Recreational Sports Launches New Website

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April 24, 2007

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Recreational Sports Launches New Website


to the IU Ca
mpus Recreational Sports website will
notice a new look

the site

in January

gives visitors easy access to information
on all programs and services.

Graphic designer Paul Payne spent m

of his
first six
months with the
designing the n
ew site
. I
t was a task he was ready to tackle.

“I knew coming in that the website was going to be my number one priority,” Payne said.

Creating a more
visually stimulating

website, with a new look and easier updat
capabilities became the mission for t

Recreational Sports web team
, which consisted of
Payne and

Director of information technology, Charles McClary, former IUCRS
employees Jacques Theodas and Arthur D’Antonio III and Donny

viewers with a more photo
centric web experienc
e as well as the capability of
accommodating expanding technology
were also

priorities when
considering the
development of the new site.

A casual visitor to

will notice that every program area,
including Personal Training and Min
d Body, now has its own page. Most program areas
have several pages with complete information on program times and fees with photos of
participants and leaders.

“Having each program with its own page allows you to do more marketing, and the
photos help d
raw participants in,” said Payne.

The new site uses the Drupal content management system which allows for easier and
faster coding than the older HTML model. Payne said that changing a link on the old
website would require sifting through three pages o
f c
ode, whereas with Drupal there is
only one page to open up.

“You can create pages with the click of a button, you can put a code in there and it looks
just like a regular HTML site,” Payne said. “This system makes updating very easy.”

But the site’s cur
rent content is only scratching the surface of Drupal’s capabilities.
Imagine taking a video tour of the HPER or going from station to station at the SRSC as
directed by your
od. Payne said video tours, podcasting and online polls are things

should look for in the future.

“If we’re trying to get our message out there it seems the best way to do it is podcasting
Payne said. He suggested audio tours and audio workouts as possible outcomes of

Having only launched the new site a
short time ago it is still a work in progress. New
facets of the site will be opened in phases, requiring diligent work from the web team.
But for now Payne said he is taking a little time

to enjoy

what he spent so long working

“It’s a huge relief [

the website]
, the site is so much easier to manage. We’re
excited to get people’s feedback and explore the endless possibilities of new technology.”