost the visibility of your content in relevant search engine queries.


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Elements of On
page SEO

To help you get started, here are some key
page SEO

elements to
help better your content optimization

1. Title tag

2. Page URL

3. Meta descriptions

4. H1 tags



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Title Tag

Your title tag is one of the principal significant on
page SEO components.
Make a point to have your objective keyword(s) in the title of your page.
As a rule, the closer the objective catchphrase is to the start of the title
tag, the more weight it needs to
search engines

Page URL

The URL of your new page or blog entry is one more fundamental
page SEO

component that gets seen first. At the point when you're concluding which URL to
utilize, make certain to think about your objective catchphrases. Continuously
remember your objective watchwords for your URL and separate them with dashes.

Meta descriptions

While meta descriptions don't directly affect rankings, it's actually viewed as one of
the key on
page SEO components. Composing a reasonable and convincing meta
portrayal that briefly reflects what your substance is about can assist with further
developing snap
which then, at that point, means more traffic.

H1 tags

The H1 tag, or heading 1 tag, is a HTML label that shows the essential heading of a page.
H1s are a significant positioning variable in

and are normally the most outwardly
eminent substance. Your blog article title is normally your H1 tag. What's significant is
that it ought to have the option to portray what's truly going on with the substance.


Keywords have been over and again referenced in this article, and almost certainly that it
is conceivably the main
SEO factor
. In any case, the way to saddling the force of
watchwords is having the option to utilize it accurately.