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ConClar Peripheral Driven Suction Sludge Scraper
ConClar Wire Sludge Scraper
ConClar Centre Driven Sludge Scraper
ConClar Travelling Suction Sludge Scraper
ConThick Centre Driven Thickener
Equipment for Effective
Separation of Sludge
Conpura has a wide range of equipment for efficient hand-
ling of sludge in wastewater treatment plants. Our line of
equipment includes a well-documented range of sludge
scrapers. When you choose products from Conpura you can
be assured that your facility will conform to all requirements
currently and in the future.
Peripheral Driven suction sludge scraper
Benefits of ConClar 537:
• Low investment cost
• Many references in excellent operation
• Reliable
• Facilitates a low sludge retention time
• Low maintenance and operating costs
• Can be installed in basins up to 65 meters in diameter
• Optimal bridge design
• Advantageous sludge removal system
Equipment for Effective Separation
of Sludge
ConClar 537 peripheral driven suction sludge scraper is a
scraper intended for installation in large circular basins and
designed with a rotating scraper bridge.
ConClar is manufactured in several models.
ConClar 537 effectively draws up sedimented sludge by
hydrostatic pressure. The sludge flow is controlled by
telescopic valves which are mounted on the suction tubes.
The construction offers high reliability combined with well
proven technology.
Conpuras sludge handling program includes:
ConClar 537
Peripheral driven suction sludge scraper
ConClar 410
Wire sludge scraper
ConClar 511
Centre Driven sludge scraper
ConClar 447
Travelling suction sludge scraper
Centre Driven thickener
1. Bridge
2. Drive unit
3. Bottom scraper
4. Suction pipe
5. Telescopic valve
6. Sludge flume
7. Siphon pipe
8. Sludge pit
9. Vacuum dome
ConClar 410 operation
Scraping operation Return operation
Drive unit with reel of wire
Drive unit with reel of wire
ConClar Wire sludge scraper
ConClar 410 is a wire driven sludge scraper with a simple
and competitive design. The sludge scraper has few
moving parts, high reliability, designed for installation
in rectangular sedimentation basins. ConClar Wire
sludge scraper can be chosen independent of basin size
and/or quantities of sludge. ConClar 410 can also be
supplied with surface sludge removal if desired.
1. Drive unit with reel of wire
2. Guide bar
3. Scraper blade provided with wheels
4. Wire
5. Limit switch
6. Sludge pit
7. Pulley
Benefits of ConClar 410:
• Simple and reliable design
• Low investment cost
• Low wear and maintenance
• Low operating cost
• Flexible system
• Can be installed in basins with
length up to 70 meter and
width of 12 m
= Sludge
= Wire
4. The drive unit begins to rotate in opposite direction. The
wheel provided scrapers are released from its scraping posi-
tion mode and the return operation starts.
5. The scraper reaches its rear position and stops. The
scraping sequence is ready to start again.
3. The scrapers reaches its front position.
The sludge is pushed into the sludge pit.
2. The drive unit starts and the scrapers are moving the
sedimented sludge along the bottom of the basin.
1. The wheel provided scrapers are in their rear
ConThick Centre Driven thickener
Conpura’s ConThick is a centre-driven thickener intended
for installation in sludge- or fibre thickeners.
ConThick’s task is to reduce the moisture content in the
sludge. The basic principle of ConThick is that the vertical
scraper arms compresse the sludge. The water is squeezed
from the sludge and thus moves upwards.
Benefits of ConThick:
• Competitive investment cost
• Good references and operating experience
• Reliability
• Low operating costs
• Mechanical torque switch that breaks the power
immediately at overload
ConClar Centre Driven sludge scraper
ConClar Travelling suction sludge scraper
ConClar 511 is a centre-driven sludge scraper
which is constructed of a rotating vertical
pipe shaft to which the two scraper arms are
mounted. The arms are moving the sludge
towards the centre of the basin to a sludge
pit from which the sludge is continuously
ConClar 447 is a Travelling suction sludge scraper which
collects the sludge from the bottom of the basin via
a siphon. The sludge is transferred to a sludge trough
beneath the basin. The travelling bridge is built to run
back and forth along the basin from the inlet to outlet
with a speed of 1-2 meters per minute.
Benefits of ConClar 511:
• Competitive investment cost
• Reliable
• Low operating costs
• Mechanical torque switch that breaks
the power immediately at overload
Benefits of ConClar 447:
• Reliable design
• No electrical equipment is required on
the travelling bridge
• Flexible solution
• Submerged parts are delivered
in stainless steel
In our offices in Mönsterås and Lund you will find the tradition and
knowledge. In cooperation with customers and suppliers, we concen-
trate on design and product development of mechanical products in
the waste water area.
The project’s nature and extent determines who is our closest partner.
In the projects we work with contractors, end users or consultants with
whom we have an open dialogue to provide mutual success.
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