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April 14
, 2010, 10:00am

Joliet Public Library, Joliet, Illinois


2.0 team met to discuss LMS options, Drupal themes, Survey Monkey
quipment purchases and a timeline for the development

of our online
resource hub. Christopher Halv
n, Mary Golden, Katrina Burns, Heather Shlah and

were in attendance.

The team discussed at length the various LMS options that were being considered to host
the online training component of

the portal. After exploring offerings at
, and

team decided

that we would be using a combination of screen toaster, available free
resources online, and our own resources and ingenuity to create course content to be
delivered through a

. It was felt that the cost of the proprietary software
would be

prohibitive, and that harnessing the resources within the group, and free or
close to free web
based tools would be more indicative of the character of our team and
team mission. For now, at least, this is the direction that we will pursue.

The team brai
nstormed on potential content for our instructional content off of our portal,
and came up with the following:

Utube video training

How to write a business plan

How to get an IEN

How to incorporate your business

How to design your own business cards, flye
rs and brochures

How to use Excel (various instruction on key applications will encompass 2003, 2007
and 2010 versions.)

How to use Open Office

we will also promote this as a free resource

in other areas of
the portal

Quicken, Ouik
Books, Peach Tree

to create a blog for your business

How to create a flickr, Twitter, and Facebook account for your business

Search engine optimization

How to apply for grants and small business loans

How to create a domain name and website

Using Reference USA for your bus
iness marketing and research

Building codes, SIC codes

Video camera instruction

Katrina is going to shoot some practice video before our next meeting. The rest of the
group will be looking at aesthetic components and how to standardize our videos.

presented at least five Drupal themes

were great, and we picked a few that
we liked.

We added to Alex’s work on our SurveyMonkey questionnaire and Alex will have that up
by the end of the week. Heather will be meeting with the Director of the Cha
mber of
Commerce to get feedback on the questionnaire. We will be looking to release it to our
target market very soon.

Heather is in discussions with Gale to have them donate some electronic resources (we
like legal forms) in exchange for some good will


Katrina reported on the financial management issues involved with the grant money and
equipment purchases. Rockford PL is administering the grant funds. We are still
working out the logistics on this.

We discussed the types of equipment tha
t we would like to purchase. We have decided
on laptops (which will become a travelling digital media lab), flip video cameras,

Photo editing software and tripods.

We talked about our timeline for our project, and it was decided

at this point,

that we
uld try to have our survey out next week
, our webpage look and content placement
discussed and agreed upon over the next two online meetings, and our instructional
content finished by the June meetings in Springfield.