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Nov 29, 2012 (5 years and 7 months ago)


These instructions are based on the V3 software which comes bundled with the
PostgreSQL database. The V4 software comes in 4 flavours with a different database
for each bundle

Before you start to install this program make sure you’re not drunk and / or ot
impaired because I can tell you now from personal experience. If you DON’T get the
install procedure right first time it is damn near impossible to fix and in my case it
resulted in backing up my data and wiping my machine … be warned

Don’t think
this guide is a complete setup instruction doc, it isn’t

This will get the basic program installed, set up the encoder and statistical relay

I’m not going to explain every step with pictures and text, I’m going to assume that
anyone who wants to use this
software is not a complete imbecile and will use
common sense where appropriate

Ok start the install procedure, you’ll be asked what database you want to use, make
sure you’re connected to the internet at this time, select the one below, the files will
ed to be downloaded but it does this automatically

(Figure 1)

Accept all the defaults

At some point during this procedure you will be asked if you want to search for media
and also if you want to install the soundfx, very important to make sure you D
install the soundfx, not doing so can seriously screw up your ability to setup your mic
Don’t add any media just yet, this will be covered at the end.

Click File, Config and enter the information as below, for


example I have put in
both my pla
ylist page and also a radio station web page addy’s

(Figure 2)



Click on the Statistic relays heading in the left hand column and then
k on the ‘+’ sign to
add a stat relay,
then enter the info as below (fig

3 &

This is what tells you how many listeners you have and refreshes every


(Figure 3)

(Figure 4)

The password


both the stat relay and the encoder (see fig
) are the same and will
be given to you by one of the radio admins

Click ‘OK’ on both boxes as you’ve now finished this part of the setup

You will now be in the main SAM window, at the top of the screen you will find your
drop down menus, click the ‘Wind
ow’ and then click on ‘Encoder’
. Click on the ‘+’
at the top of the encoder window and follow the instructions below for figures 5, 6, 7
& 8

(Figure 5

Depending on which version of sam you have will depend on what encoder you use

MP3 and MP3 Pro wor
k fine on the older version (V3) of sam but for some reason I
got a lot of distortion when using it on the newer version so I dropped it in favour of
MP3 (lame_enc) which you may have depending on which one you’ve d/loaded




The Website URL needs to point to your playlist

and / or the radio station website
This info will be visible in various media players and listeners will be able to (in some
cases) click on the link to take you to your playlist if you have one.

ventually you’ll be ready to do a show and start streaming, if like most people you only do
shows for one station it’s easy as there will only be one encoder in the list, make sure the
encoder is highlighted and the click on the start ‘>’ button

If you

get the following error don’t panic, all it means is that everything is setup correctly but
the server is currently being used by someone else and you haven’t been able to take control

If you are supposed to be taking over the stream it may simply be
that your timing is off a
little, you will need to click the stop and start buttons again to try connecting

If successful the ‘status’ column will show as active and the description column should show
you are connected and streaming.

If it doesn’t work sta
rt crying because you done it wrong and it is all your fault

Right that’s the basics, now for the slightly more technical bit

Mic setup

Everyones mic / music levels will be different depending on equipment, OS and personal
tastes so these are just a gui
deline and what works best for me, try them out and see how it
goes and then modify them accordingly, first of all are the voice fx and master volume
controls, mine are set like so

On the Voice FX box click on the config button

and then setup the m
ic options as per the 2

image (depending on which card you have etc will depend on what card / i/p you use),
everything apartfrom the ‘record soundcard device’ remains the same

Click ok and then test mic, you will find that there is a slight delay b
etween what you
say and what you can hear over your speakers / headset
. To avoid hearing your voice
in the headset you need to click on the ‘File’ and ‘Config’ options, select Audio Mixer
Pipeline and set the Voice FX destination to

‘Encoder’ in the drop
down box

Unless your name is Johnathon Ross, Russell Harty or Harold Stern then you’re
probably going to need music in order to do a radio show. There are two reasons I
have found for not ‘adding media’ at the beginning of the process, the first is tha
t not
everyone is as organised as me and has their music files littered all over there hard
, the second reason is that sometimes SAM has an annoying tendency to make
duplicate entries. As a result I leave this part till the end and add individual
one at a time instead of doing the whole lot ‘en masse’

At the top of the screen you will notice that there are 3 desktops A, B & C, click on C
as this one already has the window that you will need in it.

Click the ‘+’ next to music in the top pa
nel and then select Music [ALL]

In the lower panel click the down arrow next to the green + and click ‘Add Directory’

Navigate to where your music is located and select the folder you want to import

Select the folder and click on OK. This can take
some time depending on the amount
of music you have in your collection but it is a better way of doing it as it saves you
getting any duplicates

Go back to desktop A and start playing, the way to search for tracks etc is simply to
click in the queue wind
ow and start typing the name of an artist or track you want,
providing you have added all your music correctly and it is correctly tagged you will
notice a search screen pop up which will start listing tracks which will grow
increasingly shorter the more i
nfo about a track or artist you are typing

Right, that’s about it for the simple setup, anything else you need to know, just ask :o)