Summer Reading Assignment

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Nov 14, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Summer Reading Assignment

English II American Literature (Miller)


Fahrenheit 451

by Ray Bradbury (ISBN 978
6, Ballantine Books)

The Assignments

: Please be prepared for a formal
assessment during the first week of school. You will be tested on
Fahrenheit 451. The test will simply cover comprehension of the novel.

: Annotation is a word that you will hear throughout the school year and your school career.
It simply means

making notes about the book and it serves as your conversation with the text. The
process of annotating helps you as the reader to pay attention to and record key details from the text. It
also helps you to track important themes and motifs and provides a

framework for getting the most out
of the text. **Please note: students will not be graded on the quality of annotations at this point. I’m
looking for effort. This is something we will work on all year

at this point I’m looking to see what you
can do on
your own.

Annotate as you read, making notes over the following: If you do not want to write marks in your book,
then make notes of the following on the data sheet.

1. Circle new characters as they are introduced. List the characters on your data sheet, al
ong with
relevant details.

2. Place rectangles around places and note on “setting” part of data sheet.

3. Use a squiggly line under words with which you are unfamiliar. Define the word in the margin if it can
be found in the dictionary. If it cannot be fou
nd in the dictionary, use context clues and write what you
think the word means.

5. Connections: note any possible references to modern times/society in the margins. Consider how
each develops a theme.

**You should complete a Major Works Data Sheet. This

is an excellent way to prepare for the test over
the novel. Again, effort is what’s important here.

***Turn in the following 3 pages.

American Literature


Major Works Data Sheet for Summer Reading 2013



Date of Publication:_______________

Genre: __________________________

Biographical information about the author:

Historical information about the period of publication:

Characteristics of the

Brief and Selective Plot Summary:

Memorable Quotes; minimum of 5
; write the page number where quote is found!













lease be thorough
(use back of this sheet


following format for at least 5


Role in the story:


Illustrative Adjectives

Connections: What parts, themes, incidents, etc., can you make a connection with


society/reality? List and describe 3 in detail.

Writing Assignment

First, go to and watch the full Digital Nation
documentary. Answer the following questions after viewing the documentary:

Please answer the questions thoroughly
on your own paper
. Make sure you answer ALL parts of the
question. You will be graded on the quality and thoroughness of your answer. I’m looking for evidence
of thinking and effort.

What is multi

a. What
do studies say about the effectiveness of task completion/critical thinking while multi

b. When do you multi

c. Do you think you are able to do work as well while multi

d. Does the video make you think differently?

2. What is your r
eaction to the information about what’s happening within the digital culture in South

a. Could that happen in the U.S.?

b. Do you know anyone who you believe may be addicted to gaming or the Internet?

3. Teachers are encouraged to use technology in
the classroom. To what extent do you think technology
in the classroom is helpful? Is it distracting? Does it help learning?

a. Would you use a laptop/Ipad in class if you were allowed?

b. Do you think you’d be tempted to get online and off task?

4. The Du
mbest Generation: are we losing as much as we’re gaining? What are your thoughts on this
section? What does Bradbury have to say, based on what you’ve read so far?

5. Relationships: consider Mildred; is Bradbury right on with his idea of how relationships
have changed
as a result of technology?

6. Virtual Worlds: What are we trading for virtual realities, especially in the workplace?

a. What if class met virtually; what would be different?

7. What is your reaction to the fact that the virtual world can chan
ge a person?

8. Where are we headed: are we “gaining other things” or are we losing the ability to really think and
focus? What do you think Bradbury’s opinion is?

451 Writing Assignment

Typed; double spaced, size 12 font

Instructions: Please answer thre
e of the questions and use at least one quote to support your answer
per question. Remember, you should set up quotes (tell who is speaking) and explain how what you
have quoted supports your answer.

1. In chapter 2
, Montag describes “rumors” he’s heard. W
hat are those rumors? Are there any
similarities between present day American society and Montag’s society, as described here?

2. Ex
plain what Faber says in chapter 2
. “I don’t talk things, sir. I talk the meaning of things. I sit here and
know I’m alive.”

3. Explain what happens to Montag on

the subway, in chapter 2
. Include how the metaphor of the sieve
and the sand applies to Montag’s situation on the subway.

4. In chapter 2
, Faber discusses what is missing from their society. In detail, describe the thr
ee things he
discusses and the effects on society.

5. How does Faber describe what Jesus Christ has become? What does this indicate about religion in
their society? How does this reflect what is happening in their society, in general?

**Please review every
thing prior to the first day of class and be prepared to discuss.

Summer Reading Assignment Checklist:

1. Novel has

some evidence of annotating:_________

2. A major works data s
heet has been completed for the

novel: _______

3. You have watched Digital
Nation and answered corresponding questions: _______

4. You have completed three short answer questions for Fahrenheit 451 and included a

quotation with each answer: ____________

5. You have reviewed the novel

and major works data sheet

and are ready for a

test over the

books: _________

I look forward to meeting you! Enjoy your summer!