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Computer Science and Robotics E-Books
uter Science and Robotics,Artificial Intelli
ence,Neural Networks,IT
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10th International Conference on Automated Deduction - Kaiserslautern,1990 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 40000597-026
$200Mark E. Stickel Springer 3540528857Auth:ISBN:1990 Pages:708
11th International Conference on Analysis and Optimization of Systems (Lectures in Control & Information Sciences 20000597-027
$120Guy Cohen and Jean-Pierre Quadrat Springer 3540198962Auth:ISBN:1994 Pages:648
25 Years of Model Checking - History, Achievements, Perspectives (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 40000607-014
$39Orna Grumberg Helmut Veith Springer 3540698493Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:231
3D Face Processing - Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis 60000541-10
$200Zhen Wen Thomas S. Huang Springer 1402080476Auth:ISBN:2004 Pages:160
3D Imaging for Safety and Security 120000573-12
$300Marc Pollefeys Marc Pollefeys Mongi Springer 1402061811Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:310
3D Shape Estimation and Image Restoration - Exploiting Defocus and Motion Blur 40000550-01
$133Paolo Favaro Stefano Soatto Springer 1846281768Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:176
3D Structures from Images - SMILE 2000 40000595-017
$106Marc Pollefeys Springer 3540418458Auth:ISBN:2001 Pages:252
3D-Position Tracking and Control for All-Terrain Robots (Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics) 60000605-007
$200Pierre Lamon Springer 3540782869Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:112
50 Years of Artificial Intelligence - Essays Dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Artificial Intelligence 60000594-007
$112Max Lungarella Fumiya Iida Springer 3540772952Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:399
5th Conference on Optimization Techniques - Part I (Lecture notes in computer science) 20000595-018
$21Springer 0387065830Auth:ISBN:1973 Pages:577
5th Conference on Optimization Techniques - Part II (Lecture notes in computer science) 20000595-019
$21Springer 0387066004Auth:ISBN:1973 Pages:404
6th Conference on Automated Deduction 1982 (Lecture notes in computer science 138) 20000595-020
$44D. W. Loveland Springer 0387115587Auth:ISBN:1982 Pages:389
A Beginner S Guide To Robotic - Pic Robotics 20000429-03
$50John Iovine Mcgraw HilAuth:ISBN:2004 Pages:289
A Classical Introduction to Cryptography - Applications for Communications Security 40000577-03
$105Serge Vaudenay Springer 038725464Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:335
A Classical Introduction to Cryptography Exercise Book 20000576-17
$36Thomas Baigneres Pascal Junod Springer 0387279342Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:262
A Compositional Approach to Performance Modelling (Distinguished Dissertations in Computer Science) 20000607-017
$65Jane Hillston Cambridge University 0521571898Auth:ISBN:1996 Pages:170
A Computational Framework for Segmentation and Grouping 40000601-023
$148G. Medioni Mi-Suen Lee Chi-Keung T Elsevier 0444503536Auth:ISBN:2000 Pages:260
A Computational Model of Natural Language Communication - Interpretation, Inference, and Production in Database 40000533-02
$110Roland Hausser Springer 354035476XAuth:ISBN:2006 Pages:365
A Computer Scientist's Guide to Cell Biology - A Travelogue from a Stranger in a Strange Land 20000584-019
$29William W. Cohen Springer 038748275XAuth:ISBN:2007 Pages:104
A Decade of Concurrency - Reflections and Perspectives (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 20000595-023
$ Bakker Roever G. Roze Springer 3540580433Auth:ISBN:1994 Pages:684
A First Course in Fuzzy and Neural Control 60000592-001
$200Hung T. Nguyen Nadipuram R. Prasad CRC 1584882441Auth:ISBN:2003 Pages:320
A Generative Theory of Shape (Computer Science, 2145) 40000595-025
$127Michael Leyton Springer 3540427171Auth:ISBN:2001 Pages:554
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A Methodology for Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 20000595-027
$24Kurt Weichselberger Sigrid Pohlmann Springer 0387523367Auth:ISBN:1990 Pages:132
A Neurocomputational Perspective - The Nature of Mind and the Structure of Science (HTML Format) 20000612-001
$44Paul M. Churchland The MIT Press 0262531062Auth:ISBN:1992 Pages:341
A Nonlinear Dynamics Perspective Wolfram's New Kind of Science, Volume 2 60000601-027
$256Leon O. Chua World Scientific 9812569766Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:396
A Practical Guide to SysML - The Systems Modeling Language(scan) 20000612-069
$59Sanford Friedenthal Alan Moore Rick S Morgan Kaufmann 0123743796Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:576
A Theory of Indexing (CBMS-NSF-Applied Mathematics) 20000609-021
$32Gerard Salton Society for Industrial Mathem 0898710154Auth:ISBN:1975p Pages:64
A Tight, Practical Integration of Relations and Functions (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 20000528-01
$147Harold Boley Springer 3540666443Auth:ISBN:1999 Pages:169
A World's Fair for the Global Village (HTML Format) 20000612-003
$44Carl Malamud The MIT Press 0262133385Auth:ISBN:1997 Pages:304
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Building Robots 20000429-04
$30Gareth Branwyn Que 0789729717Auth:ISBN:2003 Pages:384
Abstraction, Refinement and Proof for Probabilistic Systems (Monographs in Computer Science) 40000546-04
$129Annabelle McIver Charles C. Morgan Springer 0387401156Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:388
Access Control Systems - Security, Identity Management and Trust Models 40000595-030
$108Messaoud Benantar Springer 0387004459Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:280
Access Denied in the Information Age 40000604-024
$105Stephen Lax Palgrave Macmillan 0333920198Auth:ISBN:2001 Pages:255
Active Sensor Planning for Multiview Vision Tasks 60000597-038
$200S. y. Shengyong Chen Springer 3540770712Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:274
Active Sensors for Local Planning in Mobile Robotics 40000622-021
$105Penelope Probert Smith Penny Probert World Scientific 9810246811Auth:ISBN:2001 Pages:330
Adaptive and Multilevel Metaheuristics (Studies in Computational Intelligence) 60000606-013
$202Carlos Cotta Marc Sevaux Kenneth Sor Springer 3540794379Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:256
Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms 120000545-43
$336Bernadete Ribeiro Rudolf F. Albrecht Springer 3211249346Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:545
Adaptive and Personalized Semantic Web (Studies in Computational Intelligence) 40000542-19
$119Spiros Sirmakessis Springer 3540306056Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:105
Adaptive Backstepping Control of Uncertain Systems - Nonsmooth Nonlinearities, Interactions or Time-Variations ( 60000605-012
$110Jing Zhou Changyun Wen Springer 3540778063Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:244
Adaptive Learning of Polynomial Networks - Genetic Programming, Backpropagation and Bayesian Methods (Geneti 40000542-20
$113Nikolay Nikolaev Hitoshi Iba Springer 0387312390Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:316
Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines 40000543-04
$118Hiroshi Kimura Kazuo Tsuchiya Akio I Springer 4431241647Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:280
Adoption-centric Usability Engineering - Systematic Deployment, Assessment and Improvement of Usability Method 60000622-024
$200Ahmed Seffah Eduard Metzker Springer 1848000189Auth:ISBN:2009 Pages:160
Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis Using Synopsys, Design Compiler, Physical Compiler, and PrimeTime, 2nd Ed.60000586-024
$212Himanshu Bhatnagar Springer 0792376447Auth:ISBN:2002 Pages:360
Advanced Computational Intelligence Paradigms in Healthcare Volume 1 120000566-10
$300Hiro Yoshida A.Jain A.Ichalkaranje L.Springer 3540475230Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:311
Advanced Computational Intelligence Paradigms in Healthcare Volume 2 60000564-03
$200S. Vaidya L.C. Jain H. Yoshida Springer 3540723749Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:157
Advanced Data Mining Techniques 60000594-017
$211David L. Olson Dursun Delen Springer 3540769161Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:180
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Advanced Data Mining Technologies in Bioinformatics 40000526-05
$115Hui Huang Hsu Idea Group Publishing 1591408636Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:329
Advanced Database Systems (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 20000600-016
$105Nabil R. Adam Bharat K. Bhargava Springer 0387575073Auth:ISBN:1993 Pages:451
Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications With Aspects of Contemporary Intelligent Computing Te 60000612-072
$200Huang,Wunsch,Levine,Jo Springer 3540859292Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:559
Advanced Intelligent Computing Theories and Applications With Aspects of Theoretical and Methodological Issues ( 120000612-073
$300Huang,Wunsch II,Levine,Jo Springer 3540874402Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:1287
Advanced Intelligent Paradigms in Computer Games (Studies in Computational Intelligence) 120000583-031
$300Norio Baba, Lakhmi C. Jain Hisashi H Springer 3540727043Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:202
Advanced Lectures on Machine Learning (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 40000596-014
$101Olivier Bousquet Ulrike von Luxburg G Springer 3540231226Auth:ISBN:2004 Pages:241
Advanced LISP Technology (Advanced Information Processing Technology, V. 4) 40000622-027
$129Taiichi Yuasa,Hiroshi G. Okuno CRC 0415298199Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:247
Advanced Methods for Inconsistent Knowledge Management (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing) 60000583-032
$200Ngoc Thanh Nguyen Springer 1846288886Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:356
Advanced Model Order Reduction Techniques in VLSI Design 60000618-007
$212Sheldon Tan Lei He Cambridge University Press 0521865814Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:258
Advanced Motion Control and Sensing for Intelligent Vehicles 120000583-033
$129Li Li Fei Yue Wang Springer 0387444076Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:458
Advanced NXT - The Da Vinci Inventions Book (Technology in Action - Robotic) 20000612-074
$34Matthias Paul Scholz Apress 1590598431Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:369
Advanced Strategies in Control Systems with Input and Output Constraints (some missed pages) 40000605-013
$215Sophie Tarbouriech Springer 3540370099Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:437
Advanced Studies in Biometrics (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 40000596-017
$101Massimo Tistarelli Josef Bigun Enrico Springer 3540262040Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:166
Advanced Topics in Control Systems Theory - Lecture Notes from FAP 2004 ( Control and Information Sciences) 60000531-01
$200Francoise Lamnabhi Lagarrigue A Lori Springer 1852339233Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:282
Advanced Verification Techniques - A SystemC Based Approach for Successful Tapeout 60000587-020
$200Leena Singh Leonard Drucker Springer 140207672XAuth:ISBN:2004 Pages:395
Advances in Applied Self-organizing Systems (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing) 60000595-031
$200Mikhail Prokopenko Springer 1846289815Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:376
Advances in Artificial Economics - The Economy as a Complex Dynamic System 60000597-042
$200Charlotte Bruun Springer 3540372474Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:296
Advances in Automatic Differentiation (Computational Science & Engineering) 60000610-017
$200Christian H. Bischof,Bucker,Hovland,Springer 3540689354Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:370
Advances in Biometrics - Sensors, Algorithms and Systems 60000583-034
$117Nalini K. Ratha Venu Govindaraju Springer 1846289203Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:508
Advances in Case-Based Reasoning - ECCBR 2004 60000580-014
$200Peter Funk Springer 3540228829Auth:ISBN:2004 Pages:836
Advances in Coding Theory and Crytography (Series on Coding Theory and Cryptology) 40000601-038
$118T. Shaska W. C. Huffman D. Joyner World Scientific 9812707018Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:268
Advances in Computational Intelligence - Theory And Applications 60000621-035
$200Fei Yue Wang Derong Liu World Scientific 9812567348Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:480
Advances in Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering - IETA 2005, TeNe 2005 and EIAE 200 60000580-015
$270Khaled Elleithy Springer 140205260XAuth:ISBN:2006 Pages:466
Advances in Control Theory and Applications (Control and Information Sciences) 60000532-18
$211Claudio Bonivento Alberto Isidori Lore Springer 354070700XAuth:ISBN:2007 Pages:320
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Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 1998 - International Conference,Theory and Applications of Cryptology and 40000597-043
$221Kazuo Ohta Dingyi Pei Springer 3540651098Auth:ISBN:1998 Pages:522
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 1999 40000597-044
$180Kwok Yan Lam Eiji Okamoto Chaopin Springer 3540666664Auth:ISBN:1999 Pages:407
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2000 60000597-045
$200Tatsuaki Okamoto Springer 3540414045Auth:ISBN:2001 Pages:630
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2001 - 7th International Conference,Theory and Application of Cryptology a 60000597-046
$200Colin Boyd Springer 3540429875Auth:ISBN:2001 Pages:653
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2002 60000597-047
$200Yuliang Zheng Springer 3540001719Auth:ISBN:2002 Pages:578
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2003 60000597-048
$200Chi Sung Laih Springer 3540205926Auth:ISBN:2003 Pages:542
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2004 60000597-003
$200Pil Joong Lee Springer 3540239758Auth:ISBN:2004 Pages:544
Advances in Cryptology - ASIACRYPT 2005 60000597-004
$200Bimal Roy Springer 3540306846Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:703
Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2004 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 40000544-26
$132Matt Franklin Springer 3540226680Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:579
Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2005 - 25th International Cryptology Conference,USA 40000604-033
$155Victor Shoup Springer 3540281142Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:568
Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2006 - 26th International Cryptology Conference,USA 60000604-034
$200Cynthia Dwork Springer 3540374329Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:621
Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2007 - 27th International Cryptology Conference,USA 60000604-035
$200Alfred Menezes Springer 3540741429Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:631
Advances in Cryptology EUROCRYPT 2008 - 27th Annual International Conference 60000604-036
$200Nigel Smart Springer 3540789669Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:564
Advances in Databases - 15th British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD 15 20000603-013
$62Carol Small Springer 3540632638Auth:ISBN:1997 Pages:233
Advances in Design and Specification Languages for SOCS 120000542-21
$338Pierre Boulet Springer 0387261494Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:300
Advances in Discrete Tomography and Its Applications (Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis) 60000596-020
$200Gabor T. Herman Attila Kuba Birkhauser 0817636145Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:399
Advances in Fingerprint Technology, Second Edition 40000477-11
$157Henry C. Lee R. E. Gaensslen CRC 0849309239Auth:ISBN:2001 Pages:456
Advances in Fuzzy Clustering and its Applications 60000570-08
$200Jose Valente de Oliveira Wiley 0470027606Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:457
Advances in Genetic Programming, Vol. 3 (Complex Adaptive Systems) 60000599-020
$128Lee Spector William B. Langdon The MIT Press 0262194236Auth:ISBN:1999 Pages:468
Advances in Information Retrieval - 29th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2007 60000608-026
$200Giambattista Amati,Carpineto,Romano Springer 3540714944Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:777
Advances in Kernel Methods - Support Vector Learning 40000599-021
$112Bernhard Scholkopf C. Burges The MIT Press 0262194163Auth:ISBN:1999 Pages:386
Advances in Linear Matrix Inequality Methods in Control (Advances in Design and Control) 40000608-028
$104Laurent El Ghaoui Silviu-Iulian Nicules Society for Industrial Mathem 0898714389Auth:ISBN:2000 Pages:400
Advances in Logic Based Intelligent Systems - Selected Papers of LAPTEC 2005 (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 60000571-04
$244Kazumi Nakamatsu IOS Press 1586035681Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:304
Advances in Metaheuristics for Hard Optimization (Natural Computing Series) 40000594-024
$110Patrick Siarry Zbigniew Michalewicz Springer 3540729593Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:481
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Advances in Natural Multimodal Dialogue Systems (Text, Speech and Language Technology) 60000543-06
$257Jan van Kuppevelt Laila Dybkjaer Niels Springer 1402039328Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:385
Advances in Open Domain Question Answering (Text, Speech and Language Technology) 120000590-022
$322Tomek Strzalkowski Sanda Harabagiu Springer 1402047444Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:584
Advances in Pattern Recognition - Proceedings of 6th International Conference,India 2007 60000601-040
$200Pinakpani Pal World Scientific 9812705538Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:424
Advances in Pervasive Computing and Networking 60000537-02
$216B.K. Szymanski B.Yener Springer 0387230424Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:270
Advances in Probabilistic Graphical Models (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing) 60000596-022
$200Peter Lucas Jose A. Gamez Springer 354068994XAuth:ISBN:2007 Pages:396
Advances in Robot Control - From Everyday Physics to Human 60000585-042
$200Like Movements-Sadao Kawamura Mi Springer 3540373462Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:359
Advances in Robot Kinematics, Mechanisms and Motion 120000506-09
$359Jadran Lenarcic B. Roth Springer 1402049404Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:498
Advances in Telerobotics 60000580-223
$200Manule Ferre Springer 3540713638Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:500
Advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - State of the Art and the Road to Autonomy (Intelligent Systems, Control an 60000605-024
$215Kimon P. Valavanis Springer 1402061137Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:543
Advances in Variable Structure and Sliding Mode Control (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences) 120000594-028
$305C. Edwards E. Fossas Colet L. Fridman Springer 3540328009Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:482
Advancing Artificial Intelligence through Biological Process Applications 120000611-072
$300Ana Porto Pazos A.Pazos Sierra W.Bun Medical Information Science 1599049961Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:460
Affective Dialogue Systems (ADS 2004 - Artificial Intelligence) 40000576-20
$129E. Andre Springer 3540221433Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:339
Affective Interactions - Towards a New Generation of Computer Interfaces (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 20000598-032
$64Ana Paiva Springer 3540415203Auth:ISBN:2001 Pages:235
Agent Based Simulation - From Modeling Methodologies to Real World Applications 60000544-27
$244Takao Terano Hiro Deguchi Kiyoshi Ar Springer 4431265929Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:270
Agent Intelligence Through Data Mining (Multiagent Systems, Artificial Societies, and Simulated Organizations) 40000543-07
$151Andreas L. Symeonidis Pericles A. Mit Springer 0387243526Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:206
Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce II - Towards Next-Generation Agent-Based Electronic Commerce Systems 40000598-033
$105Alexandros Moukas C Sierra F Ygge Springer 3540677739Auth:ISBN:2000 Pages:249
Agent-Based Manufacturing and Control Systems - New Agile Manufacturing Solutions for Achieving Peak Perform 60000541-14
$200Massimo Paolucci Roberto Sacile CRC 1574443364Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:288
Agent-Based Modeling - The Santa Fe Institute Artificial Stock Market Model Revisited (Lecture Notes in Economic 40000595-041
$111Norman Ehrentreich Springer 3540738789Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:242
Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management 40000596-027
$164Ludger van Elst A Abecker V Dignum Springer 3540208682Auth:ISBN:2004 Pages:428
Agent-Oriented Information System (AOIS 2003) 40000572-05
$123Paolo Giorgini Springer 3540221271Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:225
Agent-Oriented Information Systems IV - AOIS 2006 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 40000598-034
$110Manuel Kolp Brian Henderson-Sellers Springer 3540779892Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:231
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering III - AOSE 2002 40000596-028
$101Fausto Giunchiglia James Odell Springer 354000713XAuth:ISBN:2004 Pages:229
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering IV - AOSE 2003 40000596-029
$101Fausto Giunchiglia James Odell Springer 3540208267Auth:ISBN:2004 Pages:255
Agents and Computational Autonomy - Potential, Risks, and Solutions 40000574-11
$102Matthias Nickles Springer 3540224777Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:275
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Agents and Multi-Agent Systems in Construction 60000618-014
$200Chimay Anumba Taylor & Francis 041535904XAuth:ISBN:2005 Pages:353
Agile Information Systems - Conceptualization, Construction, and Management 40000608-030
$65Kevin C. Desouza Elsevier 0750682353Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:328
AI Application Programming ( Artificial Intelligence ) 20000472-04
$54M. Tim Jones Charles River Media 1584502789Auth:ISBN:2003 Pages:363
Algebraic and Logic Programming - 6th International Joint Conference, ALP '97 - HOA '97 20000602-031
$78Michael Hanus, Jan Heering, Karl Mein Springer 3540634592Auth:ISBN:1977 Pages:286
Algebraic and Proof-theoretic Aspects of Non-classical Logics (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 40000594-032
$112S. Aguzzoli A. Ciabattoni B. Gerla Springer 3540759387Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:309
Algebraic Aspects of Cryptography (Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics) 40000578-07
$111N Kolbitz Springer 3540634460Auth:ISBN:2004 Pages:206
Algebraic Aspects of the Advanced Encryption Standard (Advances in Information Security) 40000543-09
$112Carlos Cid Sean Murphy Matthew Rob Springer 0387243631Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:148
Algebraic Frames for the Perception-Action Cycle - International Workshop, AFPAC'97(Lecture Notes in Computer 20000602-033
$79Gerald Sommer, Jan J. Koenderink Springer 3540635173Auth:ISBN:1997 Pages:404
Algebraic Methods II - Theory, Tools, and Applications (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 20000600-024
$67J. A. Bergstra L. M. G. Feijs Springer 0387539123Auth:ISBN:1991 Pages:434
Algebraic Structures and Operator Calculus, Volume II - Special Functions and Computer Science (Mathematics and 20000600-025
$135P. Feinsilver Rene Schott Springer 079232921XAuth:ISBN:1994 Pages:164
Algorithmic Foundation of Robotics VII (Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics) 60000611-078
$210Akella,Amato,Huang,Mishra Springer 3540684042Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:517
Algorithmic Game Theory 120000587-029
$102Noam Nisan Tim Roughgarden Eva Tar Cambridge University 0521872820Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:776
Algorithmic Learning Theory - ALT 2003(Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 40000596-031
$106Ricard Gavalda Klaus P. Jantke Eiji Ta Springer 3540202919Auth:ISBN:2004 Pages:313
Algorithmic Learning Theory - ALT 2004 40000574-15
$112Shai Ben David Springer 3540233563Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:505
Algorithmic Number Theory - 6th International Symposium, ANTS VI, USA,2004(Lecture Notes in Computer Scien 60000517-15
$213Duncan Buell Springer 3540221565Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:451
Algorithms - Design Techniques and Analysis (Lecture Notes Series on Computing, Vol 7) 40000603-019
$123M. H. Alsuwaiyel World Scientific 9810237405Auth:ISBN:2002 Pages:539
Algorithms and Architectures (Neural Network Systems Techniques & Applications) 20000608-036
$109Cornelius T. Leondes Academic Press 012443861XAuth:ISBN:1998 Pages:485
Algorithms and Architectures of Artificial Intelligence (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications) 60000590-024
$200Enn Tyugu IOS Press 1586037706Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:184
Algorithms and Complexity - CIAC 2003 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 40000596-032
$113Rosella Petreschi Giuseppe Persiano Ri Springer 3540401768Auth:ISBN:2003 Pages:289
Algorithms for Fuzzy Clustering - Methods in c-Means Clustering with Applications (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft C 60000601-044
$203Sadaaki Miyamoto Hidetomo Ichihashi Springer 3540787364Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:248
Algorithms in Bioinformatics - 4th International Workshop, WABI 2004 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 40000608-038
$112Inge Jonassen Junhyong Kim Springer 3540230181Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:488
Algorithms in Invariant Theory, 2nd Edition (Texts and Monographs in Symbolic Computation) 40000606-021
$89Bernd Sturmfels Springer 3211774165Auth:ISBN:2008 Pages:202
Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry, 2nd Ed.(Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics) 40000576-21
$110Saugata Basu Richard Pollack Marie Fr Springer 3540330984Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:662
Ambient Intelligence 60000543-10
$242W. Weber J.M. Rabaey E. Aarts Springer 3540238670Auth:ISBN:2005 Pages:374
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Amphibionics Build Your Own Reptilian Robot 40000429-08
$100Karl Williams McGraw Hill 007141245XAuth:ISBN:2003 Pages:385
Amphibionics Build Your Own Biologically Inspired Robot 40000429-07
$100Karl Williams McGraw-Hill 007141245XAuth:ISBN:2003 Pages:385
An Approach to Knowledge Base Management (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 20000600-028
$33Nelson Mendonca Mattos Springer 038754268XAuth:ISBN:1991 Pages:247
An Extended Entity-Relationship Model - Fundamentals and Pragmatics (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 20000599-035
$44Martin Gogolla Springer 3540576487Auth:ISBN:1994 Pages:136
An Imitation-Based Approach to Modeling Homogenous Agents Societies (Computational Intelligence and Its Applic 40000572-12
$113Goran Trajkovski IGI Global 1591408393Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:341
An Inductive Logic Programming Approach to Statistical Relational Learning (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and 60000572-13
$224Kristian Kersting IOS Press 1586036742Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:256
An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms (Computational Molecular Biology) 40000481-10
$107Neil C. Jones Pavel A. Pevzner The MIT Press 0262101068Auth:ISBN:2002 Pages:448
An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods - Applications to Physical Systems, 3rd Ed.(scan) 60000600-031
$120Harvey Gould Jan Tobochnik Wolfgang Addison Wesley 0805377581Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:720
An Introduction to Digital Audio, 2nd Edition 20000619-021
$52John Watkinson Elsevier,Focal Press 0240516435Auth:ISBN:2002 Pages:432
An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata, 3rd Edition(scan) 40000614-023
$116Peter Linz Jones & Bartlett 0763714224Auth:ISBN:2000 Pages:397
An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms for Scientists and Engineers 20000496-12
$63David A. Coley World Scientific Publishing C 9810236026Auth:ISBN:1999 Pages:227
An Introduction to Hybrid Dynamical Systems (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, 251) 20000595-043
$69Arjan J. van der Schaft Hans Schumach Springer 1852332336Auth:ISBN:2000 Pages:190
An Introduction to Infinite Dimensional Analysis 20000544-29
$59Giuseppe Da Prato Springer 3540290206Auth:ISBN:2006 Pages:214
An Introduction to Knowledge Engineering 20000578-08
$64Simon Kendal Malcolm Creen Springer 1846284759Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:296
An Introduction to Modeling and Simulation of Particulate Flows (Computational Science and Engineering) 60000608-041
$200T. I. Zohdi SIAM, Society for Industrial a 0898716276Auth:ISBN:2007 Pages:195
An Introduction to Pattern Recognition 60000443-07
$240Mike Alder HeavenForBooksAuth:ISBN:2001 Pages:561
An Introduction to Programming with Mathematica, 3rd Edition 40000529-11
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