Instructions for use of the AmigoBot and the web camera for 'Colour ...

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Nov 4, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Instructions for use of the AmigoBot and the web camera for ’Colour Histogramming’.


The robot can be controlled from MatLab, look at ‘Programming the AmigoBot.pdf’ under the link
‘handouts’ on the course web page. The instructions to the robot

are sent via a WLAN, and all
you need is the supplied laptop with the WLAN interface. The receiver is located under the
AmigoBot, and on it is specified what IP address it has. The network channel is 1, the mode is
hoc’ and the SSID is ‘Wireless’. The

laptop is set up to use these settings by default. Do not
change any of these settings without first contacting one of the course teachers.

The robot can also be controlled more directly with special serial byte commands sent directly
to it, but this is
a much more complicated way.

A third option is to use Aria, a programming API written in C++. Please contact the course
teachers for more information regarding this option.

Finally, the robot has also been interfaced to the IFOR robotics group’s NAV2000
written in Java. This is a large system and requires a lot of study of the system before it can be
fully utilized, so this is most likely not a good option for the assignment (but might be for a
Masters thesis).

Web camera:

The web camera has
an in
built web server, and it is connected to a WLAN bridge on the same
subnet as the AmigoBot. On the camera is a note with information about IP
number and
user/password. The web server can receive requests to return the current picture, although the
ual decoding of the answer is somewhat complicated. For this purpose Java routines have
been developed that sends the correct request, with user and password, and also interprets the
response, and returns the picture either as a Java Image object or as an
integer vector. These
routines can then be interfaced to MatLab.

Contact the assistant on the course for more information.

Thomas Johansson