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The various marketing jobs can be
classified into two basic types:

1. Client Side

2. Agency Side

Holding a marketing degree or
having experience in the
marketing field allows you the
opportunity to work in a variety
of different jobs.

Internet Marketing Strategist

The Internet is an important if not
vital part of business. A niche in
Internet marketing opens the door
for many marketing career

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine
Optimization are fast
growing areas of
Internet marketing. Use of social media such
, blogs and Twitter is also a
growing trend that is opening up new careers
in marketing

Market Research Consultant


combines analytical skills
with consumer behavior knowledge. As a
market research consultant, you are
responsible for researching a company's
product, providing statistics and relating the
results to management.

Additionally, market research professionals
survey the competition in relation to business
threats and challenges.

Product Manager

Large corporations usually have a product
manager for each of their product offerings

As a product manager, you will analyze sales
data, create new campaigns and interpret
market research studies.

Marketing Director

A marketing director manages the marketing
strategy within a company. Most prominently,
the marketing director focuses on learning
about and developing crucial market
segments, or groups of consumers categorized
by ethnicity, age and income (otherwise
known as demographics).


People interested in positions directly related to
advertising usually choose to work in an advertising
agency, at a public relations firm, or in the internal
advertising or marketing department for a company.

Positions in advertising include the copywriter who
writes ads; graphic designer who designs the ads on a
computer; and a media buyer, who buys time or space
for ads.

An account executive acts as a liaison between creative
and client teams, and usually a separate team works to
prepare ads for the internet.

Public Relations

On the PR side you will help to manage the

of the products. Of course, PR jobs
are about much more as well.

PR firms help companies, non
profits and
governments manage everything from
speeches and the look of brochures to major


Writers who work in marketing departments
or for marketing firms are responsible for the
creation of ad copy, Web content, or direct
response copy for brochures and catalogs.

Event or Trade Show Manager

(event marketing, event planner)

Creates and directs events for a company. The
manager works with corporate marketing and public
relations departments.

identify event locations; develop budgets for
functions; acquire event permits; secure speakers,
products for display and promotional giveaways;
oversee set up and tear down of demo booths;
ensure availability of proper equipment and supplies;
book hotel or conference rooms; and coordinating

Marketing Communications

Focuses on developing
marketing messages

creating communications to spread those messages.
May develop brochures, catalogues,
annual reports, web site content, and other marketing
pieces and manage

their distribution.

They work closely with public relations departments
and may have public relations activities as part of their
responsibilities. Writing press releases, pitching stories
to the media, developing and managing community
relations programs such as corporate giving, can also
be part of a
marketing communications


Street Marketing

We've all seen them, decked out in logo
splashed t
shirts and handing out
samples of new and improved products
at malls, train stations and other high
traffic spots.

Focuses on creating a buzz and reaching
consumers in new and innovative ways.