Israeli Companies seeking business partnerships in the US

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Nov 29, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Israeli Companies seeking business partnerships in
the US

Cut Aerospace Solutions, Ltd.


Clear Cut, founded in 2008, is a leading R&D and Integration company that partners and
collaborates with major companies in Israel and abroad.

The company consists of three

C4 Division
: Provides solutions in Command & Control; Mobile Workforce Management &
Mobile Fleet Management. This is an easy to use on
line service which c
onnects mobile
workers/vehicles to an on
line control map via mobile phones to manage and locate its mobile
personnel at every given moment.

Consulting Division
: A team focused on providing consulting services in a variety of fields, with
an emphasis on
Command & Control Systems.

Creative Division
: Provides high
end services and solutions for products' marketing,
implementation and training.

Clear Cut is interested in forming a joint venture for implementation of its IT solution C4 in the
US, similar
to their partnerships in other locations. Their ideal partner would be an established
IT solution provider to whom they would offer exclusivity based on mutually agreed upon sales
goals. The partner would need to be willing to invest in additional manpow
er. Its competitors
tend to be concentrated in specific niches and are more expensive than the C4 system. The
company currently has over 45,000 subscribers in Israel. Its main client sectors are utility,
security, couriers, sales force and logistics/tra
nsportation companies.

Phoebus Energy


Phoebus Energy is targeting commercial sites with medium to high demand for hot water
demand and AC system use including hotels, sports centers,
hospitals, condominiums, etc.

Phoebus Energy develops and markets Hybrid systems, which save 30
50% of annual energy
consumption and reduce carbon emissions by 40
50%. Customers continuously receive hot
water regardless of the weather, time of day or numb
er of users, while in parallel gain saving
costs of the AC electricity consumption.

The Hybrid energy system is based on a designated heat pump, and is installed as an add
on to
the existing conventional boilers for a simple retrofit solution that drastic
ally reduces energy
consumption and in parallel saves electricity costs. This unique device is controlled by adaptive
software, which runs a dynamic optimization of the heat and cooling production onsite in order
to achieve tremendous savings. A web
dashboard provides an immediate, visual and real
picture of the actual cost savings, in addition to detailed utilization and cost
saving reports that
can be generated to clearly present return on investment.

Phoebus Energy technology combines a proprietar
y water to water heat pump with artificial
intelligence and complex data analysis and reporting. The hybrid system runs a dynamic
optimization, based on
time data collected from the two available energy sources in order
to produce the required heat a
t the lowest possible cost.

Every 60 seconds, the onsite control system collects massive amounts of data including
temperature, relative humidity, electrical consumption, water usage, energy usage, prices and
tariffs, current demand as well as other rele
vant site parameters. More than 20 different metrics
from each energy source are measured, processed and transmitted, via the Internet, to the
intelligent hybrid system software for decision making.

The web
based adaptive and intelligent hybrid software
creates a statistical model of forecasted
heat generation costs for each of the two energy sources available. The control system
responds by turning on the most cost effective heat source. The energy sources are seamlessly
transformed into a hybrid water s
ystem, ensuring that all consumers receive a continuous
supply of hot water for showers, pools, heating systems in parallel to saving electricity of the AC

Phoebus offers flexible business model options including capital sale, risk
free shared sav
model and a combination model.

Linum Systems

Linum Systems is developing a solar hybrid air conditioner, driven by heat (solar energy or any
other waste heat), electric energy or both. As long as the sun is shining, the system r
uns on
heat, when the sun energy drops, electricity is added. At night, the A/C runs on electricity. The
Linum Systems A/C is hence the first practical solar A/C system, eliminating the need for
expensive buffers and backup systems.

The Linum A/C system
is the first affordable, efficient system in the market. The A/C provides
cooling, space heating and domestic water heating, for seamless, continuous operation during
day or night, as expected by the modern customer. The Linum A/C has the same look and fe
as today’s A/C and is operated and maintained in a similar fashion. It can be easily installed by
today’s integrators without need for special personnel or training. The first systems are planned
for 10 kW (~3 ton) of cooling, which is a typical match p
oint for the targeted market. The system
is based on a patented turbine driven cycle.



designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of devices and systems
in the pharmaceutical and medical product area.

Euroband is seeking a partner to oversee production and marketing of its products in the US.
The partner would acquire some o
f its equipment and supplies from Euroband and some from
Euroband’s current suppliers. Its current product is patent pending in the US, and it already has
patent approval in other locations as well. The partner would need 10,000 square feet of

area and an air
conditioned warehouse that can be FDA approved for medical

EnStorage, Ltd.

EnStorage was founded in 2008 to commercialize low cost flow batteries based on Hyd
Bromine technology refined by researchers at Tel
Aviv University. Backed by leading private
equity and venture capital investors, the Enstorage team has advanced the technology into fully
functioning, demonstration stage, and energy storage systems.

Moving forward, EnStorage is
developing modular grid scale energy storage systems to meet the needs of utilities,
independent power providers, operators and distribution companies as well as large industrial
energy users.

Enstorage is looking for a loca
tion to build a demonstration facility and a strategic partner.

Battery Solutions International (BSI)


Battery Solutions International (BSI) considers itself a pioneer in the field of battery

extension and battery refurbishment for various types of batteries.

BSI has developed an end
end, innovative and unique solution, utilizing state

Its solution is designed to significantly reduce the costs of battery mainte
nance for
large vehicle fleets, telecom operators and battery consumers.

The entire process is supported
by a green, environmental approach. The company presently has 14 sites operating worldwide,
primarily in Europe and East Asia with one operation in S
outh America as well.

BSI’s interest is to enter the US market in the first quarter of 2013.

Generally, forklift batteries and backup batteries for remote telecom relay stations have a
warranted life of 5 years. BSI is capable of taking those batterie
s and renewing them
ecologically then giving the owner a new 5
year warranty at half the cost of a replacement

Ommyx, Ltd.

Ommyx provides one of the world’s leading platforms for water

management and event

By applying business intelligence and analytics software, as well as advanced
hydrological and hydraulic models, Ommyx provides all
encompassing, advanced real
time data
analysis and critical alert systems that assist man
agement within the municipal environment to
take more informed and timely decisions.

Ommyx offers its “Software as a Service (SaaS)”
business model for the Ommyx management system, through a multi
protocol remote unit,
which is capable of connecting any t
elemetry and sensing equipment to the system.

Decision Support Systems are generally considered high
end expensive solutions, and are
therefore not widely prevalent among the large market segment of medium and small size water
utilities, municipalities
and water and wastewater service providers.

Ommyx is turning these
critical systems into an affordable option for these segments.

Ommyx currently has clients in the US and is interested in expanding operations. The company
realizes that it will also requ
ire a physical presence in the US and is open to considering
Louisiana as a base for its North American HQ (either independently or via local partner).



is a leading RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
ntegrator and
rovider, which offers a wide range of RFID solutions in the logistics field, supply chain,
industry, health care, libraries and more.

RF4ID has developed the SLS (Smart Logistic
System), a state of the art RFID solution for supply chain and logist

The SLS is a patented solution to trace goods on pallets and their location in
arehouses and
in the
hain, based on the RFID Technology.

The SLS can reduce the operational
costs of the
hain by 20
30 %.

The SLS solution consists of a
portable sleeve mounted on a forklift tine which includes an
RFID reader, battery and wireless communication to the SLS Controller mounted in the forklift
cabin, RFID Pallets and RFID marked locations in the warehouse.

The SLS provides the
ystem precise and real time informat
ion regarding the pallet ID and

location in the warehouse.

A video of the RF4ID system can be viewed at:

The SLS innovation has strong return on investment vs. Barcode solutions, cuts down the
operational costs of the Supply Chain, shortens the goods time to market and improves the
customers' satisfaction.

RF4ID is looking for a
artner i
the US

to set up a local joint venture.

Weissbeerger Ltd


is a self
service alcohol dispensary company based out of Petah Tiqwa, Israel.
The company employs software programmers, engineers, and marketing personnel who all
have a passion for alcohol. Currently, the company, which has been around since 2009, is
sting their patent pending products at the most
known bars in Israel and is looking to expand
their operations into Europe and the Unites States.

The WeissBeerger concept revolves around the notion that the customer should “be their own
bartender for the

night.” As a result, the company utilizes self
service beer and liquor pouring
systems that charge customers specific units of alcohol. The result is a 70
120% increase in
consumption of beer, a 50
80% increase in profits from liquor, and a decrease in wa
pouring or overly
generous bartenders. The WeissTap, which is WeissBeerger’s beer
dispensing invention, allows customers to pour their own beer, and monitor which beers on tap
are being consumed the most. Customers are able to sample the variety and

note which beers
are most popular. WeissBeerger also provides liquor consumption services by way of the
WeissPour. The WeissPour is attached to the top of a wine or liquor bottle, and dispenses the
liquid in four predefined units. Consequently, the WeissP
our allows for the pouring of anything
from a shot, to a mixed drink, to a glass of wine. The WeissBeerger product line also offers the
Beerometer and the WeissCount. The Beerometer is a self
service dispensing method in which
customers pay via credit card
, or some type of VIP card, for each liter of beer they consume.
This is offered as an efficient method of sales for hotels, bars, stadiums, events, and more. The
WeissCount is a similar payment and service system, but instead uses a magnetic card that
ers both a pre
pay or post
pay option.

The system utilized by WeissBeerger helps their clients conduct a consumption analysis of
which beers or liquors are most popular at a particular bar, or for a distributor in a particular

Currently, the company, which has been around since 2009, is testing their patent pending
products at the well
known bars in Israel and is looking to expand their operations into Europe
and the Unites States.


For additional information or to connect with specific companies, contact:

Kelsey Short

Director of Business Development

Louisiana Economic Development