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Nov 24, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Communications and


Winston Seah

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Victoria University of Wellington

Research Scope

Spanning Physical to Transport layers

Key interest areas:

Cognitive radio networks

Mobile/wireless multihop and sensor networks

network measurement and traffic analysis


MIMO systems

wireless channel modeling

Other areas of expertise:

Communications signal processing such as signal separation,
multichannel systems and tracking

Underwater networking

Theoretical approaches to networking based on game theory,
queueing theory, etc.

Group Members

Multiple Antenna Systems

iming Synchronisation in MIMO receivers.

Effects of spatial correlation on system performance

Cognitive Radio

Interference Modelling and Mitigation Strategies.

Impact of imperfect channel knowledge on system

Research Areas (Pawel Dmochowski)

Green Communications

System Optimisation

Fundamental Information Theoretic implications

Software Defined Radio Implementations

Research Areas (Pawel Dmochowski)

Research Areas (Winston Seah)

Robust e2e wireless multi
hop protocols for harsh
environments, e.g.

Powered by ambient energy harvesting where
energy source is irregular and unpredictable

Underwater with acoustic communications ;

Presence of strong interference from metallic
objects (construction sites, warehouses, ...);

Adverse weather conditions (heavy rain, snow,
sleet, etc);

Application Areas (Winston Seah)

Green wireless technology for:

Structural health monitoring

Agriculture and farming

Environmental monitoring



Monitoring and surveillance for Homeland security

Research Areas (Qiang Fu)

Network congestion control and QoS provisioning

Transport layer protocols in high bandwidth
product (BDP), wireless and harsh environments.

Parallel data transmissions (including multipath

state design of the Internet.

Research Areas (Qiang Fu)

Network measurement and traffic analysis

Correlation between network flows.

Difference between Internet core networks and wireless
access networks.

Measurements revealing user and application
behaviours and security implications.

layer coordination

layer coordination using software
defined radio

Research Focus (Paul Teal)

Signal Processing for Communications,
Acoustics and Biomedical Devices

Blind Source Separation

Bayesian Tracking

Machine Learning

Nonlinear System Modelling

Convex Optimization

Application Areas (Paul Teal)

Signal Processing for:

Mobile MIMO channel prediction

Foetal heart beat detection

Seziure Detection

Cochlear modelling


Acoustic holography

Radioisotope identification for Homeland security

Seismic tremor detection