Signal & Image Processing

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Signal & Image

the place of useful learning
University of Strathclyde Glasgow
• Astronomical Image Processing
• Medical Image Enhancement
• Bank Document Analysis
• Robotic Vehicle Guidance
• Hyperspectral imaging applications
• MRI and CT data analysis
Key Benefits
• Reduced cost:minimised staff analysistime as well as high-throughput tooldevelopment
• Increased accuracy and precision – stateof the art instrumentation, techniques andon-going evolution of analysis mechanisms
• Competitive:analysis techniques at theforefront of technology
Markets & Applications
Biology - Modelling of growthof bacteria by video
Digital Banking - Image processing for detection
of fraudulent documents
Pharmacy - Quantification of drug migration
Robotics - Processing of biological signals to
control artificial hand
Astronomy - Advancedsignal processing
techniques, in place of manual analysis,
allowed physicists to automatically analyse
thousands of images to measure the depth of
Neurobiology - Astronomy imaging techniques
translation to automatic analysis of brain images.
Contact Us
Researchers at the University of Strathclyde
have a track record of signal and image
processing capabilities and are committed to
applying this expertise to real world problems.
Interdisciplinary research within the Centre
for Neuroscience,University of Strathclyde
(CeNsUS) has lead to applications in the field
of neuroscience and specifically the automatic
analysis of brain images.
Research and Technology Expertise
• Automated image/video analysis
• Content based image/video retrieval
• Efficient high throughput image/video
Analysis tools
• Super resolution
• Image/video:segmentation;Enhancement; interpretation; registration;restoration; as well as, sharpening andcolour image balancing
• Automatic feature:detection;extraction;tracking; counting; statistical analysis; andfurther quantification
• Analysis of image data and provide results
• Development of tools to automaticallyanalyse image data
• Delivery of software packages that can be
used by non-experts for automatic analysisof image data
Processing Experience
Over 30 years’ experience in international
collaboration with researchers and industry
in optimising image processing solutions in
various fields.Strathclyde’s signal and image
processing research has an outstanding
track record in applying novel techniques
and providing solutions in the following
application areas of image processing:
• Biological Image Analysis