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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


THE CHAMBER of Commerce, Inc.

Website Advertising

Your On
Line Directory Listing

New “Mini
Brochure” features:

Basic company information, 200 Character
business description and up to eight key

New Search Engine Optimized
software is driving three times
the traffic to our website in just
the first month.

Google is the new phonebook,
make sure your potential
customers know you’re there!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization

) is the
process of improving the visibility of a

or a
web page

search engines

the "natural" or un
paid ("
" or
search results
. Other forms of
search engine marketing

(SEM) target paid
listings. In general, the earlier (or higher on
the page), and more frequently a site
appears in the search results list, the more
visitors it will receive from the search engine.
SEO may target different kinds of search,
image search
local search

and industry
vertical search

engines. This gives a website
web presence

From Wikipedia

Recent upgrades to
website have been
geared towards SEO

How can you take advantage of all the

THE CHAMBER offers the
following low cost web based
advertising opportunities:


Enhanced Web Listings

HOT Deals!

Banner Advertisements

Are you hyperlinked?

A hyperlink adds a link from our
website to yours.

New software allows us to track how many
visits your site gets from ours.

Enhanced Web Listing

Adds several new features to
your business directory listing:

Highlighted listing pulled to top of the
business category

1500 Character Business description

Five Bulleted Business Highlights

Search Page Description and Logo

Twelve Additional Keywords

Ability to add pictures and You Tube Video to
your page.

Includes your hyperlink (savings of $25/yr)

25% off through March 31

Speaking of You Tube…

HOT Deals!

HOT Deals! are a web based coupon platform available on THE CHAMBER website.
Think Groupon only better!

Use them to advertise:

Be seen by members and the community

Closeout item

Through Monday Morning Coffee

Special Rate

Chamber website

Free Drink/Appetizer with a purchase

Chamber newsletter

one, Get

Quarterly ads in The Cranberry Eagle

The possibilities are endless!

On our Social Media pages

HOT Deals start at just $25 a week!

(or as low as $10 a week if you have an Enhanced Web Listing)

Lots of exposure for one low price!

HOT Deals!

Website has a dedicated page with links
from multiple pages driving traffic to your deal

The coupons can be printed out and turned
in for the discount

Banner Advertisements

Build brand awareness

Top block placement on THE CHAMBER website

Chamber websites typically have the best “click through” rate of any

Limited Web Sponsorships Available

Category Leader Sponsor

Top Priority Placement

Business Category Ad

Link Results Ad

Recognition as a Sponsor

Ad Display Tracking

Premium Visibility Sponsor

Top Priority Placement

Business Category Ad

Link Results Ad

Alpha/Keyword Listing Ad

Home Page ad

One additional page of our choice

Recognition as a Sponsor

Ad Display Tracking

25% off through March 31

Limited Web Sponsorships Available

Business Directory/Specific
Page ad

Business Category or an ad on the
page of our choice

Recognition as a Sponsor

Ad Display Tracking

Your ad HERE!:

Business Directory

Event Calendar

Job Postings

Hot Deals

Any page on our website is

Why spend more to advertise on

Members with Enhanced Web Listings are currently getting
5x the traffic as other members

Members with a HOT Deal are averaging 50 views per
month (3x more than a basic member)

One Member with a banner ad has had 4,500 “impressions”
in the past month!