Google Glass Tech Revolution? No it isnt the name for Google's ...

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Nov 17, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Google Glass

Tech Revolution?

No it isnt the name for Google's newest search engine.

This is the single most cutting edge piece of consumer tech that most of us at Ggrunt want to get our
hands on!

Half sunglasses, half geordie

la forge sensory feelers... this new wearable computer will literally blow
your shit out your nose with the kind of stuff it can pull off

Firstly, below is a pic of good ol'geordie from Star Trek : Next Generations with his version of the google
glass. If

you were a 90's kid you'll know him and star trek next generations for sure

Google glass is a fast approaching reality for most tech crazed freakshow's around the world. Available
to a select few through Google's new Glass website (
m/glass/start/), the glass can
take photo's, video's, navigation through google maps, make phone calls + a whole bunch of other
features. All you have to do it put it onto your head and shit's rolling

From the left side, Google Glass looks like a pair of
thin, metal sunglasses. From the right, it looks like a
scary Borg
like implant. Either way, there’s no mistaking its distinctive lop
sided profile. That also means
Google Glass won’t sit flat on a surface without tilting over, although its 42g weight was
light enough not
to feel unbalanced when wearing it.

While on
board Bluetooth enables basic hands
free use with any smartphone, you’ll need an Android
4.0.3+ device to enable GPS and SMS messaging. An on
board camera can snap 5MP stills or 720p video,

a tiny in
frame mic picks up your voice, and ambient sounds for video.

Although you can flip through menus with a tap on Google Glass’s touch
sensitive frame, much cooler is
to say the magic words ‘OK Glass’. This wakes up the Siri
style voice recognition
, which lets you take
pictures or launch Google searches.

Google touts the tiny prismatic high resolution display as equivalent to a 25
inch HD screen from eight
feet away. That might be true but probably a fairer comparison is to your phone’s screen held

at arm’s

a four

or five
line menu is easy to make out but you couldn’t view a web page or even read
much of an email.

This baby will set you back a cool $1500 (90K INR)


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