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A Global Crest Productions Publication
Lights, Camera, Indulge!
All of us need a “dream experience” that creates unforgettable memories
and takes us away from whatever craziness is happening in the world. It
isn’t enough to buy or receive a gift that is shiny and new. We want
something that will make us feel like we are on top of the world.
I created the Christmas Dream Catalogue for the same reason I created
Global Crest Productions. I want to whisk you away into a new world of
bliss and adventure through luxurious and adventure entertainment.
The theme of this year’s catalogue is “LIghts, Camera, Indulge!”, featuring
five signature gifts that will allow you to indulge in the adventure and intrigue
of our upcoming film “Tangerine Skies” (release date Spring 2014). These
gifts include you being featured in the film in a guest actor and as a
Co-Director, having your very own treasure hunt adventures, a live music
performance at your holiday party with music from the film soundtrack
including the winter wonderland track “Ski Chalet”, and more. These gifts
range from prices that are just a few dollars to the elaborate. These gifts can
be bought with Bitcoins or traditional currencies (USD or EUR). The “My
Winter Holiday Escape” digital music pack, (pages 9 and 13), however, can
be bought only with the USD (dollar). See pages 3 and 4 for more
information on paying with bitcoins.
You’re Our Hero!
When you make a purchase, you become a hero to many who need a
helping hand. A portion of gift sales will go towards
4-5 charities
that are
dear to my heart and the hearts of many such as food banks and cancer
treatment assistance. Contact and purchase information are provided on
every page and the last page as well.
Relax, take my hand, and let’s go for it....shall we?




Merri Christi Pemberton is featured on
She is the creator of Global Crest Productions,
Recording Artist and Filmmaker
Merri Christi Pemberton - recording artist, filmmaker, and founder of Global Crest Productions.
Read more about her bio at
BITCOIN is a digital currency that is decentralized and not tied to any particular country, nor to any central bank. To
be exact it is a “cryptocurrency”, which ensures stronger security and less counterfeiting.
Satoshi Nakamoto
is the
pseudonymous person or group of people who designed and created the original
software, currently known
(Reference: Bitcoin Wiki).
Bitcoin is currently the most popular decentralized digital currency with a
growing demand happening around the world. Due to its popularity and growing number of retailers accepting
bitcoins, they can be used
in place
of traditional fiat currencies (USD, EURO, etc) in some stores and/or be
exchanged for fiat currency (e.g., U.S. Dollar). Bitcoins can be transferred from person to person without going
through a bank or other intermediate financial institution. Bitcoinʼs value is determined by supply and demand, and
the demand for it is growing and the number of businesses who are now accepting bitcoins as a form of payment
are growing fast. Bitcoin is rising as a strong currency, especially among people who feel that fiat currencies such as
the dollar (USD) have weakened and that the Bitcoin, in general, offers more freedom in usage and security
Safer Storage
Even though the cryptocurrency has security benefits within itself, where and how you store your bitcoins can
increase protection or make you vulneable to having your bitcoins stolen from you or disappearing. It is advisable to
store any significant amount of bitcoins “offline”, and to be very cautious if using bitcoin online wallets and bitcoin
exchanges for storing them. Recent reports of bitcoins “disappearing” from exchanges and online wallets due to a
variety of reasons (including bitcoin exchanges shutting down with no prior notice, hackers who hack into an
exchange or online wallet, those operating with no financial service licenses) show that one has to still be cautious
in who they allow to handle and store their bitcoins.
Offline Storage:
We have included options of offline storage below from software wallets to cold storage
Securing Your Wallet and Offline Storage:
Software Wallet Options;
Blockchain Paper Wallet Offline Storage:
How to set up an offline savings wallet:
The price value of Bitcoin fluctuates, and has been known to go as high as $350/price value for 1 Bitcoin and
dropping to below $100/price value for 1 BItcoin.
Mt. Gox
Bitcoin Exchange Rate
, and
XE Currency Converter
You can buy the gifts in this catalogue either with traditional currencies of the dollar and Euro, or you can buy by
using Bitcoins. Each gift in this catalogue are priced according to the dollar. We will list the dollar price on the pricing
sheets on pages 11-15, and the Bitcoin price will be the price that matches the dollar price. For instance, as of
October 28, 2013, 1 Bitcoin = $195.90. That means, if you buy a $195.90 gift on a day where 1 Bitcoin equals
$195.90, then you pay just 1 Bitcoin for that gift. Some of the higher priced gifts will allow you to make smaller
payments on them. If you purchase a gift where you are making smaller payments, then the total amount you pay in
Bitcoins will be decided on the day you make your first payment. That means, your total price is locked in on the day
you make your first payment. If for any reason, the Bitcoin value falls to an extreme level where 1 Bitcoin is worth
less than $1, then we will have to make a pricing adjustment so that the bitcoin price can still at least meet the dollar
price of the gift. If you have any questions, contact us at
Now Indulge
film debut
Motion Picture
become our special guest actor and co-director (or producer) in our upcoming treasure hunt film “tangerine skies” . the film will
take the audience on a whirlwind story of a “soon to be engaged” couple who risk everything to go on the greatest treasure hunt
in history.
you will become part of the cast in a supporting acting role that will place you in the middle of heart-racing action scenes or
fun vacation scenes in the movie. your cast role choices include becoming one of the menacing group of henchmen who conspires
with the lead male role “chase” to betray and kidnap his girlfriend “morgan”, or one of the vacationers lounging in the sun or
strolling in a warm cozy hotel during a winter scene, or one of morgan’s dance group members who will perform a major musical
number at the end of the movie. in addition, you can choose to be a guest director of a scene in the film or become an associate
producer. as a co-director, you will use your creativity and imagination to help direct the actors in one of the film’s scenes. as a
producer, you will be recognized and known as who helped make the film happen. your name will be listed in the film credits and
given special recognition in all publicity material, especially for associate producers. you will receive a copy of the film, which
you can choose in blueray or dvd.
the film will be released spring 2014 and shown online, submitted to premiere at film festivals throughout 2014-2015,
distributed in blueray and dvd, and possible broadcast on arts-related and travel television shows and networks (e.g., pbs). as
part of the cast and crew, you will receive free entry to any film event that we organize. the scenes that are available for those
who receive this package will be filmed between january 2014-February 2014. locations include southern california, seattle, wa;
costa rica, and western north carolina. The film will receive high promotion and media publicity for the next two years, which
means your name will seen world wide for an extended time period. see pages 13-14 for pricing, package details, and contact
information. Catalogue online site:



live music
Invite the captivating songstress Merri Christi and the Winter Wonderland
Experience to your next holiday party. Her rich and spicy vocals and the smooth
melodic and rhythmic music will lull you into pure enjoyment.
A Holiday Evening with Merri Christi:
Bring the winter wonderland experience to your celebration with an acoustic live
performance by Merri Christi who will perform 4-5 songs from her album Tangerine
Skies with up to two additional traditional Christmas songs. Her ensemble will
include up to 1-3 additional back up musicians. Merri Christi will share the very
intriguing stories behind each song, and gives you the inside scoop on what and
who or what inspired each of them (think MTV Unplugged or VH1 Storytellers).
Songs performed will be from her Tangerine Skies soundtrack album, including her
winter wonderland song “Ski Chalet”. See page 15 for prices, package details,
contact information, and dates available to book this performance. The catalogue
online site is


Treasure Hunt
turn the tangerine skies film into a real treasure hunt!
tangerine skies is about a treasure hunt adventure, but you can turn the treasure hunt into a real experience. the film has
a free online version of the game, but the christmas dream catalogue offers the premium package where you meet the film
co-director merri christi in one of the film’s city locations to participate in a treasure hunt and city tour. You will follow
a map to search for city landmarks that will lead you to find the hidden treasure and where you will meet the co-director.
we’ll arrange for you a three-day stay at a 4-star hotel, which includes a lunch and dinner with the co-director. if you
find the hidden treasure, then you win a day on the film set and meet the film cast and crew. choice of locations to
participate in this hunt are: los angeles, seattle, wa, and asheville, nc. see page 16 for pricing, more details on the package,
and contact information. catalogue online site


Introducing !e Lady, Mer" Ch"#i
Indulge this holiday season in Merri Christi’s “My Winter Holiday” mini-album
(EP), featuring digital downloads of her winter wonderland pop-lounge track
“Ski Chalet”, the lush “Take 1 Chance”, and the sleek holiday instrumental
‘Holidays in LA”. “Ski Chalet” and “Take 1 Chance” are both featured on her
new album and film soundtrack Tangerine Skies. Merri Christi will whisk you
away to a world of adventure and intrigue wrapped in lush melodies and hot
My Winter Holiday EscapeMini-Album
3 Digital Song Downloads: Two songs from the Tangerine Skies Soundtrack
(“Ski Chalet” and “Take 1 Chance”), and “Holidays in LA” (an instrumental that
was a holiday mix of two tracks from her previous Debut album).To listen to the
music included in the music packs before buying, go to the Music Release
page at
to listen to the tracks on the music
See page 14 for pricing, details, and contact information. The pricing sheet will
have the link for you to buy and download the music pack online. USD only.
Diamond Sparkle glare on the ice,
A Winter Castle in my view....


Merri Christi
Film Co-Director
and lead female
role of “Morgan”.
Coming Soon! Our upcoming dance workshop “Take 1 Chance: The Art of Dance in
Film”, where you get to learn and practice dance routines from the film with the
Tangerine Skies dancers. Registration invitation and information is available on page
Join the Tangerine Skies dance performers for a practice session of one of the film’s
dance scenes. In the movie, the female lead role “Morgan” (Merri Christi) was trained
in the performing arts, although her career is that of a writer for a magazine. The film
will include exciting dance numbers that mixes ballroom, Latin, and club and lyrical.
In this package, you will participate in one of our dance practice sessions to learn
routines from the film, meet the dancers and other cast and crew members, and even
perform what you have learned with the group in front of members of the film crew
and cast. This is a fun experience, and you don’t need to have a lot of experience in
dance. We do suggest, however, that you are in good physical shape and have a
passion for dancing and rhythm. Show us what you got!
coming soon!
The Art of Dance in Film
Dance Workshop
We list the exact prices for each item in US Dollars and Euros, but we accept bitcoins.
For those paying in bitcoins, your bitcoin price will be equal in value to the dollar amount.

Pricing for the Christmas Dream Catalogue gifts can accommodate a variety of budgets. We feel that everyone should have
the opportunity to purchase and receive holiday gifts that will create the “dream experience”. That is why we have a variety
prices to help fulfill that goal.
When you buy a gift from the catalogue, you are paying for the very things that create each gift and make the gift a quality
purchase. Your purchase helps us cover the artistic labor and talent that goes into creating the gifts, the artist’s travel
expenses (e.g., Holiday Live Performance), and your accommodations and/or travel (e.g., Treasure Hunt Adventure). For the
Film Debut gift, your purchase helps us increase the quality of the actual film production and editing of the film. That is why
both of the film packages include your spot as one of our Co-Directors, and one of the film packages includes you receiving
producer credits.
Music has become very affordable, and in many cases, free for the consumer. Also, you have many platforms where you can
download and listen to your favorite songs on demand. That means that a musician can’t simply “demand” money just for a
consumer to listen to a song. The artist featured in this catalogue understands that and hears her audience loud and clear
about what they want, and this catalogue is proof of that.
Merri Christi Pemberton
is a long time artist and the Founder of Global Crest Productions - an online hub for music, film, and
media productions and events that she produce and sponsor. She is currently featured on as one of the artists in the
Artists MTV (lin
). Her music can also be heard on Rhapsody, Spotify, online radio stations,
OneRPM, and more. Her motto is “Live Life, Love Passionately, Explore and Change the World. You an see that motto play
out in the entertainment she provides and this catalogue.
At age 37, Merri Christi brings over 20 years experience in the arts (dance and music performance), plus 10 years in
production, publicity, and management in the arts and entertainment industry.
She has worked with celebrity and world
renowned musicians, which includes music publicity for Kurt Maloo on his album Summer of Better Times (2009). Maloo is
known for the smooth 1986 hit song “Captain of Her Heart”. She also provided publicity for the Kolkata (Calcutta) rock-fusion
band Krosswindz and the Los Angeles Brazilian jazz/fusion band Sambaguru. Her new album Tangerine Skies is the
soundtrack for the Tangerine Skies motion picture, where she will make her directing debut and star as the lead female role
“Morgan”. Her first album, the instrumental Debut (2011) introduced her as a recording artist and piano/synthesizer musician
who has a mastery in creating symphonic tracks that mix world, pop, club, and jazz fusion. She mainly “plays by ear”.
You can read more about her biography and interviews (see Events) on her website
Film Production (January 2014-Feburary 2014)
This package includes....
A speaking role in the film,
Become a guest Co-Director,
Free entrance to the film events,
Free copy of the film on BluRay or DVD,
Receive producer credits (one package has this benefit),
Media publicity and recognition.
You will spend between two to three days on the film set, and your hotel expenses will be covered by your payment (see next
page). You will be scheduled to come on the set sometime between
January 25th - February 21, 2014
. By
January 15th
, we
will forward you a schedule listing of days that you can choose from to be on the film set. In addition, you will receive any free
meals that we provide on the film set during your time there with the cast and crew. You are responsible for your transportation
and all other expenses.
As a guest Co-Director, you will get the opportunity to help direct one of the scenes in the film. Your name will be included in
the film credits as an actor/actress and Co-Director, which will be shown at the end of the film. If you choose the package that
includes Producer Credits, then your name will also be included in the film’s end credits as one of the associate producers.
Tangerine Skies will be shown online and submitted to film festivals in both the USA and Europe throughout 2014, submitted
to selected television networks and programs, and distributed on DVD and Blu-ray, The film will also be shown in additional
public venues. The film event tickets are for the fim’s reception or premiere events, where you will receive VIP seating with the
cast and crew, and public recognition during the events. Your name will also be included in the film’s publicity materials. You
will be expected to sign an agreement and waiver form that gives us permission to film you and have you and your name
included in the motion picture and any marketing materials that are directly used to promote the film.
Pricing options for this package on next page....
To Order:

For more information and/or to purchase
the Film Debut package, contact us at
to request for a Skype call
with us to ask any questions and to purchase the
Film Production (January 2014-Feburary 2014)
Payment Options (Escrow Option Available)
For this package, you may choose to break the payment into smaller amounts. If you choose to pay smaller installments, then
you will be given up to three months to finish paying the full amount as long as 75% of the cost is paid at least two weeks
prior to the first day of shooting the film. The full amount must be paid by the end of your time period on the film set. With this
package, we do offer the option to pay through escrow (e.g.,
). See our contact information (above right) to contact us
with any questions, and/or to begin your purchase.
Speaking role in the film + Co-director + all benefits listed in the package description
$75,000 (or Bitcoin equivalent) €55,941.71
Speaking role in the film + Co-director + associate producer + all benefits listed in the package description
$105,000 (or Bitcoin equivalent) €78,300.14
Downloadable music pack: Two songs from the Tangerine Skies album and film soundtrack
“Ski Chalet” and “Take 1 Chance”,
plus Merri Christi’s 2011 holiday club lounge track instrumental “Holidays in L.A.”.
Purchase and Download this pack from this link:
$2.07 (USD only)
To Order:

For more information and/or to purchase
the Film Debut package, contact us at
to request for a Skype call
with us to ask any questions and to purchase the
To order “My Winter Holiday” album, go to the artist’s
page at ONErpm

and click on the album to purchase.


This is a

live acoustic performance with Merri Christi and her small acoustic ensemble, as she shares the inspirational and
intriguing stories behind her songs, the new album Tangerines Skies, the upcoming film, and more. This will be a
1 hour - 1
hour and 15 minute program with two five minute breaks in between
. Merri Christi performs five songs from her new
album Tangerine Skies (soundtrack to the film Tangerine Skies), and one or two traditional Christmas songs. Prior to the show,
you will be given a listing of Christmas songs that you can choose from for the performance. Merri Christi will share stories
about each original song to be performed, how the songs came to be, and who or what inspired them. She will also take a
limited number of questions regarding the music. The stories are intriguing, inspiring, and goes into the soul of Merri Christi’s
passion for music, love, life, and overcoming challenges to create miracles through music and filmmaking. Musicians in the
band will likely consist of a guitar and/or piano player and one additional musician with a percussion (drum set) or another
acoustic instrument. Your audience will be given a link to receive a free download of “Ski Chalet”.
Payment Options (Escrow Option Available)
To book the artist, you must schedule at least two weeks in advance for USA performances, and 3 weeks in advance for
international performances (performances outside of the USA).

You may request to break the payments into smaller amounts if
the package amount is at least $4,500 (or the BTC equivalent). 35% of the payment is due on the day that you book the artist.
The remainder of the payment is due a week before the performance. The price will automatically include the artist’s travel
expenses and any accommodations needed (hotel stays). Prices are largely determined by geographical location and travel
required of the artist to perform at the venue, and the amount of time arranged for the performance, and if you need any
additional services (see Extra Additions below). With this package, we do offer the option to pay through escrow
). Escrow option is available for transactions over $4,500 (BTC equivalent).
Booking Guidelines:
The holiday
event must have at least 12 people in attendance and must be held in a public environment that is suitable for a general
audience (no bars, no strip clubs, no places that promote hate speech or extreme speech). Types of venues that are suitable
for the artist include restaurants, arts centers, music halls, art galleries, theaters, hotel event rooms, office buildings, some
clubs, and histroical buildings. The artist has the right to turn down an offer, if she feels that the venue or event isn’t suitable
for her performance.
Dates Available:
November 27, 2013 - December 21, 2013.
USA Performances:
Prices start at $4,500 (or Bitcoin equivalent) €3,355.83
International Performances:
Prices start at $15,000 (or Bitcoin equivalent) €11,186.29
North Carolina Performances:
Prices start at $700 (or Bitcoin equivalent) €522.00
*Extra Additions: You can add any of the following to your package for an additional fee. Add additional days to the
performance for $150/day (Bitcoin equivalent). Free downloads of additional songs performed at the show from Merri Christi’s
album ($5.00/3.72/ or BTC equivalent/per additional song free download for your audience).
HOLIDAY MUSIC PACK (simply indulge)
*”Ski Chalet”, “Holidays in L.A.”, and “Take 1 Chance”
0.0065 BTC
To Order:

For more information and/or to purchase
the Holiday Evening with Merri Christi package,
contact us at
to request
for a Skype call with us to ask any questions and to
purchase the package (and book the aritst for your
holiday event).
Treasure Hunt Adventure and City Tour
This package includes a three day and two night stay for you and one guest in one of the film’s exhilarating city or town
locations, where you will participate in a treasure hunt and city tour. The hunt will consist of touring the city with the film Co-
Director Merri Christi, where she will provide clues for finding unique objects and landmarks in the city. She will not be able to
give the answers to the clues, but will give helpful hints and bunches of laughs. If you win the game, then you will win a day on
the set of the film and watch the Merri Christ and film crew in action. The price includes your hotel stay (one room for both you
and your guest), lunch and dinner with the Co-director, the tour/treasure hunt, and the Co-Director’s travel expenses.
Currently, your choices of locations include California, Asheville, NC; and Seattle, Washington. More choices may be added,
as this package will be available throughout 2014. The treasure hunt and tour To schedule your treasure hunt and tour, contact
us at the information above for the available dates. You will be able to schedule your treasure hunt and tour from
late January
2014 through the end of February 2014
. You must schedule with us at least 2 weeks before the day when you want to have
your tour and treasure hunt.
$5,000 (Bitcoin equivalent) €3,728.74
This package is for a dance session with the Tangerine Skies dance cast members, who will be part of the dance group that
will perform in the film and with the lead female role (“Morgan”). You will learn routines that are in the film, meet the dancers
and the film crew members, and also have a chance to perform with the group what you have learned in front of the film
director(s) and other film crew members. Your practice will “not” be included in the movie; however, we will video the practice
and provide you with a DVD or download of this practice as a keepsake with the signatures of the dance crew and the director.
The dance routines that are included in the film are a mixture of ballroom, lyrical, Jazz/club, and Latin dance styles. You will be
able to choose between a 1 hour, 2 hour, or three hour session (one hour per day); which can be split up into separate days
during the time period that the workshop is being held (over the course of two months).
This is a pre-registration
for the upcoming dance workshop. If you are interested in receiving an email registration form, please request
for us to include you in our invitation list. This list is for people who simply want the registration form and details on the cost,
but you “are not” obligated to register if you are on the list. To have your name placed on our list to receive your invitation,
please email your request to be placed on our invitation list. Email address:

Prices will start at $250 (Bitcoin equivalent) €186.45
To Order:

For more information and/or to purchase
the Treasure Hunt Game, contact us at
to request for a Skype call
with us to to ask any questions and to purchase the
To receive your invitation for the Dance Worksho
send us your request to the email given above.
Merry Christmas
and Happy Holidays
Cover Photo: Christmas Tree. Graham Soult.
Waterfall. Ryan Smith. Pages 6 and 9.
Sunrise. Indy Kethdy. Page 7.
Clapper Board. Christian Wagner. Page 5
Flight. SXC. Page 18.
Noontime Sun. Sven Goltz. Page 8.
Mountains. SXC. Page 10.
Christmas Card. Zsuzanna Killian. Page 17.
GC Style Magazine Covers Photography
Merri Christi Pemberton. Pages 2, 8, 10, 11.