Laboratories Nutrition, Feed Technology, Feed Biotechnology ...


Feb 12, 2013 (5 years and 5 months ago)


Nutrition, Feed Technology, Feed Biotechnology,
Biochemistry, Genetics & Biotechnology, Microbiology,
Histopathology, Cell culture, Electronmicroscopy
Major Equipments
HPLC based Amino Acid Analyzer, Gas Liquid
Chromatograph, Electron Microscope, Gel Tech Nitrogen
Analyzer, Automatic Fiber Analyzer, Automatic Protein
Analyzer, Automatic Lipid Analyzer, MycotoxinMeter,
Automatic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Twin Screw
Extruder, Carbon Dioxide Incubator, Lyophilizer, Nikon
Inverted Microscope, LeicaResearch Microscope with
microphotographicsystem, PCR Thermocyclers, Gel
Documentation System & Milli-Q Water Purifier