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ugust 24, 2007

The state of the TV market

Well, it's been an interesting week with regards to flat-panel TV sales esp. LCDs. At the beginning of the week, iSuppli

came out with its Q2 2007 numbers, and shocked many people. Vizio
in the second quarter shipped 606,402 LCD-TVs
in North America, up a stunning 76.4 percent increase from 343,704 in the first quarter 2007. This caused Vizio's North
merican unit market share to rise to 14.5 percent, up from 9.4 percent in the first quarter.
The sales surge also caused Vizio to rise up four positions in the North American rankings as well, going from the fifth-
placed brand in the first quarter to No. 1 in the second quarter—passing by Samsung
, Philips
, Sharp
and Sony
along the
way. Of course, anyone who shops at Wal
or Cosco
would not be surprised by this revelation. Vizio's market-share
advance came during a period of healthy growth for the North American LCD-TV market. LCD-TV shipments in the
region increased to 4.2 million units in the second quarter, up 14.9 percent from 3.7 million units in the first quarter.
t the same time this week, DisplaySearch
announced its numbers for Q2 2007 as well. Flat panel TV shipments
accounted for more than 75-percent of total TV shipments in the top three regions of the world: Japan, Western Europe
and North America. Worldwide, flat panel TV shipments rose from 37-percent in Q1 2007 to 43-percent in Q2 2007 as
prices vs. conventional CRT
sets continued to shrink.
LCD TV shipments rose 11-percent quarter-to-quarter and 70-percent year-to-year in Q2 2007 to a record 16.1 million
units and a 37.5-percent unit share of the TV market. LCD TVs remained the only technology to enjoy a year-to-year
revenue growth, up 28-percent to $14.4 billion and a 64-percent revenue share of the TV market. Western Europe was
the leading region for LCD TVs with a narrow advantage over North America. LCD TVs widened their advantage over
plasma with screen sizes starting at 40-inches. The LCD TV share of the 40-inch+ TV market rose from 50-percent in Q1
2007 to 57-percent in Q2 2007 continuing to take share from plasma. 1080p resolution
LCD TVs accounted for 10% of
total LCD TV units and 42-percent of all 40-inch+ LCD
TVs, up from 9-percent and 35-percent respectively in Q1 2007.
Plasma TV shipments continue to lose ground. While unit shipments were up 1-percent year-to-year, they fell 4-percent
quarter-quarter down to 2.2 million units with a 5.2-percent share of the worldwide TV market. Plasma TV revenues
further fell 29-percent year-to-year and 6-percent quarter-to-quarter to $3.4 billion and a 15.1-percent share.
MicroDisplay rear projection TV unit shipments fell 43-percent year-to-year and 35-percent quarter-to-quarter to 338,000
units, which was the lowest amount \since Q2 2004. By technology, the DLP
share reached a record high of 63-percent
with both LCoS and 3LCD losing significant share. North America continues to dominate MD RPTV demand, earning a
92-percent share of revenues followed by Asia Pacific at 3-percent. 55-inch and larger sizes maintained a majority of the
market at 53-percent.

By Dennis P. Barker

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