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Nov 29, 2012 (5 years and 7 months ago)



ILL Service Online

Marina Mayer

Librarian (interlibrary loan service)

Rudjer Boskovic Institute Library

Zagreb, Croatia

Alen Vodopijevec

System, database and network administrator

udjer Boskovic Institute Library

Zagreb, Croatia

Rudjer Boskovic I
nstitute Library is the largest scientific library in Croatia, with holdings
covering the fields of physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, chemistry, biology,
medicine and environmental and marine sciences. Library has a well established ILL

through cooperation with numerous Croatian and foreign libraries. Per year it

approximately 700 ILL requests made by Institute’s users and 600 requests made
by other libraries.

To help our users and other libraries to obtain printed and electroni
c documents faster and
more easily, Library developed a system which makes it possible to manage ILL requests
through a web interface: SEND

Electronic Documents Acquiring System. It was first
introduced to the users in the end of 2002. It consists of sev
eral slightly different

1. Users interface:


for Institute users


for other lib

2. Administrator interface:


for administrating ILL requests made by Instit
ute users


for administrating ILL requests made by other

To enter SEND, users obtain username and password.
After logging in, an
ILL request is
made by simply filling a web form containing basic bibliographic details about a needed
Users can in any time check if the order has been in processe
d and solved. The
system enables administrators to make periodical
ILL costs accounting, as well as
making statistics.

Since the beginning (in December 2003), ILL requests are sent, received, processed and
stored only through SEND. So far we’ve processed m
ore than 2000 requests made by
Institute’s users and over 1500 requests from other libraries.

SEND greatly simplifies managing ILL requests for a librarian, making it possible to
have all requests stored in the same form, providing their details and stati
stics about
and monthly
ILL service.

In our Library it

completely replaced users’ ILL
requests sent via e
mails or phone calls, through which it was much more difficult to keep
the accurate and detailed track about the orders.

Technical details:

rver: SUN Enterprise 250, Solaris 8 operating system

Database: Informix

Programming language: PHP

We are currently working on migrating to PostgreSQL database and improving web