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October 7

Using Drupal to Build Library Websites

week eCourse

In this introductory eCourse Varnum will guide participants in building a functional
website using Drupal. Test websites will be hosted on a server for six months
after the eCourse, facilitating additional learning. This eCourse will focus on Drupal 7,
while highlighting what is still applicable to Drupal 6.

Ken Varnum

has been the Web
tems Manager at the University of Michigan Library since 2007, a position that
involves all aspects of the libraries' websites.

Learn more

October 7

National Library Communications Week

Kathleen McCallick and the association management staff of ALCOP is working on a
long celebration to honor and bring attention to the work of library
communications professionals throughout North America. We are calling it
Library Communicati
ons Week

and it will take place
October 7

A grand media
campaign is being planned which will include feature stories in the major library
publications, video presentations, and podcasts, all showcasing the work of library
communications folks. We are i
nviting your participation in this week
long event. For
more information on how you can participate, please contact us at

If you’re interested in becoming an ALCOP member, visit

They are a relatively new
professional organization (formed about two years ago, I think) and are based in
suburban Philly/New Jersey.

I presented PA Forward at their first annual conference
in October 2012.

October 8

Serving Readers: Beyond the Basics

As libraries evolve and adapt to changing circumstances, it is crucial to our continued
community relevance that we retain and serve our core constituency of readers.
Reader's advisory specialists from The
attle Public Library

will expand on the basic
premises and practices of reader’s advisory, sharing how to apply these practices
across new platforms and technologies, enlist social media and catalogs to serve
readers, and use form
based and virtual reader'
s advisory. Learn expert techniques
for using the latest generation of advisory resources and other ways to better serve
readers in libraries large and small.

Presented by
David Wright

Andrea Gough
readers advisory librarians with the Seattle Public
Library’s Reader Services

Start time
: 2:00 Eastern

Capital Campaigns for the 21st Century: What’s New and What’s Not

Join the lady who wrote the book on capital campaign fundraising,
Andrea Kihlstedt,
and campaign veteran, Gail Perry, to examine the ways campaigns are changing
today. Andrea and Gail are examining the 10 key areas you need to nail in order to
have a successful campaign in 2013
14. They’ll offer you the results of their
conversations with campaign consultants across the country on what’s happening
today: • What’s the role of asking for gifts in today’s wired world? • Are new
technologies increasing the possibilities for capital campaigns? • Does the 80/20 rule
still work?

• What are the new ways to engage volunteer leaders? • How to use the
new technologies for soliciting your wide base of supporters? In this eye
webinar, you’ll learn what’s working and what’s not. And you’ll get the latest on
campaign strategies f
or: the feasibility study, gift planning chart, case for support,
campaign committee and donor recognition. You’ll get expert advice from two pros
who’ve seen it all. If you are in a campaign or thinking about one, be sure to sign up
now so you can keep up

with the latest strategies that are making capital campaigns
work today.

Creating a Makerspace Culture

Some of today’s most incredible innovations are coming from the global community of

thinkers, inventors, and programmers sharing information and using
technology to push new ideas forward. Through programming and community
partnerships, your libr
ary can help drive this powerful new movement forward by
becoming a makerspace. In this hour
long, free webinar hosted by University of
Michigan School of Information professor Kristin Fontichiaro, authors from Cherry
Lake Publishing's
Makers as Innovators

series will share their lessons learned from
creating a makerspace culture. Tune into this exciting webinar to learn tips and
secrets to unlocking creative energy, innovation, and action in your library, staff, and

Affordable Special Events Data Tracking and Analysis

Special events can be complex and in the process o
f planning a perfect event, details
can be missed. Using data to track the ways in which people participated in the event
can help you determine what worked, what didn’t work and what people are
responding to about your event.


Developing a
system for data management of events

Selecting tools to assist you with analysis and tracking

Ensuring that money is properly tracked and attendees know how much of their
event gift is deductible

October 9

Silent Auction Secrets: 5 Simple Changes to Generate Bigger Bids

When you’ve gone to the effort of soliciting donors for items, setting up displays, and
arranging volunteers for
checkout, it’s not a pleasant feeling at night’s end to realize
your fabulous items were sold at a hefty discount. It can be really demoralizing.
Here’s the good news. Even if you don’t change your items OR your audience, you can
still raise more money. Yo
u just need to use the same marketing and psychological
tactics in your silent auction that the big stores use to get us consumers to buy. The
commercial sector spends millions of dollars in marketing studies; they know the
triggers that get us to pull out

our credit cards. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to
adapt five of their marketing secrets to your silent auction, so you can appreciate the
same benefits. In this fun and incredibly practical webinar, you’ll see examples of
good (and bad) silent auctio
ns in action so you know how to get top bids at your
event. Takeaways: • How to adopt a tested eBay strategy to get guests to pay more
than they wanted • Merchandising examples (good and bad!) so you know how to
best display your items • Changes that appea
l to guests with more money to spend •
A trick that gets men interested in your items • How to BEST use your A/V vendors in
the silent auction • A tip that eases volunteer stress in your cashiering area

October 10

Money Smart Week @ your library



Money Smart Week @ your library
, April 5
12, 2014, you can join hundreds
of other libraries across the country helping individuals to better manage

personal finances.

In 2013 over 500 libraries in 47 states participated.

Money Smart Week @ your library
is a partnership between ALA and the Federal
Reserve Bank of Chicago, through which libraries of all types provide financial literacy
ng for all stages of life during. Retirees, school kids, college students
everyone can learn more, to be better with their money.

Learn from veterans and first
timers how Money Smart Week @ your library has been
a great success for their libraries, and ho
w it can be in yours. Get valuable
programming and promotion ideas, tips on possible partners, and resources that make
it easy for you.

Sign up for this free webinar, and learn how easy it is for your library
to participate April 5
12, 2014!

October 11

6 Essentials for Teams that Work

Learn what it takes to build your high performance team. The strongest and most
effective teams tap into and activate the strengt
hs of every team member and build
an environment rich with trust and respect. This allows for open communication and
cohesiveness, which enables a team to rise to its full potential and overcome any
obstacle to achieve desired results. Learn how you can bu
ild a breakthrough team by
participating in


October 14

Genealogy: Where Do I Begin?

Interested in getting to know more about your family? Want to prove or disprove a
family legend? It is easy to start and exciting right away. This webi
nar is for people
who would like to start to look into their family history. It will discuss online and
y collections used in researching your family history.

October 15

How to use Animations in PowerPoint (Without Being Dorky)

There's a fine line between creating a nifty

moving image in PowerPoint, and creating
distracting animations.

Practical Strategies for Writing an A
nnual Appeal Letter

Writing a fundraising appeal is hard work. What’s effective for one organization may
not work for another one. We’ll discuss ways to reduce the aggravation and to
increase the chances of your letters bringing in more money. Think of thi
s workshop
as a treasure trove of ideas and examples to help you when you write your next
appeal. To write a successful fundraising appeal, it’s important that you understand
donor motivation and donor response. Takeaways: • Why people respond to appeals;
• How an appeal letter should be like a personal visit; • What donors really think
about the appeals they receive; • The characteristics of effective appeals

OUT OF THE SHADOWS: The Library as a Center of Mental Health Literacy

Wednesday, October 16, 2013, 9:30 AM

3 PM

Location: The Commonwealth

Medical College, 525 Pine St., Scranton, PA

The Commonwealth Medical College and the Lackawanna County Library System are
offering an all
day workshop for library professionals focusing on consumer mental
health resources, serving patrons who need informa
tion about mental health, and the
Pennsylvania Library Association’s PA Forward Health Literacy initiative.

The workshop is free and open to all library personnel.

A light lunch will be served,
and free parking is available.

Registration is limited to 4
0 people.

The registration
form is available here:

This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National
Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Hea
lth, Department of Health and Human
Services, under Contract with the University of Pittsburgh, Health Sciences Library

Social Media Networks: Enhancing Community Engagement Amongst People
with Disabilities

The most commonly used social media plat
forms and the most appropriate sites for
users will be identified and discussed. Specifics about what to expect from social
media for people who use
augmentative and alternative communication

(AAC) wi
ll be
explored, as well as the growing use of social media on mobile devices. Lisa Lehman is
the presenter.
Sign up here



Presented by the Conservation Center for
Art & Historic Artifacts

Photographic media are sensitive materials that require special housing to ensure
their longevity. This workshop will examine suitable housing supplies, including paper,
plastics, interleaving papers, boxes, and more. Environment
al parameters for storage,
proper labeling techniques, and safe handling of photographs will also be discussed.


Rachel Wetzel
, Photograph Conservator,



Bryn Mawr College Special Collections




801 Yarrow Street

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010



October 16, 2013

9:30 AM

3:30 PM

Registration Fee:


Registration Deadline:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For more information and to register visit


Contact Preservation Services at 215
0613 or email us at

Support for this program was generously provided in part by the
Philadelphia Cultural
, the
Independence Foundation
, and the
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts


Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA)

is the country's largest nonprofit conservation facility serving
cultural, research and educational institutions, as well as individuals and private organizations.
's mission is to provide
tise and leadership in the preservation of the world's cultural heritage.

specializes in the treatment of works of art
on paper, such as drawings, prints, maps, posters, historic wallpaper, photographs, rare books, scrapbooks, and manuscripts,
with related materials like parchment and papyrus.

also offers digital imaging services, on
site consultations,
educational programs, fellowships, and emergency conservation services.

For information on additional educational opportunities, visit

or find us on

CCBC Shorts: A (Brief) Monthly Look at Books for Children & Teens

Join us for brief, timely tours through some of the newest and best in children’s and
young adult literature. Librarians from the Cooperative
Children’s Book Center (CCBC)
will be your guides for these monthly 30
minute sessions designed to give librarians a
up about selected brand new titles of note. We’ll also revisit some of the gems
already in your library collections. Each month will
feature a different topic or theme.

How to Hire IT Staff for Your Library

Do you know what really makes

for a good library IT staffer? Do you wish you knew
what pitfalls to look out for when hiring one? It’s not easy to hire for a position where
it’s unlikely you fully understand the position’s responsibilitie
s or challenges, let alone
what exact skill set

you need a hire to have. In this webinar, you will: • Learn what to
look for and for red flags that can cause issues down the road. • Find out how job ads
can actually turn off qualified applicants. • Hear real words of wisdom, from current
library IT man
agers. When it comes time to hire your library's next IT person, you'll
be better prepared! At the end of this one
hour webinar, participants will able to: •
Identify at least three criteria to use when evaluating potential IT hires. • Identify at
least on
e warning sign of a poor potential hire • List at least two practical strategies
that can be used during the interview process with potential IT hires

Social Media Networks: Enhancing Community Engagement A
mongst People with

(Accessible Technology Coalition)

The most commonly used social media platforms and the most appropriate sites for
users will be identified and discussed. Specifics about what to expect from social
media for people who use a
ugmentative and alternative communication (AAC) will be
explored, as well as the growing use of social media on mobile devices. Concerns
about identity theft and personal information safety/protection will be addressed.
Other discussion topics will include

details on blogging/storytelling

to blog, or not to

along with some important “do's and don'ts” for social media. A question and
answer session will follow the presentation.

October 16

The Digital Shift: Reinventing Libraries

(Library Journal & School Library Journal)

The Digital Shift: Reinventing Libraries will offer thought
provoking discussions and
actionable solutions to some of the biggest challenges libraries are facing, including
rethinking collections, engaging the community, and helping students and patrons
arn. The program will feature insights on managing new technologies and services;
the latest developments in ebooks and streaming media; optimizing discovery; and
much more!

Sessions include: Learning 2.0 Meets MOOC: Professional Development
Evolves, Fli
pped School Libraries, The Community Joins In: Library Maker Spaces, and
eCollections: Beyond Novelty (Focusing in on Collection Development, Self
and eMagazines).

The Budget Primer: Building and Using Budgets Better

hrough real world nonprofit examples, participants will learn how to build a budget and then
use that budget to further the organization’s mission. Takeaways for t
Nonprofit Webinars

session will include:

Types of budgets (operating, program, project, capital)

An understanding zero based budgeting and when to use it

Use of the budget after its completion (tra
nsparency, accountability, expectation
setting, financial controls)

October 17

3D Printing and Libraries

(Wyoming State Library)

Learn more about 3D printing technology and how it can be
applied to libraries
through in
house maker spaces and for rapid prototyping. A live demo of the
technology will occur.

Evaluating Genealogy Websites and FamilySearch.or
g are not the only online resources being used by
genealogists. More and more sites are coming online every month. This webinar will
help to identify the core sites, how to

help your patrons know what sites are valid, and
what to expect from sites.

More Dazzling Book Debuts:

Discover Them First!

Join Booklist and Random House Library Marketing for a free, hour
long webinar
where you’ll meet four hot new names in adult fiction sure to be popular at your
library Spring of 2014! Hear directly from Pierce Brown (Red Rising), Arie
l Lawhon
(The Wife, The Maid, And The Mistress), Susan Rieger (The Divorce Papers), and Amy
Talkington (Liv Forever) about their novels, the writing process, and the inspiration
behind their works. Booklist Reference and Collection Management editor Rebecc
Vnuk will host the panel, interviewing each author and moderating an attendee Q&A
at the end.

Successful Volunteer Interview Strategies

Interviewing each prospective volunteer can seem overwhelming, but it's one of the
best ways to ensure that the volunteers you recruit are the volunteers you need. This
webinar introduces a variety of question type
s used in volunteer interviews and offers
strategies for honing your interview skills. Materials will be provided to help you
implement this process in your organization, as well as a training syllabus so you can
learn how to recruit and train a volunteer
staff to assist with prospective volunteer
interviews. What you'll learn: • Methods for interviewing prospective volunteers •
Strategies for honing your interview skills

Growing Your Early Literacy Program

The first webinar in our three
part series on early literacy (Early Literacy In Your
Library), this session will introduce best practices and highlight m
odel programs
related to the 10 Key Ways that libraries can improve early learning outcomes. The
goal is for library staff to implement best practices and to be inspired to begin
planning new programs and partnerships that will increase school readiness fo
preschool children in their communities.

October 18

Library 2.013


Library 2.013 Worldwide Virtual Conference

will be held
October 18


and Saturday).

The conference is online, in multiple time zones over the course of two
days, and free to attend! The
School of Library and Information Science (SLIS)

José State University

is the founding conference sponsor.
Register as a member of
this Library 2.0 network to be kept informed!

See the conference information and


and the menu links at the top and right sid
e of this network.

October 21

Teacher Librarian News Night

(Teacher Librarian Virtual Cafe)

This is a LIVE show presented in news show format featuring a Wrap up of “This
th in School Libraries” and deeper discussion of topical school library issues with
special guest experts. Did we mention it was LIVE?

Beloved Children’s Book Authors Kate DiCamillo and Jon Scieszka

Join Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo and
National Ambassador for Young People’s
Literature emeritus Jon Scieszka as they discuss Kate’s latest book
Flora & Ulysses:
The Illuminated Adventures
, and the importance of humor in children’s literature. Kate
DiCamillo is the author of many beloved books

for young readers, including
The Tale
of Despereaux

Because of Winn
. In her new genre
bending novel Flora &
Ulysses, Kate delivers a laugh
loud story filled with eccentric, endearing
characters. It begins, as the best superhero stories do, w
ith a tragic accident that has
unexpected consequences. Broadcasting live from Bank Street College of Education in
New York City

Owning the Customer Experience: Key Skills for Customer
Contact Associates

Apple, Starbucks and many others have proved beyond doubt that the right customer
experience can trump even price in a highly competitive market. But how d
o you
prepare customer
t associates to deliver the experience that your savvy
customers expect? See the results of two recent worldwide studies revealing
surprising consumer insights on the customer experience and customer service
interactions. You’
ll learn: • What customers love and hate about service interactions •
How much customers will endure before they defect to a competitor • Which three
core concepts drive an exceptional customer experience • Why associates’
interpersonal skills ultimately m
ake or break the customer experience • What top
performing associates do that others don’t do, or don’t do as well • How “emotional
effort” reduces associate stress and builds customer loyalty • How to develop
associates who create the right experience for

your customers

October 23

Accessing Census Bureau Stats

American Fact Finder 2

(Wyoming State Library)

Join Karen Kitchens for this session on American FactFinder, the Census Bureau’s
online tool for accessing a wide variety of population, economic, geographic, and
housing information about the United States. American FactFinder provides quick
access to dat
a from the Decennial Census, American Community Survey, Puerto Rico
Community Survey, Population Estimates Program, Economic Census, and Annual
Economic Surveys. In this session, you will learn how to conduct basic searches using:
Topics and Keywords, Geog
raphies, Population Group, and Industry Code. You will
also learn how to create and view a thematic map and modify a table.

For more
information and to register for this program, visit:

Libraries Go “Outside the Box” with Redbox

Outside the Box

is an innovative program that is focused on enriching communities by
bringing peopl
e together for free, fun, public entertainment experiences. In this pilot
program, five public libraries teamed up with Redbox, America's Destination for
Entertainment. Led by the local communities, with support from OCLC, and guidance
by consultants from
Project for Public Spaces
, the initiative explores
"placemaking," an approach that breathes life and community connection into public
spaces. This webinar will showcase placemaking activities at the pilot

libraries, as well
as share best practices and perspectives on community engagement from program

Little Library with a Big Heart: Best Small Library in America 2013

With the enthusiasm and leadership of

director Mary Beth Stenger, Southern Area
Public Library, in Lost Creek, WV, has been transformed from a good, traditional
public library into a modern, bustling center of community activity, information, and
learning. This transformation convinced the ju
dges to name it the Best Small Library
in America 2013, cosponsored by Library Journal and the Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation. Mary will share how the library has developed creative programming and
innovative services to serve their community of 498, with

the help of just one other
library staff member, a team of volunteers and a small Board of Trustees.

tay Safe and Browse Dangerous

Ahniwa Ferrari, Web Content Manager for WebJunction, shares his strategies for
staying safe in a dangerous online world. He will cover tips and tricks to secure your
browser, privatize your social networks, and get rid of vir
uses, malware, and that
annoying Ask toolbar that installed itself in your web browser. Content covered will be
useful for library staff and knowledge gained can be shared with library patrons of all

Creating Complex Documents with Microsoft Word 2010

Get informative tips for Microsoft Word 2010 documents. It is now easier than ever
before to save ti
me and simplify your work while working together and doings so from
more locations. Witness how Microsoft Word 2010 facilitates the collaborative process,
handles large documents, and provides easier building blocks for more clearly defined
content. This s
ession is for individuals who spend significant time writing and creating
documents and have some familiarity with Microsoft Word.

Work Motivation That Strikes a Chord: Mission and Leadership

Most organizations have a formalized mission statement. Too often it is merely posted
on a wall in the conference room. Often, employees grow cynical and state that th
organization’s mission statement is just that: an empty statement. However, other
organizations follow a structured process that allows their managers to lead with
integrity while using the core principles of mission
driven organizations. In this
ly practical presentation, that Dr. Eyal Ronen has never shared in the past, he
will describe the practical steps to creating a clear mission, vision, and values for the
organization. He will also describe the 4 things every leader must do in order to be
ffective in accomplishing his or her, and the organization’s mission. Takeaways: •
Understand the difference between organizational mission, vision and values • Use
mission and vision to direct their teams • Create organizational values that can be
used to

guide actions in the long run and not just to excite employees for 30 seconds
• Approach leadership using a fresh perspective, while incorporating the 4 things that
all effective leaders do

Winter Weather Preparedness

We've all witnessed the devastating effects Mother Nature can cause throughout the
year. Hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes have all ravaged
various parts of North
America. As we look ahead to the Winter Weather Season, now is the time to prepare
for the threats posed by colder temperatures and frozen precipitation. Your
organization is more than just a place of business to your customers, empl
oyees and
stakeholders. Your organization is a key aspect of their lives, and one that must be
protected. If your organization is affected by adverse weather conditions, how well will
you be prepared to serve those who depend on you in their time of need?
Join Agility
Recovery as we welcome the experts from ImpactWeather back to share the long
range winter weather forecast for our nation. Following the outlook, Bob Boyd, CEO of
Agility will share practical, applicable tips and best practices to mitigate the

posed by winter weather.

Teen Volunteer Programs: There's More than Simply Shelving!

Are you not
icing an influx of teens asking for volunteer hours at your library and you
can’t seem to find tasks for them? Have your experiences with teen volunteers been
less than positive? Are you the only person in charge of teen volunteers at your
library? Managin
g teen volunteers can often be a challenge that takes time and
dedication. Learn how to effectively engage teen volunteers to benefit your library as
well as create positive leadership experiences for them and for you. At the end of this
hour webinar,
participants will be able to: • Find at least three ways to engage
their teen volunteers. • Identify the types of volunteers (short term/long term) and
properly assign tasks. • Find ways to problem
solve common issues with teen

Your Successful Grant Proposal

How can you whip up a successful grant proposal? You’ll need just the right
of research, planning, drafting, and editing. And don’t forget to garnish
with tasty feedback and a dash of good timing! Foundations and corporate funders are
always looking for ways to make good investments in your community. To partner
with them, you hav
e to show exactly how you can help make that happen! Webinar
participants will get a special discount on Dalya’s award
winning book, “Writing to
Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact.”
Takeaways: • How to prepare for the
grantwriting process • What to include (and
exclude) • What most engages (and repels) grantmakers • Where to find resources for
your next steps

October 24

Unveiling the Hidden Value in City and County Government



For more information and

to register for this program, visit:

Early STEM Learning in Library Programs for Young Children

The second webinar in our Early Literacy In Your Library series, this session will
introduce literature
d math and science activities for librarians to

include in
storytime programs for preschool children. Children have a natural curiosity and
librarians need only give them a chance to ask questions, explore, look for answers,
and talk about their experience. The engaging activities are aligned with educ
standards and will assist libraries in implementing the 10 Key Ways that libraries can
improve early learning outcomes, in particular, “Supporting development of executive
function and ‘deeper learning’ skills through literacy and STEM
based experi

October 26

Genealogy: Where Do I Begin?

Interested in getting to know more about your family?

Want to prove or disprove a
family legend? It is easy to start and exciting right away. This webinar is for people
who would like to start to look into their family history. It will discuss online and
y collections used in researching your

family history.

October 28

Conversation Sparks: STEM in Libraries

(Southern Maryland Regional Library Association)

Conversation Sparks is a way to facilitate a large
conversation with librarians
around the country. In this virtual environment, participants will meet with the
purpose of exchanging ideas, exploring best practices, and learning from others in the
profession. It is a way to break paradigms and learn from t
he examples of others in
an environment of respect and understanding. Our October session focuses on STEM
Programs in Libraries with examples from libraries across the country. If you have an
example of a STEM library project or program, share it with us
during our Open
Sharing portion of the session

October 29

Hot Crime for the Coldest Months


is the most
circulated genre in libraries, so it's only fitting that our twice
annual mystery preview is one of our most popular webinars. Join Keir Graff, editor of
Booklist Online, as representatives from Books on Tape, Macmillan, Oceanview, Open
and Severn House preview the most exciting books from their forthcoming lists.
Whether you buy crime fiction for your library or just read it for fun, you’re sure to
leave with a lengthy list of must
reads and must

October 30

The Role of Libraries in the Digital Skills Gap: A Bridge Across the Divide

The digital divide is more than lacking access

to technology, it is knowing how to use
technology well. An estimated 66 million Americans are not digitally literate. Libraries
provide a bridge across the digital skills gap, by offering access to technology,
instructions on the use of technology, and t
raining in essential 21st century skills. This
session will look at how libraries are uniquely positioned to help patrons close the gap.

Accountability From Top to Bottom

Would your work life improve if the people around you were more account
Employees are feeling the heat to respond to and deliver on higher expectations in the
same or shorter time frames. Yet despite the demands noted above, executives are
finding that the gap between expectations and delivery still exists. Experts point

the blatant absence of accountability in many organizations as the key causal factor
for the above scenario. They also state that the problem can be remedied. Increasing
accountability begins with understanding what accountability is and how to apply t
mindset of accountability in everyday life. In this webcast, you’ll: • Clarify the
definitions for and difference between responsibility and accountability • Review a
behavior checklist to measure current accountability • Recognize the value of Clear
reements • Learn three keys to becoming an accountability influencer • Discover
that organizations that embrace accountability find that retention and morale flourish
because individuals build strong partnerships and feel more in control of outcomes.

ber 31

Staff Technology Skills: Creating a Learning Environment


How can you foster an environment in which staff have the technology expertise
necessary to help patrons achieve their
goals? Join us on October 31st at 11 AM
Pacific/Noon Mountain/1 PM Central/2 PM Eastern time, as we talk with Mick Jacobsen
and Toby Greenwalt about technology skills and the culture of learning at Skokie
Public Library (IL). What have they done? What did

they learn? What are they
planning to do next?

November 1

Geeks Bearing Gifts: Unwrapping New Technology Trends

This class is intended to provide a fun, fast
paced, and informative introduction to and
update on today's hottest technology trends. Pr
ogram participants will be able to
identify technology trends and they will understand how these trends will impact or
can be integrated into traditional library services. Content will be presented with a
do" focus intended to encourage participants t
o investigate at least one
technology for implementation in their institution. Course structure will include brief
vignettes and demonstrations of a wide variety of technologies. Some of the topics to
be covered include instant messaging, podcasting, open
source software, spyware and
other malware, developments in mobile computing, blogs and wikis, radio
identification, and more.

This is offered at 11:00am and will

be offered on
November 8

November 15

at 11am.


National Conference for Women

This conference will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia:

November 6

Giving Voice: Interpreting & Preserving Oral Histories

Presented by the Conservation Cent
er for Art & Historic Artifacts,
Philadelphia, PA

Hosted and co
sponsored by:

The Athenaeum of Philadelphia

With countless advances made in audiovisual technology during the 20th century,
libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies, as well as families and
individuals, set out to capture the stories of the past through recordings.

This oral
history m
aterial was preserved using magnetic recording tapes, film, and digital
many now obsolete.

While of great value and worthy of preservation, any
oral history material in a collection should be considered at
risk until an institution

develops strategies to preserve it.

This national conference, intended for archivists, librarians, collections managers, and
any other collections staff working with oral histories, brings together noted historians
and preservation experts to discuss bes
t practices and methods for capturing and
sharing oral histories.

Topics include:

*Best practices for collecting stories

*Basic principles for managing oral histories within your repository

*Strategies for preserving audiovisual materials


ach and exhibition

*Reaching and documenting underrepresented groups


George Blood


George Blood Audio and Video

Charles Hardy III

Professor of History,

West Chester University

Bertram Lyons

Folklife Specialist/Digital Assets Man
ager, Library of Congress
American Folklife Center

Joyce Hill


Edward F. and Elizabeth Goodman Rosenberg Professor of Material

University of Delaware (UD)

Paintings Conservator, Winterthur/UD Program in Art Conservation

Director, UD Prese
rvation Studies Doctoral Program

Sady Sullivan

Director of Oral History,

Brooklyn Historical Society


$95 CCAHA members

$110 Non

More information about this program and online registration is available at

For information on additional educational opportunities, visit


Serving Job Seekers: Library and Workforce System Partnerships That Work

Innovative partnerships between state and local libraries and their workforc
e systems
can amplify services to meet community employment needs, including the needs of
businesses, veterans, Spanish
language speakers and other sectors. Presenters
representing both workforce agencies and libraries will share their hands

with initiating and sustaining partnerships. Learn about additional public
private partnerships and how you can achieve similar results in your community.
Come prepared to share your own experiences of collaborating with the local
workforce system to serv
e the employment needs of your community.

ovember 11

Model Librarian Curriculum

are invited
to a workshop on the Library Model Curriculum.

meeting will be held on Thursday, November 7, 2013 at the Pennsylvania Highlands
Community College at the Richland campus. The workshop will feature a presentation
by Dr. Mary Kay Biagini of the Universit
y of Pittsburgh School of Information Science
on the Library Model Curriculum. The meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 2:00
p.m. A continental breakfast will be served, lunch will be on your own. The College
does have a Café. There is NO CHARGE for
the workshop and Act 48 participation
certificates will be handed out to attendees.

If you are planning on attending, please complete this registration form


Before the workshop all
who are registered will be receiving via email materials related to the workshop.

November 12

Grace Under Pressure: Tips and Tricks to Cultivate a Positive Approach

Working in a library can feel like a constant juggling act. We navigate competing
demands and challenging situa
tions on a daily basis in order to meet our mission and
transform our communities. In this interactive session, discover how to handle these
challenges proactively. Learn positive, practical tips, stress
reduction skills, and ideas
for changing your person
al work style. Learn strategies to help you face challenging
situations that affect your whole organization and society
wide issues that impact the
communities we serve. Feel better and be more effective at your work.

November 13

12 Resources and

Homework Help

(90 minutes

This session
designed specifically for public/school library staff
will provide an
overview of the National Library of Medicine's K
12 resources. General health,
environmental health, and genetics are a few of the topics
that will be discussed.
Additionally, for library staff who assist youth with homework in health and science,
you'll learn about the various educational tools that are available in each resource.


Registration priority will be given to NN/LM members in NY, NJ, PA and DE.



NIHSeniorHealth and Drug Information Resources

(90 minutes)

This session designed

specifically for public library staff will provide an overview of
NIHSeniorHealth and drug information resources available from the National Library of

gistration priority will be given to NN/LM members in NY, NJ,
PA and DE.

December 4

The Future is Now: Rural Library as Innovation Incubator


With the technology landscape constantly shape
shifting, libraries must respond
as futurists to changing patron needs. Learn how to remain relevant, if not core,
to your community's needs by providing the means and sup
port for patrons to
create and innovate.

Rural and small libraries with limited resources can become community
innovation incubators, by providing patrons access to transformative
technologies and by providing space for new ideas to be explored. Beyond
erspaces to editing suites and digital learning labs, libraries are empowering
and impacting their communities, now and in the future. Bring your own story of
library as innovation incubator and learn from others!

This webinar is hosted in collaboration wi
th the

Association for Rural and Small

Presented by:

Tameca Becke
, Youth Services Librarian, Laurel Public Library
(DE), and

Andrea Berstler
, Director at the Wicomico Public Library (MD), who
both serve on ARSL's Board of Directors.

December 10

The Power of Transformational Stories



Communicating about transformation vs. information is a critical component of
changing perceptions about the library in your community. Your team
transforms lives every day

and these are the stories that will resonate the
most. Join Nancy Dowd, Senior Mana
ger for

NoveList’s LibraryAware
, and Karen

Geek the Library

field manager at OCLC, as they discuss how to identify,

and communicate transformational stories that can help your community
understand the value of the library to individuals and the community as a whole.

This webinar is hosted by

Geek the Library
, a community awareness campaign.

December 12

Extreme Customer Service, Every Time



Commitment to great customer service goes beyond “service with a smile.” It is
a commitment to truly engage and communicate with patrons and to find ways
to extend the experi
ence above and beyond their expectations. Building on the
success of the Darien Library, whose reputation is known internationally for
providing “extreme customer service,” presenter Gretchen Caserotti will provide
you with practical and actionable ideas t
hat can help your library, whether small
or large, commit to excellent customer service.

Presented by:

Gretchen Caserotti
, director, Meridian Library District (ID), who
has served from frontline librarian to policy maker, and was trained at the
Darien Lib
rary (CT).

January 13

PubMed for Librarians

Due to extremely high demand for this class, a recording from the most recent
session can be viewed on the

NTC website

PubMed for Librarians
is made up of five 90 minute segments. These five segments
will be presented via Adobe Connect and recorded for archival access.

Each segment is meant to be a stand
alone module designed for each user to
determine how many and in what sequence they attend.

The segments are designed to take 1.5 hours each and, if the live session is attended,
along with any pre
requisite work completed, will earn 1.5 MLA Continuing Education


This is a
synchronous online session that includes hands
on exercises. Attend this
class to learn about the difference between PubMed and MEDLINE, how to run a
PubMed search, assess your search retrieval, analyze search details, customize with
My NCBI, discover and
employ three ways to search for a known citation and use the
Clinical Queries search tool.


View the Boolean logic tutorial pages at: Create a My NCBI account if you don’t already
have one.



PubMed vs. MEDLINE


How to conduct a simple search

Assess the search results

Analyze Search Details

Customization using My NCBI

Search by known citation

author, title, journal

Clinical Queries search tool

. (This class will also be available
March 3

January 15

NLM Exhibition Program and Health Information Program Planning

(90 minutes)

This session designed specifically for public/school library staff will provide an
overview of the National Library of Medicine's Exhibition Program. Additionally, ideas
on how to

integrate health information programming in public library settings will be


February 5

Proposal Writing for Outreach Projects for Public Libraries


This session designed specifically for public library staff will provide an overview of the
grant and funding processes as well as the level of detail required in a successful