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Nov 17, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



Moscow SafeCity

,000 CCTV cameras

in Moscow, controlling over doorways and mass
circulation areas in ten districts.

resistant cameras

monitor public areas while access control prevents
unauthorized entry, and flood, fire, and smoke sensors alert emergency
personnel to problems.

Panic buttons and emergency hotlines

provide quick access to the police
and militia in areas of mass circulation

Train and subway safety

is ensured through video surveillance, as well as a
permanent online link between all drivers and transport police officers.

PTZ cameras on motorways

assist the police in resolving accident disputes,
and surveillance of parking and business centers reduces theft. If a vehicle is
stolen, video license plate recognition at key points in the city enables police to
find it.

According to the Main Internal Affairs
Directorate of Moscow, the SafeCity
implementation has caused a dramatic
reduction in burglaries and vandalism

drops of 12.5% and 33% respectively
in the first six months of operation

Casablanca and Rabat Airports, Morocco

Two largest airports in Morocco

Passenger flow

more than 7 000 000 per year

Two airports protected with united security

More than 80 cameras

More than 14 servers

Face recognition system for passenger check

Moscow SVO Airport

Largest international airport in Russia

Passenger flow

more than 15 000 000 per

Two terminals under protection

More than 200 cameras

Integration with third parties NVRs

Integration with access control system

Sea Fishing Port of Saint Petersburg

6 docks

10 port cranes

Port length

660 m

Refrigerator’s capacity

3000 tones

Full coverage of port territory by PTZ and
fixed cameras

License plates and wagon numbers

Video surveillance over customs zones

Murmansk Sea Commercial Port

4th largest port in Russia


120,000 square meters

Annual cargo turnover 14.6 million tons

Refrigerator’s capacity

3000 tones

3 video servers, more than 15 workstations, more than 25
IP cameras

Video signal transmission over Wi

Smoke detection and fire alarm equipment integration

Bank of Russia

Povolzhskiy Branch Network

2 100 000 customers

40 objects equipped with ATM Intellect

Work over the standard lines of
communication between the ATMs

and X.25

Remote central monitoring and
administration station

Bank of Russia

Northwest Branch Network

300 branches,1200 ATMs

ATM connections

TCP/IP and X.25

Video surveillance, transaction
monitoring, alarm systems integration

Raiffeisen Bank, Ukraine

14 branches across the country

Over 4 000 000 customers

Over 200,000 legal entities

Video surveillance system in every branch

Criminal prevention

Help in forensic investigations

Ukraine Railways

Cargo trains checkpoints installation

Wagon numbers recognition

Recognized wagon number at speed 80
km/h at any weather conditions

8 cameras per each checkpoint

Prevent loss of cargo at each checkpoint

Yekaterinburg Metro

Passenger flow

more than 160 000
passengers per day

7 metro stations under security

More than 200 cameras installed

Integration with access control and ticketing


face recognition system at the
entrance to station


central monitoring and

Novosibirsk Metro

15 separate locations

lines lengths

more than 14 km

225 cameras installed

More than 45 km of cabling

Emergency call from passenger zones


face recognition system


video surveillance inside wagons

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