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University of Pennsylvania

TCOM 510:
Wireless Networks

Spring 2004

(Tuesday, 6
9 PM

Course Description

This course provides a basic introduction to wireless networking. The focus is on layers 2 and 3 of the OSI
reference model, design, perform
ance analysis and protocols. The topics covered include: an introduction
to wireless networking, digital cellular, next generation PC, wireless LANs, wireless ATM, mobile IP. The
course will also discuss higher level issues of wireless applications and wir
eless application protocol


: TCOM 500



Stallings, W., "Wireless Communications and Networks", Prentice Hall, 2001


Umar, A., "Mobility and Wireless Communications: Applications, Networks, Platforms, and
Security”, Ta
rget May 2004 (selected chapters will be made available on the course web site)


Additional sources such as standards web sites web links, research journals, trade magazines,etc.
(Details to be provided later)


Amjad Umar, Ph.D.


Office Hours: 4:30
6 PM (Tuesdays), Towne

Room 271 Townw

Course Grade

Three projects (200 Points)

One Examination

in class, open book, open notes (100 Points)

3 assignments, attend
ance and participation (100 Points)

Total: 400 points

Project Grading for Late Submissions
one week late (10% loss), after that (100%) loss

Important Note about Email
Please indicate *** UPenn** in email subject

Grading Policy

A: Excellent work, c
ompletely addresses all aspects of the assignment, well written, demonstrates
a clear understanding of the concepts and applies them correctly (95%)

B+: Addresses most aspects of the assignment, well written, demonstrates a good understanding
of the con
cepts and applies them with only minor errors (90%)

B: One significant problem, but it is clear you understand the concepts (85%)

C and below

Multiple significant problems, showing little if any understanding of the concepts

Course Outline


S: Stallings, W.,
"Wireless Communications and Networks"

U: Umar, A., "Mobility and Wireless Communications: Applications, Networks, Platforms, and Security”


Session 1: Introduction and Mobile Applications U
Ch.2, S

ssion 2: Wireless Web and Wireless Platforms

Ch.3, S

Session 3: WAP, VoiceXML

Ch.4, S

Session 4: Wireless Communication Fundamentals (Antennas, Signals)

Ch. 5

Session 5: Wireless Communication Technology (spread sp
ectrum, coding and error control )

Ch. 7

Session 6: Wireless LANs and Mobile adhoc networks (S
Ch. 13) (U
Ch. 2)

Session 7: IEEE 802.11 (S
Ch. 14) (U
Ch. 6)

Session 8: WPANs, Bluetooth, Home R/F (S
Ch. 15) (U
Ch. 7)

Session 9: Cellular Net

2G, 2.5G, 3G (S
Ch. 10) (U
Ch. 2)

Session 10: Fixed wireless networks and wireless local loops (S
Ch. 11) (U
Ch. 2)

Session 11: Satellite Communications

Ch. 9) (U
Ch. 2)

Session 12: Wireless Architectures and Traffic Engineering (U
Ch. 11

Session 13: Special topics

wireless security, wireless development environments, standards (U
Ch. 10)

Session 14
15: Student led discussion on various research and development topics (Project 3)

For course material (bulletin, transparencies,

assignments, special chapters)

Go to

Click on the documents needed and download them (mostly in PDF format)

Sources for Additional References


Bates, R., "Wireless Broadb
and Handbook", McGraw Hiil, 2001

Stallings, W., "Wireless Communications and Networks", Prentice Hall, 2002

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John Walker(Editor)., “Advances in Mobile Information Systems”, Arte
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Seiichi Sampei., “Applications of Digital Wireless Technologies to Global Wireless
Communications”, Prentice Hall, 1998

Relevant Web Links

Mobile Info web site (

www.pcsda PCS web site GSM web site wireless LAN Association

( portable computers and communications association (the Bluetooth Web site)

www,; WAP Forum

Online and Other Magazines

Mobile Computing & Communications (

Wireless Design Online (

Wireless Design & Development (

Wireless & Mobility (wireless

Wireless Review (

Wireless Systems Design (

Wireless Week (

IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine

IEEE Networks Magazine

Mobile Services and Wireless

Applications, Platforms, Networks, and Security

Amjad Umar

NGE Solutions, Target: May 2004

Part 1: Overview and M

Chapter 1: Mobile Business and Wireless Networks

An Overview

Chapter 2: M
Business, M
Commerce, and M

art II: Wireless Web and Platforms

Chapter 3: Wireless Web

Chapter 4: Platforms to Support Wireless Applications (include operating systems)

Part III: Wireless Networks

Chapter 5: Wireless Networks and Wireless Principles

Chapter 6: WPANs, Bluet
ooth, Home Networking

Chapter 7: Wireless LANs

Fi, MANET and Hiperlan

Chapter 8: Cellular Networks

Chapter 9: Satellites and Wireless Local Loops

Part IV: Security, Architectures and Management

Chapter 10: Wireless Security

Chapter 11: Wir
eless Architectures and Traffic Engineering

Chapter 12: Management

Part V: Appendices

Appendix A: Tutorial on Network Basics

Appendix B: Technical Foundations of Wireless Networks