integrated with the new technology. This is still

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Nov 8, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Advanced Diploma


What is a Legacy System?

A Legacy System is an old technology which is
integrated with the new technology. This is still
used, as it meets the users needs.

Advanced Diploma


What are the possible components of a Legacy System?

System Hardware:

The physical, touchable, material parts of a
computer or other system. Example Mainframe, personal computers

systems software


Includes the operating system and all the
utilities that enable the computer to function. Example Windows

Application software


Includes programs that do real work for
users. For Example, word processors, spreadsheets.

Bespoke software:
A specific programme that is designed for a
particular company, that is edited throughout it’s existence

Advanced Diploma


Describe how an organisation uses a Legacy System?


Uses a mainframe computer that stores all the stocks and
prices which is used in their data bases, their mainframe might be old
and it still is running efficiently for their business.