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Feb 12, 2013 (5 years and 3 months ago)


Ms. Sudeshna Shyam Choudhury
Department: Biotechnology, ENVS, Microbiology
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Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc. (Biochemistry)

Thesis submitted entitled “Cell Molecular Studies on Spontaneous Radiation Namely UV
Stress Tolerance in Plants” on July, 2010.
Ph.D guidance from Swati Sen-Mandi, Senior Professor, Bose Institute, Division Of Plant
Biology (formerly Botany Department).
Research Interest:
1. Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) for screening of Germplasm by DNA fingerprinting
techniques viz. RAPD, AFLP.
2. Development of trait related DNA marker for identifying germplasm suitable for a)
eco-specific cultivation and b) plant improvement programmes.
3. Introgression by marker assisted breeding endevour.
4. Characterization of flavonoids that constitute robust cell protective compounds that
not only provide cell protection, but also exhibit self-survival under ravages of
extensive environmental stress. Development of basic knowledge on such cell
protective compounds in different plant systems would be particularly relevant in the
face of yet unknown facets of the global climate change.
5. Effect Of natural Ultraviolet radiation and different types of protection strategies in
economically important plants viz. rice and tea.
6. Metabolomics related to UV fluence and oxidative stress in relation to cell protection
and plant quality in high altitude plants specially oxidative stress and cell protective
mechanism vis-à-vis plant quality in high altitude grown tea plants.
7. Seed Biology with special reference to cellular senescence or viability and vigour.
Trainings attended during Ph.D work:
1. Attended workshop on different types of DNA Fingerprinting techniques from Tata
Energy Resource Institute (TERI) under supervision of Dr. Malthi Laxmikumaran,
July, 2003.
2. Attended workshop on Bioinformatics from Lucknow Biotech Park under supervision
of Dr. P.K. Seth.

Paper Published:

1. Sen-Mandi, S. and Bhattacharya, S. (2003) Varietal difference in cellular damage
associated with ageing in dry stored seeds. Indian Journal of Plant Physiology, 210-