1.)What is the difference between security and reliability? How are they related?


Nov 3, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)



What is the difference between security and reliability? How are they related?


is the degree of protection against danger, damage, loss, and criminal activity.
as a form of protection is

structures and processes that provide or improve
security as a


form of protection where a separation is created between the assets and the
threat. This includes but is not limited to the elimination of either the asset or the threat.


(systematic definition) is the ability of a pe
rson or system to perform and maintain its
functions in routine circumstances, as well as hostile or unexpected circumstances. Also it has
the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions
for a specified period

of time.


If you own
a personal computer, how
secure is that machine? How did you decide how much
security was enough?

If I own a personal

the security is ok, by means that I make sure my fire wall is turned

the protection against the spam m
ails or spam subject will be
I would


one security of desktop and internet

although it is expensive but if this is the means
that my personal computer and files that was stored in it will be protected against fraud and

I will not think twice to buy

Also it is foe my own safety also as a computer user. And it is my job to keep my personal
computer and files are secured and my security software

up to date to


If you use a computer system that is run by
an organization (a university or a corporation0,
have you ever carefully read the security policies that you are supposed to know as a system

At this point of

yes I read the security and policies that as a user of the computer of an

or a corporation, because they have different security measure that they do and us as
a user should obey and follow the rules and regulations that the institution have made to be
follow for it will not create a chaos and problems that will arise. By this
means the institution is
launching and giving the direction for the users to read and to follow.

Also as a user of the computer we have our
responsibility neither to

know the security policies
that we should

because it is our responsibility as a user


not just to know but to be aware of
. T
hat the computer system is secure so the user will not think that they will do some foolish
act that will
harm the computer.


If your machine is being used as a drone by a hacker to send spam e
mails, are you a
victim, a
perpetrator, or both?

It’s a both , a victim and a perpetrator.
A victim because my personal machine was invaded and
used by another user to do some unwanted things by me and being control by the third party. A
perpetrator because, we have a res
ponsibility that we should secure our personal computers or


If you make a living by selling security software to individuals who own personal computers,
are you happy or sad when hacker activity increases?

If I am making a living for selling inter
net security software to individuals who own a personal
computers, technically I’m happy that the activity of hackers increases because the margin of
my sales and demand will go higher and at this point since I’m selling the product that the
consumers want
s to buy and it is needed I can control my price due to the demands of the


Have you ever receive an e
mail that indicates someone else had sent you spam without your
return e
mail address on it? How would you feel about that?

Yes, I have an

experience receiving an e
mail that indicates someone else had sent me a spam
without me returning e
mail address on it. I feel that my computer and my e
mail server is not
safe because stranger can break through.


Have you ever compromised physical
security for convenience? If so, what did you do? If not,
have you seen anyone else do this?

No , I didn’t tried a compromised physical security for convenience. I didn’t see anyone has do
this kind of stuff.


Why is the issue of children being exposed to

pornography online a difficult one to resolve? Is
this the only reason, in your opinion, that this issue has received so much publicity?

The child pornography online a difficult to

re are some present reason.


Family problem, no one can teach
the child what to do and not to do. Also its affecting the
relationship with parents and child.


Insisted by circle of friends.




Money matters, some of the children think that this is the best way to earn money that will
support and sustain the

family needs.


The internet café/ establishment are not too strict to block the sites and allow minors to
engage with.


The peer pressure from the friends.


Experimental experience


Do you think that the 9/11 terrorist attack have substantially change peo
ple’s attitudes
toward the trade
offs between privacy and security? Do you think that the current tradeoffs,
as embodied in legislation, are appropriate?

Yes, the 9/11 terrorist attack have a big impact on people’s attitudes towards the trade
offs in
security and the privacy of each individuals. I don’t think the current trade off will be
appropriate, things change in a matter of short time so the legislation should somehow coup up
with the gap that can really protect every citizen.


Go on the Web an
d find a website that is fully accessible to the general public online (e.g., it
cannot be password protected) and contains material that you personally find offensive (for
this excursive, the more offensive to you, the “better”). Having viewed this materi
al from the
Web? If not, why not? If so, how would you envision the law would be enforced?