The overall objective of this course is to help prepare students to ...


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Course Description

Business and Management is the rigorous and critical study of the ways in
which individuals and groups interact in a dynamic business environment. It is an academic
discipline that examines how business decisions are made and how
these decisions make an
impact on internal and external environments. The ideals of international cooperation and
responsible citizenship are at the heart of business and management.

The IBO Business and Management program is designed to give you an unde
rstanding of
business principles, practices, and skills. Emphasis is also placed on understanding technical
innovation and day
day business functions of operations management, marketing, human
resource management, and finance. However, a fundamental f
eature of this program is the
concept of synergy. In its technical sense, it is a concept that means an organization should
seek an overall return greater than the sum of its parts. Applied to the Business and
Management program, it necessitates a style
of teaching and learning based on integrating and
linking the various


to give you a holistic overview by the end of this course.

Other characteristics of the Business and Management program are that teaching and learning
should include the applicat
ion of tools and techniques of analysis that will enhance the
understanding of complex business activities. You should also appreciate the ethical concerns
and issues of social responsibility in the business environment. Finally, you are encouraged to
ke sense of the forces and circumstances that drive change in an interdependent and
multicultural world. This should enable you to assimilate the principles of business and
management, and to become critical and effective participants in local and world a

IB Course Objectives:

Having followed the Business and Management programme at Standard Level candidates will
be expected to:

demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business terminology, concepts and

identify social and cultural fac
tors, and ethical considerations, in the actions of

assess the impact of the actions of organizations on the internal and external

demonstrate competence in problem
solving by identifying the problem, selecting and
interpreting da
ta, applying appropriate analytical tools, and recommending solutions by
evaluating their quantitative and qualitative implications

assess data from a variety of sources

evaluate information in order to distinguish between fact and opinion

collect, organiz
e, interpret and present information in different forms, justifying and
evaluating the chosen methodology

demonstrate their ability to apply theory to real
life situations.

overall objective of this course is to help prepare students to become product
employees, effective managers, wise consumers, well
informed citizens, and successful leaders
and entrepreneurs.

Course R
Why study Business Management?

With the way the U.S. economy is today,
it is essential to have a strong background in
business and management. By gaining an
understanding of business management, students will be better prepared to enhance the
business decisions of tomorrow, function in an organization, and successfully compete in an
increasingly global market.


ng, Paul.
Business and Management
. IBID Press. 2008

Course Curriculum:

Business and Management SL focuses its teaching and research on five
broad topics considered fundamental for successful leaders and organizations: (I) Business
Organizations and

Environment (II) Human Resource Management (III) Finance and Accounting
(IV) Marketing and (V) Operations Management.

IB Assessments



Answer 2 out of 3
structured questions based on a
case study

issued in advance.

Answer 1 compulsory structured
question including evaluative

*The exact case study that you will see on
the external assessment will be released
to you in late November, months before
the assessment.

Answer 1 of 2
uctured questions with a
quantitative element based
on all five topics.

Answer 2 of 3 structured
questions based on topics.

1500 word commentary
about a real issue or
problem facing an actual