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Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group

WARG Mandate:

The Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group is a team of University of Waterloo students
who, with the support of our sponsors, are developing a series of fully autonomous
flying robots for entry into the International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC).

The objective of this multi
year competition is to push the envelope of technology by
seriously challenging students to accomplish near
impossible mission objectives. The
goal is to build a fleet of air vehicles capable of flying three kilometers, identifying
target buildings, entering the structures and navigating inside to obtain visual
reconnaissance information. This must be done within a period of 15 minutes and
without any human intervention.

WARG & Education

Primary Objective: Education of our

“Students Teaching Students”

Hands on learning experience with the
design and construction

Weekly “Technology Reviews”

Systems are designed by the entire team

Nothing is built without a Design Review

What WARG Members Have to

WARG has given me the opportunity to apply
class material to real world applications, as well
as learn new skills that won’t be taught in class
until 3

or 4

year. It has been an excellent
opportunity to work in a fast paced, technical
team on cutting edge technology. My experience
with WARG has peaked my interest in
automated control systems, and I believe my
experience will help me to get jobs in this field in
the future.”

Chris Fox, 2A Computer Engineering

What WARG Members Have to

Through my work with WARG I have been
exposed to real world, cutting edge engineering
problems. For me, this has entailed design work,
project management and leadership challenges.
This is a natural extension of the engineering
curriculum and has been highly beneficial to
furthering my understanding and abilities.”

Sebastian Peleato, 1A Mechatronics Engineering

WARG Quick Facts

40 active students each term

5 Vehicles: Ducted fan, airplane,
helicopter, parachute, ground “bug”

Featured twice on the Discovery Channel
this fall

Demonstrated partial autonomy at 2003
competition (technology developed in
under 3 months)

WARG in the Community

Displaying technology at 2 conferences
this winter: Canadian Student Summit on
Aerospace, Canadian Undergraduate
Technology Conference

Assisting Crescent High School develop
new curriculum in robotics

Mentoring Waterloo Collegiate Institute
FIRST robotics team for 2004 season

IARC Competition Requirements

All levels must be without any human control

LEVEL 1: Fly a three kilometer course around a
series of GPS waypoints

LEVEL 2: Locate a building within a city that has
a visual symbol, find an open window on that

LEVEL 3: Enter this building, find and relay
specific reconnaissance information back to the
base station

LEVEL 4: Complete Level 1, 2 and 3 in under 15

Current State of WARG

We are in the process of designing a
number of new technologies

We also have a number of fully developed

Have displayed partial autonomy on all
aspects of the small fixed wing aircraft

Heading & Speed Control at 2003 IARC

Height Control was displayed last Sunday

Plan to test full control for the first time this Sunday

Current State of WARG

Our systems are either fully designed and purchased
(ducted fan, small fixed wing airplane), or are in the early
design stages (parachute, bug vehicle, large fixed wing

Our new designs will not be finalized until the end of

WARG is requesting $10,000 from WEEF to fund our
development of these systems

Are new designs are deliberately modular

This will allow us to utilize the same parts in different vehicles,
reducing the amount of funding we will need in the future

WARG Technologies

Ducted Fan

VTOL indoor/outdoor aircraft

Small Fixed Wing Airplane

Able to fly through GPS waypoints

Autonomous Parachute

Can follow a specific path after being dropped
from a plane

Vision System

Capable of locating objects and perceiving their depth

WARG Technologies

Large Fixed Wing Airplane:

Capable of flying complex flight paths

Carries vision system

Drops parachute system at various locations


Flies outdoor search and rescue missions

Indoor Ground Vehicle “The Bug”

Follows simplistic search paths

Takes photos at ‘waist level’ using a scissor lift

Thanks to All WARG’s Sponsors:


Analog Devices


IEEE Canada



MechWorks Systems