Cosmicomics chapter summaries Day 1 Chapter 1- The Distance of the Moon

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Cosmicomics chapter summaries Day 1



The Distance of the Moon

scribe, Maria
recorder, Brianna Jacobs
reporter, Corey

1. Title of chapter: The Distance of the Moon

2. This chapter discusses how the moon used to bee incredibly clo
se, close enough to
climb to. People lived on the moon and traveled between the Earth and moon. The
narrator loses his love as the moon is pushed too far away by the tides.

3. The moon used to a lot closer to earth. The moon affects the tide.


being literally moonstruck by jumping from the earth to the moon

5. "Cling together! Idiots! Cling together!" the captain yelled. At this command, the
sailors tried to form a group, a mass, to push all together until they reached the zone of
the earth's a
ttraction: all of a sudden a cascade of bodies plunged into the sea with a loud


At Daybreak

2. Summary

the solar system's planets first come together in the cold and darkness, until
the sun increases in mass and begins to emit light a
nd heat. "Q" is a child on the proto
planet with his father, mother, granny, and other relatives. The planet they are on is
condensing wile they children play with the first signs of solid matter. Their father thinks
they are going to collide into another
planet but really its condensing to form a physical

3. Scientific Ideas

Life before matter condenses, matter once uniformly scattered,
forming of nickel, origins of earth

the idea that this nebula they live on is not possible because there is n
o physical matter

5. Remarkable Lines

pg23 discussion about how he falls for the first time which means gravity is becoming
more apparent.

pg 27

" then..seeing we paid her no attention, she starting laughing and calling us 'bunch
of ignorant know no

Chapter 3

A Sign in Space

Brianna Green, Amanda Cortes, Jennifer Maldonado

1. Title

A Sign in Space

2. Summary

Qfwfq came up with the idea of marking a point in space with a sign. He
calculated out the light years it would take him to
see it again.Once he came back to the
spot, he realized someone had erased his mark and made a new, poorly made copy of his.
He deduced that it had to be Kgwgk making these signs. These two soon realized that
others in the universe were making their own si
gns all along and filling up space.

3. Scientific Ideas

How long it takes the galaxy to revolve, marking a point in time is the
reason for these signs
a paradox of presence and visibility

4. Themes/Ideas

Kgwgk was envious of the sign and scratched it
out, Qfwfq started to
make false signs, idea of competition

no longer a way to find a point of reference

5. Remarkable Lines

pg 38. "I found more crowded, so that the world and space seemed the mirror of each
other, both minutely adorned with hieroglyphic
s and ideograms, each of which might be
a sign and might not be..."

pg 37 "So, unable to make true signs, but wanting somehow to annoy Kgwgk, I started
making false signs, notches in space, holes, stains, little tricks that only an incompetent
creature li
ke Kgwgk could mistake for signs."

Chapter 4

All at one Point.

Brief Summary: There were a bunch of "people" packed together in one single point
(unspecified) and they were always bumping into each other because they were packed
like sardines. Then at on
e moment Mrs. Ph(i)NKo scattered throughout the continents of
the planets. All of the "people" hoped to return to the point they were at before just to be
with Mrs, Ph(i)NKo once more.

Scientific ideas:

Big Bang: everything condensed into one point and the
n suddenly scattered through

"The theory that the Universe, after having reached an extremity of rarefaction, will be
condensed again" (Page 45)


Characters' names: Ph(i)NKo, XuaeauX (formulas or equations.)

Uses a lot of literary imagery ie.

("packed like sardines") referring to how matter was
condensed in one point.

Strange line:

"Oh if I only had more room, how I'd like to make some noodles for you
boys" (Page 46) This was the moment when the condensed matter scattered through
space: "Big B

Chapter 5. Without Colors Rac
el B.

2. Q describes the Earth's creation of an atmosphere as he describes how "a low fog
slowly rising"(56) surrounds the Earth one strata at a time. The atmosphere ultimately
allows color to flourish the Earth. He tel
ls the story of a girl who he loved, but once color
inhabited Earth things changed between them. Before Q can see her beauty in color she
gets trapped under the Earth's crust.

3. UV rays by the sun are converted into visible colors through the atmosphere.

the atmosphere the human eye would be able to see dull grey much like the moon.

4. Truth and Change are major themes throughout this chapter.

5. The fact that Q knows the name of all the colors; however, he's never seen color before



The Aquatic Uncle

Ben Hack. Haven, and Daniella

1. Summarize the chapter

Qfwfq's family all live on with the exception of his uncle who lives in the sea. His uncle
refuses to leave the sea. The family is ashamed of the uncle because they feel like

he is
uncivilized. Q falls in love with Lll who was born on land. She is some type of reptile,
however Lll ends up going to live with the uncle in the sea.

2. What were the main scientific or other main themes of the chapter?

The main scientific theme i
s the evolution of

tetrapods. Another theme is the relationship
between family.


Was the chapter based off of

a theory that is still considered true today?

Yes the theory of

tetrapods evolving from organisms living in the sea still holds true

4. Line from chapter

P.79 “Go on with you tadpole when you’re wet again you’ll be back home: he
apostrophized to me resuming the tone I had always heard him use with us”


: How much should we bet?

Brief Summary:
All formations of the universe a
re inevitable to the interactions of matter.
The two main characters begin betting. There’s not much on which to base bets. They
were betting on various things, such as the long
term evolution of mankind. Qfwfq bets
on things that are happening at the mome
nt and change, while the Dean (k)yK bets
against new events. All the bets were based on calculations and data.

Scientific ideas:

all formations of the universe are inevitable when matter
naturally interacts with each other.

Atomic Theory

ory about the nature of particles
and matter

Was the chapter based off o

a theory that is still considered true today?

Cybernetics and
the Atomic theory are both still considered true today.

Memorable line:

“I got much more satisfaction, however, from

the bets we had to bear
in mind for billions and billions of years, without forgetting what we had bet on, and
remembering the shorter term bets at the same time.”

pg 89

Chapter 9. The Dinosaurs

Brief Summary:
The narrator, a dinosaur, goes to work f
or some people to transport
their wood and be a so
called "work horse." While he was with these people they always
told stories about how dinosaurs were terrifying. The people he is working for are the
flower's family. He's been living in the village
with these people and started to feel a
tranquility among these people. Then the dinosaurs come back but they aren't really
dinosaurs and he has to make a decision. The people want him to be their leader. They
find a skeleton

Scientific ideas:
n, endangered species, evolution, archaeology

Was the chapter based off o

a theory that is still considered true today?


4. "A general argument began. The strange thing was that the possibility of my being a
Dinosaur never occurred to anyone;
the sin I was accused of was being Different, a
Foreigner, and therefore Untrustworthy; and the argument, was over how much my
presence increased the danger of the Dinosaur's ever coming back." pg. 102

"First I had believed that disappearing had been, for
my brothers, the magnanimous
acceptance of a defeat, now I knew that the more the Dinosaurs disappear, the more they
extend their dominion, and over forests far more vast than those that cover the continents;
in the labyrinth of the survivor's thoughts." p
g. 111


The form of space.

1. The narrator is falling through space beside Ursula H'X and Lt. Fenimore. Both the
narrator and Lt. Fenimore want to get to Ursula but they know this is impossible because
they are falling in a parallel path that wi
ll never meet. The story ends with the narrator
imagining the shape of space changing so that he might cross paths to fight with Lt.
Fenimore or meet Ursula.

2. The gravitational field of the curve of space. Described by Einstein in the geometric
theory o
f gravitation.

3. Geometric theory of gravitation has been corroborated by all observations and
experiments to date, but there are other seemingly accurate theories as well.

4. Quote: "Of course, if I chose to be an optimist, there was always the possibili
ty that, if
our two parallels continues to infinity, the moment would come when they would touch"
(P. 116)


"The Light Years"

1. Brief Summary: In the chapter, the main character sees a sign that reads "I saw you".
He takes into


sing speed with distance from the universe center and
determines that this sign was written 2 million years ago. He thinks back and realized he
did something extremely


on that exact day. He/she stresses about this the
entire chapter.

2. Scie
ntific ideas: Scientific ideas that are included in this chapter are the Big Bang
theory, increasing velocity with distance of the center of the universe, and the notion that
galaxies can reach the speed of light.

Was the chapter based off o

a theory

that is still considered true today?

gravitational pull makes the theory of increasing velocity plausible but we were unsure of
whether galaxies could reach the speed of light.

4. Quote: "Even before I had checked my diary to see what I had b
een doing that day, I


by a ghastly presentiment: exactly two million years before, not a day more or
less, something had happened to me that I had tried to hide." pg. 127


The Spiral
Second discussion group answers: Frazier, Ben l

1) the main character is first describe as a mollusk, he is formless with little concept of
the world. it is stated that "Q" is free from relationship because he is no asexual.
evolution is key, he grows eyes and begins to notice the females of hi
s species.

2) the main scientific theme is evolution, the main character starts out blind and asexual
but then later developed eyes for seeing and a taste for women to mix the gene pool.

3) yes, evolution

4) Pg 151

" So our efforts led us to become
those perfect objects of a sense whose nature nobody
quite knew yet, and which later became perfect precisely through the perfection of its
objects, which was in fact, us."

this described evolution