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Brian Lewis

December 15, 2011

Facial recognition is growing security concern

Best recognition algorithm is human brain

Wanted to find a way to use brain information
in recognition

If we identify areas humans use to recognize
faces, we can get unique results in algorithms

Biometrics Background

Eye Tracking Experiment

Facial Recognition Experiment

Facial Recognition Results


Future Work

2 types of biometrics, identification and

Verification consists of confirming an identity

Identity comes from selecting correct person
from a group of candidates

Current algorithms use features extracted from

Used 10 males and 10 females

Ran identification and verification experiments

Females much better at identifying faces

Conducted identification and verification

2 Normalized faces shown to participant

Participant asked to say if same person or
different person

Participant looks at image of face for as long as

Then shown 2 by 3 grid of normalized faces to
identify correct face

Each correct image broken up in to 7 by 7 grid

Percentage of fixations for each block extracted.

Experiment 1 gave each block equal

Experiment 2 blocks weighted 0
3 with equal
number of blocks in each weight

Experiment 3 blocks given weights of 0
4 based
on fixation percentages

Experiment 4 only blocks of 100% fixation were
used in algorithms

No significant recognition rate improvement

Blocks with 100% fixation account for 50% of

Trial and error in experiments 3 and 4 give
hope for future work

Develop algorithm to properly weight boxes

Look at using new tasks for eye tracking

Try new facial recognition algorithms on data

Run experiments using specific facial regions