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Dec 12, 2012 (8 years and 11 months ago)




New urea investment policy approved by fertilizer ministry

The fertilizer ministry of India has approved a draft on new urea investment policy
which aimed to attract investments in fertilizer sector worth as much as Rs 40,000
crore. The Government
wants to reduce gap of present local urea production and the
import of urea which is as much as 7
8 million tonnes (mt). The government also
proposed to compensate the manufacturers if the price of gas exceeded $14 per


NAFARI to conduct one
day tra
ining pro
gramme on FSSA on Oct 16 at Pune

NAFARI (National Agriculture & Food Analysis & Research Institute), Pune, is
going to conduct a one
day training programme on Food Safety & S
tandards Act
(FSSA), 2006.
The programme will touch upo
n the following to
pics such as

Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations, 2011; Food Safety and
Standards (Contaminants, Toxins and Residues) R
egulations, 2011
and Food Safety
and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011


Small Farmer Agri
Business Consortium organizes awareness camp for agricultural

The Small Farmer Agri
Business Consortium (SFAC) organised an awareness
assistance camp for agricultural entrepreneurs under the Venture Capital Assistanc
Scheme (
VCAS) at Krishi Bhawan on 8

. People from the farming and
banking sectors attended the camp.

The scheme envisages single window approach
while associating with banks financing the projects, to extend venture capital with
term loan and wo
rking capital to agri
business applicants.


GM crops may cripple traditional form of farming

In what can be a disturbing trend, agriculture experts observe that after having
introduced Bt cotton successfully in
Andhra Pradesh
, MNCs, promoting Genetically
Modified (GM) crops, seem to have taken over
large tracts of land on the



to promote their varieties.

This is a major threat to traditional farming as
these companies enter this way by acquainting and enc
ouraging particular types of
crop growth for which GM variety is already available and corn happens to be one of
them." said P V Satheesh, national convenor, southern action on genetic engineering.


Krishidhoot aiming to spread its wings

In an effort to t
ake agriculture technology to farmers, the Akola
based Panjabrao
Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth (PDKV) has undertaken certain initiatives and is also
trying t
o strengthen the existing ones.
The university has been running the 'Krishidoot'
project since 2010.

It is basically an effort towards increasing the outreach of the
university's technologies to the farmers at large. As the word doot suggests, these are
messengers from the university taking the technology to the ground level. They can be
both men and wome


Fertilizer maker IFFCO sees potash deals post harvest

Indian fertilizer buyers are unlikely to agree to new potash

contracts with the world's
big suppliers until December at the earliest.

Once the crop
growing season wraps up
in December in parts of I
ndia, buyers like IFFCO will have a better idea of how much
of the soil nutrient they need from Canpotex Ltd and Belarusian Potash Company, the
shore potash marketing agencies for miners in Canada
and Russia/Belarus


World Bank also lower
s India's growth forecast

The World Bank today cut India's economic growth projection to 6% for the current
fiscal from 6.9% estimated earlier and blamed the slow down on corruption scandals
and a host of policy issues includi
ng uncertainty in tax policies
Even after the cut, the
World Bank's growth forecast is quite optimistic compared to other agencies
including m
lateral lending agency IMF


Foreign farm equipment companies eye Indian market

Foreign farm equipment manufacturers are taking a closer look at the Indian market at
a time when rural economy is thriving and farmhands are difficult to get while use of
technology is very limited. Lemken, the German farm equipment manufacturer, will
ugurate its first manufacturing facility outside Europe at Nagpur this month. Italian
farm equipment manufacturer Maschio Gaspardo recently set up its manufacturing
unit at Ranjangaon near Pune.


Cabinet OKs 1st phase of PDS computerization

The Cabinet co

on economic affairs

approved the first phase of the end
computerization of Targeted Public Distribution System that will cost the Centre and
states about Rs 884 crore with th
e Centre bearing half the cost.
This will kickstart the
process of
integration of Aadhar into the PDS system, which the government believes
will improve targeting of the subsidized grains and reduce leaks.


Farm loans will be restructured

minister P Chidambaram recently

announced that the government would
ture fa
rm loans for a one
year period.
Addressing the annual Economic Editors'
conference, he said the government would ensure that farmers didn't suffer due to
failure of crops and their loans would be rescheduled, giving them an additional year
to repay
the money.