Windows Cleaning Services in Singapore

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Sep 17, 2018 (7 months and 4 days ago)

306 views | Are you looking for top quality Window Cleaning Services in Singapore? Nouve Home Services are the best cleaning Service Provider in Singapore. We are specialized in window cleaning for HDB, apartments, offices, bungalows to commercial units. Our team members are very well trained and are fully able to clean your windows inside and out until they are fully cleaned and are crystal clear.

Windows Cleaning Services in Singapore
Nouve Home Services offers end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, regular
cleaning, windows cleaning as well as specialized services, such as high-pressure
jets washing for outdoor or even steam cleaning to revitalize and extend the life of
your sofa, mattress, carpet, curtain, rugs and more.

Are you looking for
Windows Cleaning Services in Singapore
?? Nouve Home
services will fulfil your requirement at a very reasonable price.
Nouve Home Services are professional Windows cleaning services in Singapore.
Clean glass surfaces and mirrors, Wipe doors, door handles, switches, ceiling fans,
cobwebs. Clean windows including all window panes, frames, ledges, tracks etc.
All our housekeepers are screened, interviewed and
undergo specially developed domestic training program
designed to meet the needs of our clients. They are
certified housekeepers, thus quality assured.
Nouve Home Services
specialize in window cleaning
for HDB, apartments, bungalows to commercial units.
We guarantee you of the better result. We have a team
of dedicated staff to make your homes sparkle!
We clean commercial property from offices,
shop-fronts, restaurants to hotels and
condominiums. We specialise in cleaning
windows and external facades using a
combination of cleaning methods. For
window cleaning, we can clean both the
inside and outside of your property; we
tailor our solutions according to your needs.

+65 6826 1187
We assured you we can clean all types
of windows safely, including windows
on high floors of condos or HDB's,
usually by cleaning from the inside out.
Our professional window cleaners
ensure the right products and
equipment used to safely clean your
windows without damaging them. For
example, certain cleaning solution
cannot be used on leaded or stained
Nouve Home Services is your one stop professional cleaners. We simply clean
thoroughly and you sit back and relax. We have many years of experience in
Windows Cleaning Services in Singapore
and we understand that hiring a reliable
cleaning company is of utmost importance to you. Therefore, Nouve Home
Services ensure all our cleaners are well trained and qualified professionals to clean
your house window thoroughly and efficiently up to your satisfaction.
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