How can I use this

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Nov 4, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


How can I use this
in my class?

Java for MS in IT students. Wrap GUI around doing some cool picture
manipulations, to engage the students.

After AP exam, play with sounds for pre
calculus class, working with

In my Alice class, last quarter is some Java. Could do

for the
Java portion: More interesting and open
ended assignments.

Can I use this in AP class? Maybe for array manipulation?

Started doing

with intro class. Tried different poster board
colors, and had kids figure out which colors worked right. Really engaged
students AND VISITORS. Focused on experimentation.

Been doing text with Python. Could use image to get different focus in

In Middle School, could start with basic use of explore( ) on the caterpillar,
to talk about how images are digitized, how pictures are represented on
the computer.

Please complete evaluation at:

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With Alice class, use Python to fill in the end of the year. They want to add
sounds, create more things for the catalog.

In AP course, after exam, maybe use data structures or possibly introduce

Starting a new course, breadth
first, rising 10

graders. Ways to get into
how programming works and how digitizing works. Use it as a hook. Won’t
know they’re learning programming unless I tell them, and I won’t. Want
to do a lot with matrices, and can do that here. More fun than working
through a 2
D array.

Get the pre
calc kids recruited early by playing with sounds!

Somehow link to CS Ed Week? Maybe make a contest? Art Gallery?

Python is great for being memory light and FREE. We’re budget

Doing things here that are hard to do with tools. Writing functions that
will do things like fitting pictures into collage.

Doing things beyond simple, like removing background noise in a sound.

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Use as a motivation in existing course. Using turtles to
introduce objects. Using image manipulation to introduce
loops. Will switch back and forth. Using MIDI to introduce
linked lists.

Can’t really use this right now. Using an imperative
scripting language, where we use mainline and
subroutines, rather than objects.

Can change frequency of beep in VB, but not read import
sounds and manipulate samples. Can definitely do pixels in


support is language dependent.

Putting this in CS0. Now using Lego
. Add some
Python in?

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What are our computational goals in the different classes?

Are we going to run into a problem where students are
seeing the exact same thing (
?) over and over,
in multiple classes at multiple levels?

It’s what we did before with prime numbers and
just with something more engaging.

A big issue here is assessment: How do we assess, assess
what we think is important, and assessing similar ways to
how students learn.

Let’s not teach the way we learned in the 70’s!

Maybe we can improve our teaching, when we have good
assessment that shows us what’s working and what’s not.

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Python lets us do functional, imperative, and

What about not learning more but excited?
We should be focusing on getting kids to deal
with abstraction.