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(Established under section 3 of UGC Act,1956)

Course & Branch :B.C.A/B.COM/B.SC/M.SC



Title of the Paper :English II

Max. Marks :80

Sub. Code :6C0301/7C0301

Time : 3 Hours

Date :10/05/2010

ion :FN



A (10 x 2 = 20)

Answer ALL the Question


Convert the following into negative statements


He is rich


She is a teacher


Change the following into exclamatory sentences


It is a very lovely flower


It is very cold today


Fill in the blank
s with suitable degrees of comparison.


Mathematics is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (easy) than science.


Chennai is the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (large) city in Tamil Nadu.


Insert the correct punctuation marks in the following passage.

mahatma Gandhiji said, truth a
nd non
violence are my two eyes


Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

Artificial Intelligence is the science _ _ _ _ _ of developing
computer that can learn and follow instructions _ _ _ _ _ with great
accuracy and speed. An example of _ _ _ _
_ _ Artificial Intelligence is
the use _ _ _ _ _ expert system.


Define any four of the following Compound Nouns:

air supply

heat treatment

power source

copper wire

friction losses

steel table


Convert the following into indirect speech

The studen
t said to his teacher “Please, demonstrate the experiment
once again, Sir”.


Add suitable question tags to the following


He is absent today, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?


She has not paid the fees, _ _ _ _ _ ?


Fill the blanks with suitable model auxiliari


If you post the letter today, it _ _ _ _ _ (reach) Chennai tomorrow.


You _ _ _ _ _ (respect) your elders.


Fill in the blanks with suitable articles


I bought _ _ _ _ _ _ apple yesterday.


He is _ _ _ _ European.



(6 x 10

= 60)

Answer any Six Questions


Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

The study of control and process in electronic, mechanical and
biological systems is known as cybernetics. The word was coined in 1948
by the American ma
thematician Norbet Wiener from the Greek word
meaning pilot or steersman. Cybernetics is concerned with the analysis of
the flow of information in both living organisms and machines, but it is
particularly concerned with systems that are capable of regulat
ing their
own operations without human control.

Automatic regulation is accomplished using information about the
state of the end product that is fed into the regulating device, causing it to
modify or correct production procedures if necessary. The conc
ept of
feedback is at the very heart of cybernetics and is what makes a system
automatic and self

regulating machine is a thermostat, which reacts to
continual feedback about the outside temperature and responds
accordingly to achieve the temperature tha
t has been programmed into it.

The applications of cybernetics are wide reaching, appearing in
science, engineering, technology, sociology, economics, education and
medicine. Computer can keep a patient alive during a surgical operation
making instantane
ous modifications based on a constant flow of
information. In education teaching machines use cybernetics principles to
instruct students on an individual basis. In the home, automation is
present in such everyday products as refrigerators, coffeemakers an
dishwashers. In industry, automation is increasing its applications,
although it is currently applied primarily to the large scale production can
ruin the product, automatic controls are invaluable. Chemical and
petroleum plants are now almost completely

automatic, as are industries
involved in the production of chemicals and atomic energy. Automation
has become the answer when human safety is the number one priority.


Choose the correct answer


Cybernetics is the study of the control processes in a
ll of the
systems except.

1. ecological

2. biological

3. mechanical

4. electronic


The word Cybernetics was coined from the Greek word meaning.

1. information

2. automatic

3. pilot

4. regulator


What makes a system automatic and self

. information

2. production procedure

3. human control

4. feedback


Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an area in which
cybernetics has application?

1. technology

2. engineering

3. philosophy

4. education


Fill in the blanks with appropriat
e words


_ _ _ _ _ is concerned with the flow of information in both

living organisms and machines.


The word Cybernetics was coined by _ _ _ _ _ _ in 1948.


Choose the appropriate definition for the given words or phrases as they
are used i
n the text.



1. with pauses

2. without pauses

3. new again

4. renewal



1. arriving

2. striking out

3. stretching out

4. making



1. simultaneous

2. delayed

3. immediate

4. mediate



1. destroy

2. disable

3. disadvantage

4. decipher.


Make a précis of the following

There is a great question to which we should look in all our
arrangements: What is to be their final result in the character of the
people? Is it to be raised, or is to be lo
wered? Are we to be satisfied with
merely securing our power and protecting the inhabitants, leaving them to
sink gradually in character lower than at present; or we to endeavour to
raise their character, and render them worthy of filling higher situations

the management of their country, and of devising plans for its
improvement? It ought undoubtedly to be our aim to raise the minds of
the natives, and to take care that whenever

Our connection with India might cease, it did not appear that the only
it of our dominion there had been to leave the people more abject and
less able to govern themselves than when we found them. Many different
plans may be suggested for the improvement of their character, but none
of them can be successful, unless it be the

improvement of their character,
but of our policy, that the improvement may be made. This principle once
established, we must trust to time and perseverance for realizing the
object of it. We have had too little experience, and are too little
acquainted w
ith the natives, to be able to determine without trial what
means should be most likely to facilite their improvement, various
measures might be suggested, which might all probably be more or less
useful; but no one appears to me so well calculated to ensu
re success as
that of endeavouring to give them a higher opinion of themselves, by
placing more confidence in them, by employing them in important
situations and perhaps by rendering them eligible to almost every office
under Government. It is not necessar
y at present to define the exact limit
to which their eligibility should be excluded from any office for which
they are qualified, without danger to the preservation of our own


Assume that you bought a laptop from a reputed company in your

Within a week of its purchase you find that it gives you trouble. Write a
letter of complaint to the company asking for replacement of the laptop.


Rearrange the following sentences in the right order.


Secondly ewe can heat the steel above a
certain critical temperature,
and then allow it to cool at different rates.


We can alter the characteristics of steel in various ways.


Annealing has a second advantage.


In the process known as annealing, we heat the steel above

the critic
al temperature and permit or to cool very slowly.


This causes the metal to become softer than before, and much easier
to machine.


At this critical temperature, changes begin to take place on the
molecular structures of the metal.


It helps to re
lieve any internal stress, which exist in the metal.


In the first place, steel, which contains very little carbon, will be
milder than steel which contains a higher percentage of carbon.


Imagine that a software expert is giving a presentation in yo
ur class room.
What are the possible eight questions that you may ask him during the
interactive session?


Describe the different measures that may be taken to preserve our
environment from water pollution.


Write an essay on the uses of Computer and

Internet in about two
hundred words.