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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



Resource Management
Coordination in the Sunshine

An Opportunity for 2010

(Resource Management Coordination)


RMCP stands for the Resource Management Coordination Project.
Launched in 2007, the RMCP was created to proactively identify and
implement opportunities for increased natural resource management
coordination on provincial Crown land in British Columbia. The
initiative encompasses the operations of all
with natural resource management responsibilities. The project (“P”) is
over and we’re moving forward with Resource Management
Coordination (RMC) as a way of doing business.

RMC is being undertaken to proactively address challenges associated
with workforce demographics, service delivery, increasingly complex
land use issues and economic challenges.


Several initiatives are underway to find long
term solutions to these
challenges through increased collaboration and coordination across
natural resource management agencies. The vision is

“The coordination of people and resources for excellence in
service delivery.”

On behalf of government, overall leadership and accountability for
resource management coordination rests with the ILMB board of


In addition to First Nations Consultation and Strategic Engagements, and
Compliance and Enforcement, six other business functions have been
identified for increased coordination:

Natural resource sector permitting and tenuring

Corporate services

asset management

Exploring the applicability of the Conservation Framework through a
pilot in a suitable sub
region (Thompson

Shared Accountability Service Plan and Business Plan implementation for
all priority business areas

Headquarters policy and legislation

Alignment of administrative boundaries of natural resource sector
agencies (see map of newly aligned sub regions)



Increasing inter
agency capacity is critical to preparing for continued
service excellence with a significantly reduced workforce in the coming
years due to attrition from retirements and competition for talent.

Is the recent expansion in the scope of resource management
coordination another step toward a natural resources ministry?

The changes associated with resource management coordination are
focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of business and operational
processes, not at organizational re
structuring or an amalgamation of
agencies. Based upon coordination efforts over the past couple of years, it is
clear that there are many opportunities for greater efficiencies.


What’s RMC mean to you?

Over the past two years, the number of environmental inspections
completed in the Sunshine Coast Forest District by C&E staff has reduced
from 850 per year to 350 per year as we shift resources to higher priority
government risk.

You might see green uniforms on fish docks checking licenses or at cement
plants checking emissions and discharge or you
might see blue
Fisheries and COS uniforms asking questions about timber marking.

Some increase in other agency inspections by MFR C&E staff to address
their risks e.g. Petroleum storage facilities or assessing regulatory
requirements associated with herbicide use.

More consideration of professional reliance during our risk assessments of
forest development activities relative to other government risks on the land


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