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Internal Use Only


WebSphere Transformation Extender for SEPA 1.0

What is SEPA?

SEPA is the European Payments Council payment services directive for a
Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA). SEPA will make it easier for any
European Union citizen to make an electronic payment
to an individual or
business in another member state, as it is to make a similar payment
within the borders of his own country.

The SEPA payment services directive addresses the incompatibilities
brought by different member
state banking payment systems, t
technologies they use, and the different laws and regulations.

The challenge today for banking institutions is to put in place the
necessary software infrastructure and business processes to support both
their current national payment services schemes a
nd the new SEPA

SEPA introduces new application integration messaging requirements (as
well as business process models) for Credit Transfer Payments, Direct
Debit Payments, and Credit Card Payment systems. The SEPA messages
are published to bankin
g institutions as UNIFI an XML Schema, and part of
the ISO20022 standard. SEPA also provides participants a set of
mandatory rules and advisory guidelines for converting between domestic
country formats (such as MINOS in France, DTAUS in Germany) and the
ew SEPA format.

What role does WebSphere Transformation Extender play in
delivering a SEPA solution?

SEPA participants require a data transformation
and validation
preferably sourced from a single vendor that can:

Convert and validate to and from
the SEPA format and formats
required by their internal applications

and business systems

Convert and validate to and from the SEPA formats and one or
more domestic country payment system form
ats (e.g., DTAUS,

Convert between SEPA ISO20022 and
Message Types in particular Customer Cred
it Transfer MT103

What differentiates WebSphere Transformation Extender for this

WebSphere Transformation Extender is a proven solution for high
performance and reliabi
lity in leading ban
ks worldwide handling SWIFT

It delivers significant returns on investment, especially in the
reduction of maintenance costs over the lifecycle of solutions as
standards, compliance rules, and regulations evolve.


challenges are addressed by
the WebSphere Transformation
Extender Pack for SEPA


Costs of compliance to

new immature payments standard

Ongoing maintenance cos
ts as industry standards evolve

Internal Use Only

Application developers spending significant time on interface maintenance
rather than new bu
siness function

penalties incurred by incomplete or poorly formatted data

Separate applications to maintain for validation and verification of in
and outbound transactions

What ar
e the benefits of choosing
the WebSphere Transformation
der Pack for SEPA

to accelerate solution

Complex application data can be transformed and validated to SEPA
standards without the need for hand coding.

Reduced risk with compliance and delivery schedules.

Reduced cost of invasive modi
fication of existing applications.

Improved quality of service by combining content validation with

Easier ongoing maintenance with Pack updates tracking industry
standards as they evolve.

Are you supporting Credit Card Payments in this

No, having taken soundings from customers, credit transfers and direct
debits were prioritized.

Will you be providing maps between SEPA and SWIFT MT

101 and

Converter maps for
MT 101.102 will be considered for inclusion in the next
release. MT
103 was given priority for this first release.

What versions of WebSphere Transformation Extender are
upported with the Pack for

This pack is supported on Version 8.1

or later.

The patch will
be available to SEPA Pack customers from J
une 1

2007. Details on how
to obtain the patch from IBM support are included in the product
release notes.

Are there any plans to provide support for earlier releases?

Not at this time. The Pack requires the latest XML support

n version 8.1.

Is this Pack supported by all editions of WebSphere
Transformation extender including those



Will the SEPA to Domestic converters in the box be supported
under maintenance

These are provided as samples

only and are deemed not s

Where can I find the US a
nnounce letter for this release

Links to the external announce letter can be found on the public

under the news m

Internal Use Only

The announce letter is also to be found in the sales and marketing kit for
WebSphere Transformation Extender Pack for SEPA.

Does the SEPA Pack include templates for SEPA Business

provides the templates and sampl
s for SEPA converter
that transform the SEPA formats to Domestic European
country formats and to formats suitable for internal banking
payments applications. WebSphere Transformation can be used
with WebSphere Process Server which will host the business
Both products are to be found included in IBM Financial
Services Solutions for Enterprise Payments Platforms. See

here can I find pricing
and license terms

Pricing information can be found in Passport Advantage. Pricing is

provided Per Application Instance and Per Establishment. Definitions of
these terms found in the WebSphere Transformation Extender
Version 8.1
announcement letter ENUS206
162 of July 2006 are:

Authorized user: An authorized user is one and only on individual (named or
unnamed) within or outside your enterprise. A POE must be obtained for each
individual user accessing the program in a
ny manner. A program licensed
under an authorized user POE may be installed on a single computer or
server, and accessed by multiple users, provided that a POE has been
obtained for each individual user accessing the program either directly or
indirectly (
via a multiplexing program, device, or application server) through
any means on behalf of the


Server: A server is a computer system that executes requested procedures,
commands, or applications to one or more user or client devices over a
network. A

POE must be obtained for each server on which the program or a
component of the program is run or for each server managed by the Program.
Where blade technology is employed, each blade is considered a separate

Per application instance: You are per
mitted to deploy and run one copy of the
licensed product on one server. For the WebSphere Transformation Extender
Industry Packs, they are installed on the WebSphere Transformation Extender
Design Studio machine but are licensed per application instance o
n the
production, backup, and system test servers. You may install the industry
packs on any number of Design Studio servers, but can only deploy them only
to the number of servers that match how many application instances acquired.

Per establishment: If y
ou have acquired an establishment authorization, you
are permitted to deploy an unlimited number of copies of the licensed program
only on servers owned or leased by you that are located at a single physical
site, including the surrounding campus and satel
lite offices.