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Nov 29, 2013 (5 years and 3 months ago)


Call Minutes


Present on this call were:

Colm Nolan (IBM)

Marshall Andrews (HDPug)

David Brown (Intel)

Yaw Obeng (NIST)

Chad Noddings (Boeing)

Laurence Schultz

The call was led by Colm Nolan, who touched on the previous call and
where we go from here. David
Brown then gave some background of the T
20 Standard as a method to create a method of validation

of a Product’s claims. David introduced the group to YottaMark and its product. He demonstrated the
YottaMark marking system by i
nputting a 24 character product serial number and a product picture and
description came to the screen. This ability becomes a second description of the product and both
descriptions must match for the product to be legitimate, pulled from


database can be reached using a smart cell phone. The code will send the phone directly to the website.

Cloning a serial number is possible, but the “Attack Surface” is minimal. The question is how we can
know which Databases can be trusted. A “

is being created. A site must be on the white list
before it can be trusted. What prevents a counterfeiter from making 200 copies counterfeit boards?
After 5 hits on the same
code, a screen comes up saying “This is a counterfeit”. Of the cou
seen, there is no seal at all attached. If there isn’t a seal (or sticker), then the part is counterfeit. If this
becomes common practice, the problem goes away. The QR codes are
becoming ubiquitous, as it can be
applied to anything.

David gave a
n example of strawberries. The labels are currently bought from Brady,
but have no value until they are applied to a board and assigned number, thereby eliminating theft.

David’s question to the group

was how to achieve get to critical mass for this soluti

There exists a
need for more than Intel to use this method. Further discussion ensued.

YottaMark and HarvestMark
representatives have accepted invitations to the next call.

Chad Noddings asked if the code could incorporate RFID, but David mentioned tha
t cell phones were
unable to read RFID.

Yaw Obeng about the applicability of this method for use on Legacy parts.

The next telecon is set for
Thursday, 12/15/11 at 10:00 AM CST