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Erin Jones,

Marketing LLC

Contact info:

Erin Jones, Owner,

Marketing LLC

T: @


Phone: 502.414.1474

KFEA Website:

Current Opportunities

Event Listings
: Members can submit event
information to have key events featured in the KFEA
event calendar

Include photos and links to maximize exposure

Member/Event Profiles
: Member list links to a full
company profiles

Membership info:
You can find how to become a
member on the site

Featured Photos:
Photo gallery features various
events on homepage of the site

Event Calendar

KFEA Event listing

Get your event listed:

Submit your event to

Provide VERY detailed information:

Name of your event

Location of your event

Time of the event

Admission (if applicable)


Event Highlights

Website links

Event Listing Checklist:

Membership Listings:

Maximize with Photo Galleries

Photo Gallery Example #2:

Keep Up To Date:

Make sure you check out your listing on the KFEA
site and ensure all information is correct

Be sure links to events, website and others related
to your organization

Keep your company website updated

Current Event Information

Latest Event News

Photo Galleries of past events

Cross promote partnerships

Cross promoting partnerships with a logo or text link
is an important part of online success.

This helps with people find your site through SEO

Chicken Festival Example:

Site Review:

What else would you like to see on the KFEA

What do you like/dislike about the new site?

If you are not currently a KFEA member, is there
anything on the site we could offer you to entice you
to join?


Event listings: ensure all your key events are
submitted to Bridget Sherrill for inclusion on the site

Keep your business information up to date for the
membership section

Make sure to include links

Photo, Photos, Photos: please include those event or
business photos for the site

Improve Search Engine Optimization by cross
promoting partner sites