IPv6 Transition Services

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IPv6 Transition Services
Professional Services Brief
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Patented Innovation
Enterasys Professional Services can help your organization
in your transition from IPv4 to IPv6 as well as deploying and
securing a holistic IPv6 solution
Wide portfolio of services
encompassing all areas of
IPv6 migration.
A world class team that can
plan and execute a migration
path that best suits your
The migration of an existing IPv4 infrastructure to IPv6 may be one of the most demanding
challenges facing IT organizations in the years to come. This is not because of the inherent
complexities of the migration; it is mainly due to the universal reach of IP.
Since an IPv6 migration affects all systems and devices on the network, a key ingredient to the
success of an IPv6 migration is to assemble a cross-departmental team within the organization.
Additionally, performing a complete analysis combined with careful planning will minimize the
impact to the business operation.
Enterasys’ award-winning products and services include features that a company needs to ensure
smooth migration from IPv4 to IPv6. Enterasys can also provide the know-how and best practices
needed to guide a company through the migration ensuring the highest level of business continuity.
Services Portfolio
IPv6 is not only a network infrastructure feature; it affects the entire IT infrastructure. It extends
from servers to clients, from edge to core, from OS to applications. Careful planning is critical to
ensuring a smooth transition. Following best practices, Enterasys Professional Services can help you:
1. Assess: determine the readiness of your infrastructure to deploy IPv6. Identify coexistence
strategies for IPv4 and IPv6
2. Plan: Identify and prioritize actions in your path to IPv6. Locate critical paths and find
least impact solutions.
3. Execute: Deploy the changes needed. Provide guidance during the execution phase.
4. Operate: Enterasys Professional Services can help to ensure that your network operates
smoothly using the new IPv6 paradigm.
IPv6 Communications
Migration to IPv6 must be embraced in
an end-to-end basis by all departments
in a company. Steps include detecting all
applications and protocols that require
migration and applying the patches needed.
From a communications perspective
special attention must be paid to:
• Firewalls, ACLs and IPS/IDS
• DNS and DHCP
• Management
• Routers
• Load Balancers
• Other network infrastructure
Enterasys Professional Services can assess
and guide you in transitioning these
devices and finding the best configuration
with the least impact in your IT systems.
Most servers in the enterprise are already
IPv6-ready, but a thorough check will
avoid issues during the migration. Custom
or in-house developed applications
require higher attention to ensure IPv6
compatibility. Enterasys Professional
Services can provide best practices to
identify applications and servers that
require special attention.
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