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Vianova Systems Finland

Your competence partner in infrastrucutre ITC

Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

Standardization concerning Road Data Systems

Mika Stenmark

Project Manager

Vianova Systems Finland

Your competence partner in infrastrucutre ITC

Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

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Employees 51 %

Turnover 3,5 M

Number of Employees 28

Market area Finland and Baltic Countries

Member of OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium)

Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

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Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

Standardization work concerning Road Data

ISO/TC211 (Technical Committee for Geographic Information)

INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe)

OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium)



Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

ISO/TC211, Technical Committee for Geographic information in
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Objectives of ISO/TC221

To increase understanding and usage of geographic information

To increase the availability, access, integration and sharing of geographic

To promote the efficient, effective and economic use of digital geographic
information and associated hardware and software systems

To contribute to a unified approach to addressing global ecological and
humanitarian problems

Source ISO TC/211

Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe)

An initiative launched by the European Commission and developed in
collaboration with Member States and accession countries

The INSPIRE directive entered into force in May 2007

Based on ISO TC/221 standard

Reason for this initiative was
fragmentation of datasets and sources, gaps
in availability, lack of harmonisation between datasets at different
geographical scales and duplication of information collection

Intends to trigger the creation of an European spatial information
infrastructure that delivers to the users integrated spatial information

Source: European Union Directive 2007/2/EC

Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium)

Provides Open GIS technical documentation for geographical data
interfaces and encoding

GML (Geographical Markup Language) is
an XML encoding for the
modeling, transport and storage of geographic information of geographic

Source: OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium)

Infrastructure Life Cycle Management


Developes an internationally widely approved and used LandXML
transfer specification

A standard way to transfer data in infrastructure


Infrastructure Life Cycle Management


A pan
European Road Data Solution

A pilot project for implementing ISO/TC211 and TC204

TC204 is a standard for ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)

Follows the INSPIRE directive

Has developed specifications to enable a uniform and efficient data transfer

producers of road data

providers of information

services for end users

Vision: All EU
nations would have EuroRoadS
compliant road databases until 2012

Source: EuroRoadS

Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

Product Data Model based infra management process

Product data



Infra management

Scope definition

Generally accepted product model
serves all infra
design and construction
information needs

Same model evolves in different
infra development project phases.
Each phase might have its own
view to the model

Product model evolves from “End
Product Elements” to Building and
Production Elements in
construction and maintenance


Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

Benefits of using standards and product data modelling

Data is not anymore copied and converted between different phases in the
road life
cycle (design, construction, maintenace, intelligent traffic
systems ..)

Different operators (designers, constructors, authorities, …) in different
phases can use the same data

Provides a common platform for all operators in the infrastructure area

Provides a standard interface for software suppliers

Improves cooperation possibilities with mapping authorities and other
infrastructure authorities (railroad, water and sewer, etc)

Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

Case: Norwegian Road Data Bank (NRDB)

The most advanced national Road Data Bank in Europe

Nationwide (including municipalities, private roads)

Follows the proposed INSPIRE directive and ISO/TC 211 standards

A test site of EuroRoadS

Provides a standard data interface for all data users

Provides an open application programming interface for sofware vendors

NRDB has been carried out by Vianova Systems