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Nov 29, 2012 (5 years and 5 months ago)


Go to Start > All Programs > PostgreSQL 8.2 > PG Admin III or you can navigate to
the .exe file by going to C:
Program Files

and click on the
elephant icon called pgAdmin3.exe

This should bring up the following screen:

Double click
on “PostgreSQL Database Server 8.2” in the object browser window in
the top left and it will prompt you for your password. This is your password that you
used when setting up PostgreSQL. When you enter the correct password you should
now see a screen like

You then need to expand the database folder and choose the applicable database
(HoldemManager by default). It may bring up a popup window about database
encoding and if so click on “don’t show this tip again and just click ok. The right click
on t
he applicable database which will bring up a pop up and choose the
“Maintenance” option as seen below:

This will bring up the maintenance screen

and make sure that Vacuum and Analyze
and possibly full are selected and select OK