Input and Output

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Nov 17, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Input and Output

What is input?

Input is any data and instructions entered
into the memory of a computer

Instructions can be entered into the
computer in the form of programs,
commands, and user responses

An input device is any hardware component
that allows users to enter data and
instructions into a computer

A keyboard

A keyboard is an input device that contain
keys users press to enter data and
instructions into a computer

Type of keyboard

Wired keyboards

USB port

Wireless keyboard

Bluetooth, IrDA

Ergonomic keyboard

reduces the change
of wrist and hand injuries

Keyboard for mobile devices typically are
smaller and/or have fewer keys


A mouse is a pointing device that fits under
the palm of your hand comfortably

A mouse can be wired of wireless

Other pointing devices



Pointing Stick

Touch Screens and Touch

A Touch screen is a touch
sensitive display

Microsoft surface

Sensitive Pad

Pen input

With pen input, you touch a stylus or digital
pen on a flat surface to write, draw, or make

Other input for smart phones

Game controllers

Video games and computer games use a
game controller as the input device that
directs movements and actions of on


Joysticks and wheels

Light guns

Dance Pads

sensing controllers

Digital cameras

A digital camera is a mobile device that
allows users to take pictures and store them

Two factors affect the quality of digital
camera photos


Number of bits stored in each pixel

Voice input

Voice input is the process of entering input
by speaking into a microphone

Voice recognition is the computer’s
capability of distinguishing spoken words

Video input

Video input is the process of capturing full
motion images and storing them on a
computer’s storage medium

A web cam is a type of digital video camera
that enables a user to

Capture video and still images

Send e
mail messages with video attachments

Add live images to instant messages

Broadcast the images over the Internet

Make video telephone calls

Video conference is a meeting between two
or more geographically separated people

Scanners and Reading devices


Pen or Handheld



Optical character recognition (OCR)
involves reading characters from ordinary

Optical mark recognition (OMR) read hand
drawn marks such as small circles or

An OMR device scans the documents and
matches the patterns of light

A bar code reader, also called a bar code
scanner uses laser beams to read bar codes

RFID (radio frequency identification) uses
radio signals to communicate with a tag
placed in or attached to an object

An RFID reader reads information on the
tag via radio waves

Magnetic stripe card readers read the
magnetic stripe on the back of cards such as

Credit cards

Entertainment cards

Bank cards

Other similar cards

MICR (magnetic ink character recognition)
devices read text printed with magnetized

An MICR reader converts into a form the
computer can process

Banking industry uses MICR for check

Biometric input

Biometrics authenticates a person’s identity
by verifying a personal characteristic

Fingerprint reader

Face recognition system

Hand geometry system

Voice verification system

Signature verification system

Iris recognition system

What is output?

Output is data that has been processed into a
useful form

An output device is any type of hardware
component that conveys information to one
or more people

Display devices

A display device visually convey text,
graphics, and video information

A monitor is packaged as a separate


Liquid crystal display (LCD)

Liquid crystal display (LCD) uses a liquid
compound to present information on a
display device

Plasma monitors are display devices that
use gas plasma technology and offer screen
sizes up to 150 inches

A CRT monitor is a desktop monitor that
contains a cathode
ray tube

Have a much larger footprint than do LCD


A printer produces text and graphics on a
physical medium

Printed information is called a hard copy, or

Landscape or portrait orientation

Nonimpact printer

A nonimpact printer forms characters and
graphics on a piece of paper without
actually striking the paper

jet printers

Laser Printers

Thermal printers


Mobile printers

A multifunctional peripheral (MFP) is a
single device that prints, scans, copies, and
in some cases, faxes

Sometimes called an all
one device

A thermal printer generates images by
pushing electrically heated pins against the
sensitive paper

Thermal wax
transfer printer

sublimation printer

Impact printer

Impact printers form characters and
graphics on a piece of paper by striking a
mechanism against an inked ribbon that
physically contacts paper

matrix printer

Line printer

Speakers, Headphones, and Earbuds

An audio output device produces music,
speech or other sounds

Other output devices

Other output devices are available for
specific uses and applications

Data projectors

Interactive whiteboards

Other output devices are available for
specific uses and applications

feedback game controllers

Tactile output