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Nov 3, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Privacy Policy

Tim’s Quality Painting
Web Site Privacy Statement

The pri vacy, confidence, and trust of i ndi viduals who vi si t
Ti m’s Qual i ty Painting
web si te are i mportant to us. No personal i nformation i s
col l ected at thi s si te unl ess i t i s provi ded vol untari ly by an i ndivi dual whil e partici pati ng i n an acti vity that asks for th
e i nformation. The
fol l owi ng paragraphs di scl ose the i nformation gatheri ng

and usage practices for the web si te.

Collection of Information

i m’s Qual i ty Painti ng
only coll ects the personal i nformation that i s necessary to provi de the i nformati on or servi ces requested by an
i ndi vi dual. "Personal i nformation" refers to any i nfor
mati on rel ating to an i dentified or i denti fi able i ndividual who i s the subj ect of the
i nformation. This i s the same i nformation that an i ndividual might provi de when vi si ting our office and i t i ncludes such i tem
s as an i ndi vi dual's
name, address, or phone
number. We al so col lect stati sti cal i nformation that hel ps us understand how peopl e are usi ng the web si te so we
can conti nually i mprove our servi ces. The i nformation col lected i s not associ ated wi th any speci fi c i ndividual and no attempt

i s made to
profi l
e i ndi viduals who browse the web si te.

Use of Information

Ti m’s Qual i ty Painti ng
uses the col l ected i nformation to respond appropriatel y to requests. Thi s may be to respond di rectly to you or to
i mprove the web si te. E
mail or other i nformation requests sent to
Ti m’s Qual i ty Painti ng
may be retai ned for future use by
Ti m’s Qual ity
Pai n
ti ng


Cooki es are short and si mpl e text fi les that are stored on a user's computer hard dri ve by web si tes. They are used to keep t
rack of and store
i nformation so the user does not have to suppl y the i nformation multiple ti mes. The i nformation t
hat i s col lected through cooki es at thi s si te i s
handl ed i n the same manner as other i nformation col lected here. You can configure your web browser to refuse cooki es or to no
ti fy you
when a web si te attempts to send you a cooki e. You can al so check your ha
rd dri ve for cooki e fi l es and del ete them from your computer.

Web Site Security

Ti m’s Qual i ty Painti ng
i s committed to the securi ty of the i nformati on that i s ei ther available from or col l ected by thi s web si te.
Ti m’s Qual ity
Pai nti ng
has taken mul tiple s
teps to safeguard the i ntegrity of i ts tel ecommuni cations and computi ng i nfrastructure, i ncluding but not l i mited
to, authenti cation, monitoring, auditing, and encryption.

Links to Other Sites

Thi s web si te may have l i nks
to other web si tes.

Ti m’s Qual i ty

Painti ng
i s not responsi bl e for the content or pri vacy practi ces of these si tes
and suggests you revi ew thei r pri vacy statements.

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

Ti m’s Qual i ty Painti ng
si te i s provi ded on an "AS IS," "as avai l able" basi s. Nei ther

Tim’s Qual i ty Painting

nor i ts affi l iates, subsi di ari es, or
desi gnees nor each of thei r respecti ve officers, di rectors, employees, agents, thi rd
party content providers, desi gners, contractors,
di stri butors, merchants, sponsors, l i censors or the l i ke (col
l ectively, "associ ates") warrant that use of
Ti m’s Qual i ty Painting
si te wi l l be
uni nterrupted or error
free. Nei ther
Tim’s Qual i ty Painting
nor i ts associ ates warrant the accuracy, i ntegri ty or completeness of the content
provi ded on
Tim’s Qual ity Painti n
si te or the products or servi ces offered for sal e on
Ti m’s Qual ity Painti ng
si te. Further,
Tim’s Qual i ty
Pai nti ng
makes no representati on that content provi ded on
Tim’s Qual ity Painti ng
si te i s appl icable or appropriate for use i n l ocations outsi de
of th
e Uni ted States.
Ti m’s Qual ity Painting
speci fically di scl aims warranti es of any ki nd, ei ther expressed or i mpl ied, i ncl uding but not l i mited
to warranti es of ti tl e or i mpl ied warranties of merchantability or fi tness for a parti cul ar purpose. No oral advi ce
r wri tten i nformati on given by
Ti m’s
Qual i ty Painti ng
nor i ts associ ates, shal l create a warranty. You expressl y agree that use of
Ti m’s Qual ity Painti ng
si te i s at your sol e
ri sk.

Under no ci rcumstances shal l
Ti m’s Qual ity Painti ng
or i ts associ ates be l i abl e for any di rect, i ndirect, i ncide
ntal, speci al or consequenti al
damages that resul t from the use of or i nabi lity to use
Ti m’s Qual ity Painti ng
si te, i ncl uding but not l imited to rel iance by a user on any
i nformation obtained at
Tim’s Qual i ty Pai nting
si te, or that resul t from mi stakes, om
i ssi ons, i nterruptions, deletion of fi les or emai l, errors,
defects, vi ruses, del ays i n operati on or transmi ssi on, or any fai l ure of performance, whether or not resul ti ng from acts of G
communi cations fai l ure, theft, destructi on or unauthori zed access t
Ti m’s Qual i ty Painti ng
records, programs or servi ces. The foregoi ng
Li mi tati on of Li ability shal l apply whether i n an action of contract, negli gence or other tortuous acti on, even i f an authori
zed representati ve of
Ti m’s Qual i ty Painti ng
has been advised

of or shoul d have knowl edge of the possi bi lity of such damages. User hereby acknowl edges that
thi s paragraph shal l apply to al l content, merchandise and servi ces avai l able through
Tim’s Qual ity Painti ng
si te. Because some states do not
al l ow the excl usi on

or Li mitation of Li abil ity for consequenti al or i nci dental damages, i n such states l i abil ity i s l i mited to the ful lest extent

permi tted by l aw.

Errors wi l l be corrected where di scovered, and
Tim’s Qual i ty Pai nting
reserves the ri ght to revoke any stated o
ffer and to correct any errors,
i naccuraci es or omi ssi ons.

Whi l e
Ti m’s Qual i ty Painting

takes steps to ensure the accuracy and compl eteness of product and thi rd
party servi ces provi ded, please refer
to the ori gi nator of i nformation for details, for example

the manufacturer and/or web si te for compl ete details.