Leveraging Business Intelligence to Improve Operations and Financial Management


Nov 9, 2013 (7 years and 10 months ago)


Leveraging Business Intelligence to Improve
Operations and Financial Management
WebFOCUS iWay Software
Solutions Brief
Information Builders has
been helping customers to
transform their corporate
data into business value for
almost four decades. With
best-of-breed solutions for
intelligence, integration,
and integrity, we deliver the
knowledge organizations
need to generate more
revenue, enhance customer
support, improve operations
and financial management,
mitigate fraud and risk, and
facilitate compliance.
Our business intelligence (BI), advanced analytics, and performance
management solutions offer broad data access, unparalleled usability and
scalability, and low cost of ownership. Companies can transform historical,
real-time, and predictive data into information and analytics that are
consumable by all employees, managers, partners, and customers.
Our integration solutions unify all data, applications, B2B interactions,
and cloud-based information assets. From data and application
integration, to more complex integration projects, we provide the tools
that help optimize mission-critical business processes and transform
raw information into insight that drives real-time decision-making and
competitive advantage.
Our data quality management, master data management, and data
governance solutions dramatically enhance the completeness, accuracy,
and consistency of vital information across all systems and sources.
To learn more about our intelligence, integration, and integrity
solutions, visit us at informationbuilders.com.
Information Builders
Leveraging Business Intelligence to Improve Operations and
Financial Management
Revenue is on the decline and margins are rapidly shrinking as buyers – hit hard by the economic
downturn – have less money to spend. Organizations must increase their financial management’s
productivity and effectiveness as well as other critical business operations so they can swiftly
respond to evolving market conditions and customer demands, while maintaining profitability
and a competitive advantage.
Enhancing operations can be a challenging task for most organizations. Key stakeholders across
and outside the enterprise must effectively retrieve and analyze vital corporate data to uncover
inefficiencies in important business activities, correct breakdowns and bottlenecks in core
processes, eliminate wasteful spending, and address other problems. The needed information,
however, often resides in disparate systems that lack integration and synchronization, making it
incomplete, inconsistent, and difficult to access.
With Information Builders’ robust and comprehensive intelligence, integration, and integrity
solutions, organizations can dramatically enhance financial management and other key
operations by:
Collecting large volumes of data from more than 300 enterprise sources, and presenting it in an
intuitive way to discern critical patterns and trends
Providing deep insight into financial and accounting activities for improved cost control and
budget management at all levels – from the financial executives to individual departments and
business units
Monitoring and measuring the performance of employees, suppliers, contractors, and other
stakeholders involved in the planning and execution of core operations
Instantly sharing information with suppliers, customers, and other external business partners for
improved collaboration and coordination
Streamlining and automating redundant, error-prone, manual processes that waste time
and money
Gathering critical intelligence about production, logistics, and other key operations to easily
uncover ways to optimize efficiency
Leveraging BI to Improve Operations and Financial Management
Here are just a few customers that have improved their operations and financial management
using Information Builders’ intelligence, integration, and integrity solutions:
AJ Logistics – This premier provider of custom warehousing and logistics services built a mobile
business intelligence (BI) application that helps clients to keep track of their projects. Through a
single cohesive interface, users can monitor multiple projects simultaneously, generate invoices,
schedule deliveries, and more via iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices. The application
reduces operating expenses, optimizes customer service, and ensures consistent performance,
making AJ Logistics a true business partner to its customers.
Dialysis Clinic, Inc. – A heterogeneous IT environment running on a diverse set of legacy systems
made it difficult for managers at Dialysis Clinic, the largest kidney dialysis center in the U.S., to
obtain vital, timely financial information. WebFOCUS allowed the organization to build a cohesive
ad hoc reporting environment with 400 reports about payroll, accounting, and budgets. Through
enhanced financial analysis, Dialysis Clinic can now more effectively control costs.
Easynet Global Services – This managed networks, hosting, and telepresence company wanted
a cohesive, unified view of finance, billing, service delivery, and customer resource management.
Leveraging WebFOCUS to combine and analyze data from a variety of sources, Easynet has
restructured its business development activities, identified its most important customers, and
provided more sophisticated services to top-tier companies.
L.B. Foster – Growth at L.B. Foster, a manufacturer of products for use in surface transportation
infrastructure, increased the complexity of its software environment. As a result, company
managers found it difficult to access and analyze information in a cohesive way. A self-service
BI environment, built on WebFOCUS, provides seamless, unified retrieval and presentation of
vital corporate information. L.B. Foster also uses Information Builders’ Performance Management
Framework (PMF) to align key operations with corporate strategy. The combination of WebFOCUS
and PMF is saving the company time, while increasing accuracy and boosting productivity.
Mark Anthony Group – To automate the tracking of critical warehouse transactions, Mark Anthony,
a manufacturer of wines and alcoholic beverages, deployed a new integration architecture that
streamlines the flow of order, warehouse, billing, and shipping/receiving data. The solution has
sped up the processing of orders by 75 percent, improved data quality, and saved hours of labor
each week.
nVision – This leading provider of services for freight bill auditing and payment, invoice auditing,
and logistics management wanted to empower its clients to analyze information collected
during the more than one million transactions they conduct. With WebFOCUS, nVision created a
secure, web-based dashboard that allows customers to view their logistics information through
a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. This self-service reporting environment, known as the
iFocus Dashboard, includes interactive graphs and map-based reports. Customers can scrutinize
their shipping, payment, and logistics operations and track their contracts and subsequent
transactions with more than 10,000 global carriers. Armed with this insight, they can streamline
the management of logistics in process and make better choices for the future.

Customer Successes
Information Builders
Renesas Electronics Corp. – As a leading manufacturer of semiconductor solutions, Renesas
needed to improve revenue forecasting and sales cycle management by replacing hard-to-use
reporting tools with a robust BI platform that would provide better access to Salesforce.com,
as well as SAP systems. The company used WebFOCUS to create sales dashboards that allow
internal and external stakeholders to easily generate their own reports. Users can also “write back”
to the Salesforce.com system, making changes or additions to data directly from the reporting
environment. All stakeholders now have complete visibility into the sales cycle, management can
quickly generate accurate sales and revenue forecasts, and Renesas has minimized the number of
Salesforce.com licenses it must purchase.
SSE – With eight million customers and 40 percent of the UK’s electricity generation capacity,
SSE (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy) prides itself on its ability to help subscribers control
their energy usage and related costs, while meeting environmental sustainability targets through
smarter consumption. WebFOCUS gives the company’s more than 420,000 business customers
instant access to timely and accurate data about gas/electricity usage and billing via a self-
service portal. That information can be converted into a variety of formats, such as graphs, charts,
spreadsheets, pivot tables, PDFs, and XML, for further manipulation and analysis.
ThyssenKrupp – The Materials division of ThyssenKrupp embarked on a crucial purchasing initia-
tive designed to strengthen related activities across the business. Coordinating and standardizing
purchasing procedures among multiple business segments proved to be a challenge. A web-
based scorecard, built on WebFOCUS, allows the company to streamline and optimize processes,
as well as create formal structures for purchasing-related reporting and control. This scorecard
defines, records, summarizes, and presents strategic objectives and related performance
indicators, increasing both visibility and accountability.

Leveraging BI to Improve Operations and Financial Management
“If I ran into any issues, iWay’s support team was there to help. They were
exceptional. I have been in the IT industry for 25 years and I have never
seen a help desk as responsive as iWay’s.”
Ray Cooper
Developer and Analyst
Mark Anthony Group
“We purchased WebFOCUS and several key iWay data adapters to
give business users a cohesive BI interface to all the information in the
Sue Munson
Financial IT Manager
Dialysis Clinic, Inc.
“WebFOCUS BI tools help us demonstrate our promise of increased efficiency, on-time delivery,
and cost savings. We have built a solid BI platform with WebFOCUS. The value we add comes
from the data we capture and the analytical tools we can provide to our clients.”
Keith Snavely
Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing
nVision Global
“iWay not only helped us create a data mart that unified [our] information, it also enabled us to build a
completely dynamic environment where users can make updates to sales information, and where changes
are automatically captured and shared between the data mart and the Salesforce.com database.”
Viren Patel
Vice President and CIO
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